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psychology of game design

The Psychology of Game Design

A Look Into Some Games’ Design Choices Have you ever wondered how Resident Evil 7 and 8 are so successful? Why are some games played in the first-person perspective […]

byGallinule|06 Feb 2022|Others

genshin impact shenhe

Genshin Impact: Shenhe’s Story and How She Got Her Vision

Name: Shenhe Vision: Cryo Birthday: 10 March Constellation: Crista Doloris Titles: Divine Damsel of Devastation, Ethereal Soul Amidst the Mortal Realm, Lonesome Transcendence Shenhe Guide Genshin Impact Shenhe in […]

gaming addiction

How Gaming Addiction Works

(Content Warnings for alcohol and drug use is compared to gaming. Brief mention of suicide.) Games suck their players in a world of fantasy and offer an escape from […]

byGallinule|25 Jan 2022|Featured

video game food

Food From Popular Video Games to Try in Real Life

Video Game Dishes You can Cook at Home Disclaimer: the author is not a professional chef and has not tried these recipes (yet) Food is one of the best […]

byGallinule|23 Jan 2022|Others

psychology of gacha

The Psychology of Gacha Games

Why are Gacha Games so Addictive? Gambling is an addictive pastime. Just look at all the casinos and how successful they are. If you’re looking for a closer alternative, […]

byGallinule|20 Jan 2022|Others

Genshin Impact

Little Details You Might Miss in Genshin Impact

You can’t deny that Genshin Impact is a beautiful game. Well, mobile users might disagree because they’re running on lower settings on mobile phones. Anyway, with the environments and […]

byGallinule|18 Jan 2022|Genshin Impact

genshin impact

What You Need to Know About Genshin Impact’s 2.4 Update

What You Need to Know About Genshin Impact’s 2.4 Update Since miHoYo released Genshin Impact in September 2020, this is the second new year celebration in-game. Typically it’s closer […]

byGallinule|12 Jan 2022|Genshin Impact

Why Difficult Video Games are Popular

The Secret Behind the Popularity of ‘Difficult’ Video Games The Souls series is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, especially, so-called, ‘hardcore’ gamers. Yet, […]

byGallinule|03 Jan 2022|Others

Genshin Gurou

Genshin Impact: Gorou’s Story and How He Got His Vision

Name: Gorou Vision: Geo Birthday: 18 May Constellation: Canis Bellatoris Titles: Canine Warrior, General of the Watatsumi Army Gorou Genshin Impact Guide Gorou is a pure support character in […]

byGallinule|26 Dec 2021|Genshin Impact

genshin cataclysm

Genshin Impact Lore: The Cataclysm, What Happened 500 Years Ago in Teyvat?

The Cataclysm: What Happened 500 Years Ago in Teyvat (Caution: spoilers for various quests) 500 years ago in Genshin Impact, on Teyvat, something happened that shook the world. Archons […]

Statues of Seven

About the Statues of Seven in Genshin Impact

What Are the Statues of Seven? To the Dean of the Sumeru Academy, Enclosed is a research paper I’ve written about the Statues of Seven around Teyvat. I’d really […]


Genshin Impact: Itto’s Story and How He Got His Vision

Arataki Itto’s Lore Arataki Itto is a delinquent through and through. Though he is not an outright villain in Genshin Impact, his reputation in Inazuma isn’t too good either. […]

byGallinule|16 Dec 2021|Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Itto

Genshin Impact Itto Guide

Name: Arataki Itto (or Arataki “He Might Lose But He’ll Never Admit Defeatto”) Vision: Geo Birthday: 1 June Constellation: Taurus Iracundus Titles: Hanamizaka Heroics, The First and the Greatest […]

Genshin Lore

Genshin Lore: The Archons – A Deep Dive

All About Archons in Genshin Impact (Note: Heavy spoilers for the game’s storyline, lore, and characters. You have been warned.) The English translation of Genshin Impact makes you think […]

byGallinule|13 Dec 2021|Featured

Genshin Amber

Genshin Impact: Amber’s Story and How She Got Her Vision

Genshin Impact: Amber Guide and Lore Name: Amber Vision: Pyro Birthday: 10 August Constellation: Lepus Titles: Mondstadt’s Gliding Champion, Outrider of the Knights of Favonius For a majority of […]