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Have you ever wanted to play a game but couldn’t because your device was too full? Players must have terabytes of storage to play multiple games nowadays since one game could fill 100GB or more! Even half that is small for an AAA game already. Mobile devices aren’t exempt, even if their apps are smaller in comparison.

Comparing their storage space and a PC or console’s is proportional. If a mobile device has 100GB, its games are 20-30GB each. Even if the store lists it as megabytes to around 1GB, it usually downloads more data and assets upon opening them.

This is one reason why video game players must choose which games to keep and which to uninstall. It’s a decision that’s harder and harder to make because of the rise of game-as-live-service. These games regularly update, whether to fix bugs or add more content. They have edged out the games-as-a-complete-experience (a.k.a. single-player games) because they are a consistent source of revenue.

It would be great if you could play games without installing them on your device. Fortunately, some services let you do that, such as now.gg.

What is Now.gg?

It’s a site that provides a Mobile Cloud gaming service. You can create an account and then play mobile titles on your PC or mobile device. There’s no need for installation, just sign in using a Google, FB, or Discord account and pick a game. There is an option to ‘Go Rogue,’ which lets you use the service without an account, but that could make you lose your progress later.

Currently, they have a small repertoire of available games on their site. No payments are needed, but you can also do so if you need to pay for something in your game.

What is Cloud Gaming?

We’re used to seeing video streaming sites such as YouTube, which has been around for a long time. Then came Netflix, Hulu, and other video-on-demand sites, and they all can stream videos to your device. You’re not playing a file; the video is streamed online from a server.

Cloud gaming works much the same way. You access a device that handles all the rigorous requirements of the game, and it streams the data to your PC or console. You don’t have to install anything; you only need a fast internet connection, or you’ll always lag.

Now.gg uses a proprietary OS to handle the load required to stream the app. Their nowCloudOS uses the concept of distributed computing, creating a platform for cloud-based applications. Its basic premise is to reduce the latency and bandwidth between devices, distributing the computing workload. This creates a low-latency cloud-based platform.

They’re also collaborating with ARM, nVidia, and Amazon’s AWS. These help in building optimal hardware for different gaming workloads. The developers of now.gg also expect a more extensive catalog of games and apps to be available on their platform.

The Benefits of Cloud Gaming

No Installations

With cloud gaming, you don’t have to install anything. If you do, it might be a small application to handle communications with the device and servers. However, you will not install the 100GB games on your device.

Streaming Works on (Almost) Any Platform

Whether through an app or the site, you can play games from different consoles on any platform. Although it could depend on the service and the streaming service, for the most part, you don’t need the specific console the game runs on.

No Need for High-Spec Devices

Springing for the highest-end platforms is expensive. Aside from that, some consoles have limited stock, so it can be challenging to get one (aside from its hefty price). With cloud gaming, this isn’t a problem anymore. The service does the heavy lifting, having an appropriate device stream the game from their end but giving you control.

Portability and Accessibility

Gone are the days when you have to lug your console around. Sure, there are devices like the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, but they’re limited in what games are available. Cloud gaming makes the majority of triple-A titles available on any device, making gaming on the go accessible.

Some Alternatives to now.gg

If you find this isn’t working for you, there are alternative cloud gaming services you can use.

NVIDIA GeForce Now

GeForce Now is a stable and reliable cloud gaming platform available on PC, mobile, and even on select smart TVs. You can even connect your Steam, Epic, and other gaming platform accounts to stream games you own on your chosen device. You can also buy the ones you want from them to your connected account, so it stays with you.

You can use the service for free, but paying for a premium account gives you higher streaming graphics, fewer interruptions, and less input lag.


Instead of the cloud gaming service, it’s more of a cloud computing service. Others would dedicate some portions of their resources to handle your game. In Shadow, you get a dedicated device. While this limits the customer to playing only PC titles, this allows for higher streaming quality and user experience. However, it also makes the service a bit pricey, but that’s a fair trade for a better, smoother gaming experience.


It’s another subscription-based cloud gaming service available on mobile devices, PC, and browsers. Another benefit is their roster of games, which includes AAA titles. You can ‘borrow’ an account to play some titles if you don’t have one. Still, for most games, you should link your Steam account. You can also play without one but can’t save your game or progress.

It’s a beginner-friendly cloud gaming service, as it’s simple to set up and play.

Enjoy Gaming Your Way

These cloud gaming/computing services make gaming more accessible than ever. There’s no reason to hide behind not having a good PC or a specific console. While some services might have particular system requirements, those don’t need the super high-end components the actual game needs. A sufficiently recent and updated PC would be enough.

Whatever your gaming style, whether through the cloud or installing them on your device, have fun playing!

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