list No Rest for the Wicked Community Chest: How to Obtain and Use It

No Rest for the Wicked Community Chest: How to Obtain and Use It

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Inventory management and storage have been a massive problem in No Rest for the Wicked, as players need help keeping valuable resources that can’t fit their backpacks. While the game provides specific features to help store your items, they must be fully optimized and easily accessible. The Community Chests is one of those available storage units, but it helps if players know how it works. Players may lose some of their resources since this container is for the community, but we can clarify that you will only lose something inside of it if you are playing solo.

How Does the No Rest for the Wicked Community Chest Work? 

To be clear, any players who reside within your realm can access the Community Chest. It is a shared container where you can swap gear with other characters. However, NPCs need access to this storage, and if you’re playing solo, no one else can access the content of the Community Chest. This container can only be used by other players who access your realm, which is the world you initially named. Since we have yet to get coop mode, others can’t use the Community Chest.

Why Would You Need the No Rest for the Wicked Community Chest?

Inventory is relatively scarce in No Rest for the Wicked. You only get a few additional slots to your inventory section every time you progress, and tons of loot is available from the beginning. Players need help deciding which drops to take and which to leave behind as they manage their inventory.

The Community Chest is one of the earliest storage units you can unlock in the game. It has 40 free inventory slots, which you can use all for yourself if you’re playing solo. This chest will only be usable in the Rookery atop of Sacrament.

How Do You Unlock the No Rest for the Wicked Community Chest?

To unlock the Community Chest, you must visit Sacrament for the first time. You don’t have to do any quests to unlock it, but you must trek to the top. A guide will be available going to The Rookery, but you must pay attention to the paths and landmarks on the way.

Continuing the path, you will come across a fork and should take the route going up. Afterward, you will arrive at a wooden bridge with a nearby water wheel. When you cross it, head left until you find the entrance to The Rookery. You don’t need to remember this since the guide will provide clear directions. The chest should be in the upper part of The Rookery.

Can You Move the No Rest for the Wicked Community Chest?

Unfortunately, you cannot move the Community Chest away from The Rookery. However, you can commission Danos, the Builder, to make the journey to it much quicker. This NPC will ask you to get Pine Wood and Copper Ore so he can build the Lodgings Staircase. Afterward, you can access a stairwell via the Blue Door near Captain Randolph, the town’s Cerim Whisper. This staircase lets you climb to The Rookery without going around town to reach it. 

Eventually, you will unlock the ability to buy a house. Three housing options are available, each costing 20 to 30 silvers, depending on the house size. You can add more storage chests once you have settled in your new lodgings.

The Storage Chests can be purchased from Whittacker or crafted via the Workbench in his shack. You can buy either a small chest that can hold up to 10 or a medium chest that can hold up to 20 items. They will cost around 60 Bronze coins, two Silver coins, and 40 Bronze Coins, respectively. Once you progress further, he will start offering you bigger chests. You eventually gain access to blueprints from Whittacker.

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