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Kirara Build
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Name: Kirara

Vision: Dendro

Birthday: 22 January

Constellation: Arcella

Titles: Cat Upon the Eaves, Gold Level Courier of the Komaniya Express

Genshin Kirara Abilities

Kirara is a 4-star Dendro character from Inazuma. Due to being told by Yae Miko that having a job is good, she became a courier for the Komaniya Express. Her fighting prowess allows her to brave anything she can encounter when delivering packages in Genshin Impact.

Her Elemental Skill, Meow-teor Kick, makes her perform a kicking slash dealing elemental damage while creating a Dendro shield around herself. When held, she goes into the Urgent Neko Parcel state, improving her movement speed, climbing speed, and jumping power. Any enemy she bumps into this state will receive Dendro DMG. This also creates a shield like when the button is pressed. The form lasts 10 seconds and may be canceled early by sprinting or tapping the button again.

Her Burst, Surprise Dispatch, slams a special package onto an enemy, exploding it and dealing AoE Dendro DMG. The box separates into Cat Grass Cardamoms (basically mines like Klee’s) that will explode after a set period or when an enemy collides with them. They also deal AoE Dendro DMG.

It is worth noting that her passive exploration skill, Cat’s Creeping Carriage, is similar to Aloy’s ability. It allows players to keep birds, boars, and other wildlife from startling and running away. Kirara brings that option to Travelers who missed receiving the exclusive character.

Genshin Kirara Builds

Her shield scales off her HP, but her damage comes from ATK. Whether you want her to be a Shielder or a DPS is up to you. The artifacts you’ll equip on her will vary depending on your choice.


As mentioned, the strength of her shield depends on her HP. You can use 2 pieces of Tenacity of the Millelith and Vourukasha’s Glow for that. That gives you a 40% increase in HP. Retracing Bolide can help, as it increases shield strength. You can also use its 4-set effects if you plan to make her an on-field DPS, though that isn’t her specialty.

Main Stats: 3x HP% or 2x HP% with an Energy Recharge timepiece

Substats: HP, ER, Elemental Mastery


Her best DPS build is a ‘Bloom Driver,’ especially if you have Nilou or the Key of Khaj-Nisut. This focuses on increasing her EM to increase the damage of the Bloom/Bountiful Cores. With a Hydro applicator such as Barbara or Nilou, you can hold E and make her run around enemies, creating explosions.

This build can use 4-set Deepwood Memories or Flower of Paradise Lost. However, with the Key of Khaj-Nisut, the 2-set Tenacity and Glow will do. The sword increases your EM by a percentage of HP.

Main Stats: 3x HP% with the Key, 3x EM otherwise

Substats: EM, HP, ER

Kirara Weapons

As a 4-star, Kirara doesn’t have any signature weapons. The event weapon is a bow, which she can’t use. Still, here are the most recommended weapons for Kirara.

  • The Key of Khaj-Nisut
  • Sacrificial Sword
  • Favonius Sword
  • Iron Sting
  • Sapwood Blade

Genshin Kirara’s Backstory

Kirara was born a kitten in the Inazuma wilds. She hunted fish and finches, occasionally watching humans as they camped outside. She stayed out of their way for the most part, but a particularly harsh winter had her crawling into a house.

She didn’t see the occupant immediately but found a small box that looked comfortable. Kirara jumped inside and curled up, falling asleep almost immediately. When she woke, the box had been placed closer to the fire, and a bowl of nekomanma (Japanese Cat Rice) sat nearby. An elderly lady sat across from her, knitting a sweater. The wizened grandmother seemed to encourage her to eat.

Kirara was still guarded but took a bite out of the bowl. Flavors spread throughout her mouth, and her eyes widened. It was the best thing she had ever tasted. She finished the bowl and sat with the elder for the winter. One winter turned into two, two into three, and soon Kirara spent every cold season in that cozy home.

There was a time in the middle of winter when Kirara felt something was wrong. She couldn’t nap, the coals had burned out, and Granny had not come home yet. She ventured outside, looking for her. The roof was too low to see so far, so Kirara found a tree and tried to climb. Her restless tail didn’t make it easy for her, but she managed to climb to the top and see the city.

