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Belobog’s History and Culture Museum has been renovated and is ready to reopen. However, crucial exhibits have been stolen. The Trailblazer has to find the missing displays while managing the museum to bring it back to its former glory.

That’s the summary of the Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities event in Honkai: Star Rail. It’s pretty simple, though it can take some time if you want to maximize profits all the time. Here are some overviews of what you should do and a few tips.

Museum Management Event Overview

You start the event by doing a quest. Pela asks the Trailblazer to come to the museum. She then shows you an empty display case. It was supposed to hold a Meteor Fragment, one of the centerpieces of the first exhibit. Pela explains that a thief had stolen it and must be found and returned.

Follow where the quest leads to find the Fragment, and once it’s safely back in its case, Pela asks you to talk to Eris. Here is where the management portion of the event starts. You can open the management menu when talking to the secretary.

On the right, you can do three things:

  • Manage the museum
  • Check out the Ledger of Curiosities
  • Hire new staff

Let’s start with the Ledger because museum management will take time to explain. Here you can see silhouettes of what exhibits you can collect for the specific wings of the museum. There’s also a page for the Guest Assistants you can recruit. Once you find the exhibit or hire the guest, you’ll see them on this page, and you can claim some Stellar Jades.

The hire new staff window, which can also be accessed through the management menu when assigning staff, shows you who you can hire. It costs some Development Funds to add them to your employees. New ones will be added periodically as you develop the museum.

Museum Improvement

You’ll be on the management page for the bulk of the event. Here, you’ll see the performance of each wing (ranked C-S), their stats, and who you’ve assigned to the selected section. You can also advance to the next business day or level up the designated wing.

The main objective is to gather enough RevitaScore to reach the last Management Phase. You earn it every time you level up each wing, collect exhibits, or recruit Guest Assistants. Additional points are added at the end of a business day depending on the level of the museum sections and acquired Rank.

To get the highest revenue each day, you should aim to get an S rank on all your open museum wings. That means assigning the right staff to reach the stat goals indicated by the white lines. If there is a deficit, the bar turns red instead of the successful yellow.

The stats mentioned are Tour Duration, Educational Value, and Visitor Appeal. Each employee can raise the bar of each stat by varying degrees. Mix and match to find the combination that lets you have all S-ranked sections!

Rankings are determined by how many stat goals are reached.

  • No goals: C
  • One goal: B
  • Two goals: A
  • All goals: S

As you progress, the game gives you objectives to do. It ranges from leveling up a specific section and finishing a business day to completing a day with all available areas in S-rank. You’ll get various helpful rewards, such as clues to an exhibit or a new employee.

There are five Management Phases, your progress marker throughout the event. It’s represented by that bar that gets filled as you advance business days. On specific phases, you can follow up the main quest of the event, Opportunity Makes the Thief. That is also how you can continue managing the museum, as this also opens a new wing. Also, Eris won’t let you continue until you complete the next part.

The Five Phases

  • Poorly Managed
  • Dramatic Improvement
  • Flourishing Growth
  • Bustling Activity
  • Prosperous Glory

You’ve finished the event once you reach the RevitaScore goal on Prosperous Glory. Remember to do the remaining quests (if any) and claim the rewards from the page. When the event ends, you won’t be able to claim them anymore, despite this event being in Conventional Memoir.

Leveling Wings

Each business day gives you some amounts of Development Funds. You’ll use it mostly to level up each wing of the museum. Although that increases the stat requirement for the section, it also increases your Development Fund income.

Aside from that, you can give small boosts to each of the stats. This can help you achieve an S rank. However, to be efficient with your Funds, it’s better only to use them if you need one or two levels to reach the goal.

Reassigning your staff is still the better way to reach those goals. It’s also where you’ll be puzzling about who to put where.

Collecting Exhibits

Once you receive a clue, this opens a short quest where you acquire the exhibit. That could be as simple as picking it up or talking to someone, though sometimes you must battle. The enemies won’t be too strong, so it shouldn’t be a problem if your characters are well-built.

Other times, you’ll be asked to go to the workshop to restore an exhibit. This will lead to a puzzle minigame in which you must complete the flow from the yellow dot(s) to the red one(s). You’ve seen this puzzle before, so it shouldn’t be new or too challenging.

Recruiting Guest Assistants

Once in a while, you get notifications that you can hire new assistants. These would usually involve playable characters and an interview, though only sometimes for the latter. The quest will have you talk to the friend and then accompany Pela as she interviews them to be hired.

There are many hilarious moments to find here, depending on your choices as the Trailblazer. From ‘sabotaging’ Serval and Seele’s resume to having the interviewer and interviewee switched, you’ll enjoy listening to these conversations. Seele especially lampshades it as she gets hired either way.

Guest Assistants have more significant stat boosts than most other staff, making them excellent for reaching the coveted S rank. There’s still some shuffling for the rest of the slots, though.

List of Guest Assistants:

  • Pela
  • Serval
  • Natasha
  • Clara
  • Hook
  • Bronya
  • Seele
  • Sampo
  • Gepard

It’s just a list of all the playable characters in Belobog, so the Trailblazer pretty much ropes them all into helping.

Tips and Tricks

When trying to get the S rank, try all the combinations you can, within reason. Supposing that you have a variety that almost brings you to the goal. In that case, you can compare which staff has higher stats than those assigned. Try replacing them with that and see how it goes. It’s all trial and error, though you can look at the numbers to quickly judge their suitability.

You can also look at the numbers, which can tell you exactly how much you need to reach and calculate things from there. Of course, people play games to have fun and not figure anything out, so the above method is better. Still, some may prefer this for a more exact and sure arrangement.

The easiest way is to get an A rank with an almost there last bar, which you can cover by leveling up the stat. It’s possible to do with a B or C rank, too, as long as the gap isn’t too big and you have enough Development Funds to cover it.

Don’t stock up on the quests too much. The game will refuse to allow you to keep managing until you clear them up. The limit is about five quests, which should be enough to give you a break. They also provide some bonuses and Development Funds, so this can help. You can also do them as you get them. It’s up to you.

Enjoy the Event!

As mentioned, there’s much humor to find in this event. Finding Peak asleep near one of the exhibits (and making it seem like he is one) is worth a chuckle. So are the hijinks and shenanigans during Guest Assistant recruitment quests and finding Gepard’s resume, which he didn’t show you. You can also rope in Findie, Perkins, and even Svarog himself to help you with the museum.

Even if you run out of time, you can continue the event where you left off. However, you lose your chance to grab the limited-time rewards. There’s at least a week remaining, so get to it! Have fun playing Honkai: Star Rail!


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