How to Duplicate Items in Tears of the Kingdom

Duplicate Item Tears of the Kingdom
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Having bugs in a newly released game is (sadly) common these days. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have discovered a duplication glitch that lets you duplicate almost all items in your inventory—from Diamonds to Star Fragments. You could quickly get all the materials, swords, shields, and bows you want. However, exploiting the glitch comes at a cost; you’ll destroy the game’s economy and sap most of the fun Tears of the Kingdom offers. But I’ll teach you how if you still want to learn how to do it or think you need help getting more stuff for Link.

As of the 1.1.1 Patch Release, the Glitch is Still Kicking

Nintendo released their first patch for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom not too long ago, and it’s intended to “improve the gameplay experience” and fix a bug pertaining to a quest. But for some odd reason, the infinite item glitch still works, so if you’re contemplating whether you want free Diamonds and Sapphires to sell, now’s the time to do so.

Regarding the bug for one quest, some players can’t progress through “The Closed Door” quest for quite some time now. If you’ve been experiencing this issue, you can clear the quest now without problems once you’ve downloaded the patch.

The problem about The Closed Door getting resolved is nice to hear. Still, Nintendo’s other point about improving the gameplay experience had players worried for a second since it might mean that the duplication bug exploit could have gotten axed. Luckily, people found out quickly after testing the game that the glitch still works fine.

How to Do the Tears of the Kingdom Glitch for Materials

Compared to some of the glitches you can do in Breath of the Wild, the latest duplication glitch for Tears of the Kingdom is simple to pull off. Also, it lets you clone more than just weapons, and all you need is the item you want to copy stuck to an arrow and two bows in your inventory.

The first step is to get your bow ready. Then, fuse the material you want to duplicate to your arrow with Fuse. After you’ve done that, pause the game and go to your bow menu. Choose to drop your equipped bow, but don’t unpause just yet; you must also select your other bow. The next part is the trickiest to pull off, so listen carefully.

Once you have your second bow equipped, press Start as quickly as possible to close and re-open the menu. After that, drop the second bow you’ve equipped, close your inventory screen, and pick the bows you dropped to have them back. If you’ve done all of our instructions correctly, you should’ve managed to duplicate the item you initially tried to fuse with.

Since the window’s small, getting the timing right on the pausing and unpausing could be challenging to pull off. At the very least, you can try to do this glitch anytime and anywhere. If you mess up, don’t worry—you won’t lose the item you originally tried to duplicate. So if it worked, congrats! You now have two of the material you want to get more of. The idea is to drop both bows within the same animation as if you’re trying to stack them to trick the game into thinking that the bows have the same item on the arrow.

How to Get More Weapons Using the Glitch

You more or less have to follow the instructions I wrote above, but there are some extra inclusions in the steps if you want to get weapons instead of more materials.

Here’s a guide on how to get more weapons using the glitch in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Open the pause menu.
  • Equip the bow, shield, or weapon you want to duplicate.
  • Create a manual save in the System menu.
  • Drop the item you want to copy through the inventory screen.
  • Select another item of the same type and equip it.
  • Pause and un-pause the game by swiftly hitting the Start (+) button twice.
  • Drop the weapon you have equipped.
  • Reload your manual save by going to the System menu.
  • If you successfully do the glitch, you’ll find the duplicated weapon on the ground.

Reap the Benefits of the Glitch While You Still Can

Sky’s the limit once you’ve mastered the glitch. Almost any item can be used for it, from monster parts and rare gems to Zonai devices. For example, if you can duplicate Diamonds—which sell for 500 Rupees a pop—you might make enough money to buy a plot of land in Hyrule.  If gems aren’t your thing, you could get more rare monster parts, such as Gibdo Bones or Black Horns, as they can significantly increase your weapon’s strength.

That said, Nintendo has always quickly patched these issues, especially in their first-party titles. It’s no surprise that the glitch might get removed soon. But for now, you still have time to max out your wealth and ruin Hyrule’s economy.

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