She gained her yokai status that night, transforming into a young lady, and found her Granny. The latter talked to a man, insisting she returns to her cozy home for a kitten. Kirara volunteered to escort her home, and the man likely let her because of the Vision on her waist.

With her newfound shape-shifting form, Kirara explored Inazuma City. She ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ at every new thing she saw and even climbed to the roof of the Tenshukaku. This got her in some trouble with the Tenryou Commission. There she learned many rules.

She also met the esteemed Yae Miko, who taught her about human culture. The priestess also told her to get a job in the Komaniya Express. In the elder yokai’s words, a job is essential for a yokai to blend in with humans.

So Kirara applied for a job. She was assigned to be a courier, delivering packages. In the early days, she used to lay around and people-watch. She saw the trends and followed them blindly. Whether it was a flower tucked in her hair or a trendy bracelet, she adapted it to her style.

This persisted until she delivered a package to Chiori, an old customer. The lady was a fashion designer (with a successful label that reached Fontaine to boot!). She looked at Kirara’s ‘trendy’ attire and gave the poor yokai a dressing down. Then she gave the nekomata a new outfit, which Kirara had been wearing until now. It worked as an advertisement for the tailor’s label, and she was soon swamped with requests to make kitty paw shoes.

Kirara loves her courier job. Seeing customers’ happiness when they receive their package on time is just the best. She also loved that she could travel and see all kinds of landscapes and scenery.

After delivering her last package one day, she went into the warehouse’s ‘Undelivered Packages’ section. She read the many reasons: ‘wrong address,’ ‘recipient moved,’ and ‘wrong name.’ Each one sent pangs of pain through her, so she resolved, in her spare time, to find the recipients for them.

Slowly, the pile dwindled until she delivered the last package. This earned Komaniya Express the reputation of being a reliable service, where no package is undeliverable. Kirara also received a new title: Gold Level Courier. The owner had thought they were robbed but was glad she thought to seek out their recipients.

Sometimes, customers might see a mysterious small box outside their homes. They hadn’t ordered anything, but the gift was beautifully decorated. They forgot that they gave a snack to the lady with two tails who delivered their package last time.

The small parcels would contain little trinkets, tiny dried flowers, ornaments, or even an insect with an interesting pattern on its shell. Kirara leaves these as a thank you and makes them all herself, as company policy prevents them from having transactions with clients.

Still, there’s one house tucked in the corner of the countryside that receives more of these small trinkets than all the others combined. It was somewhere Kirara would always return to. If she sees the Granny sunning herself in the yard, she’ll turn back into a cat and jump on her lap. Afterward, they spend an afternoon together in the sunshine.

Genshin How Kirara Got Her Vision

The event was already explained above. When the Granny was late in going home, Kirara somehow awakened her yokai powers and gained a Dendro Vision. Considering she mentions in a voice line that she got her Vision when she first transformed into a human, her yokai power came first.

Although Yae Miko can be sly and facetious, there could be some truth in her not needing her Vision. Even Arataki Itto was not significantly affected by his loss during the Decree. Though they are different kinds of beings, that could apply to Kirara, and she doesn’t need her Vision, which could be fake. However, she is a younger yokai and has yet to amass that kind of power, so it’s unlikely.

Still, Kirara wonders if the Dendro god desired to travel to all sorts of places, which is one of Nahida’s desires. After all, the Archon was trapped in the Sanctuary of Surasthana for 500 years. Ei, the Electro Archon, has established that Archons have no control over the distribution of Visions, which leaves this line unrelated to her receiving one.

Enjoy Playing as This Kitty Courier!

Her abilities make her one of the best ones to explore Teyvat with. Plus, depending on the build you give her, she can shield your party or make enemies explode with Bloom cores. Also, those who missed Aloy can finally have a character that can sneak up on Meat-producing wildlife (especially Timmie’s pigeons).

That’s all for the courier who will guarantee your delivery, no matter where you are. Have fun playing Genshin Impact!

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