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Persona 6

Genshin Impact Yaoyao Build and Lore

Name: Yaoyao Vision: Dendro Birthday: 6 March Constellation: Osmanthus Titles: Disciple of Streetward Rambler, Burgeoning Grace Yaoyao is finally playable after years of being teased and mentioned by characters. […]

byGallinule|30 Jan 2023|Genshin Impact

Automation in Game Development

Players in China Mourn As Millions Lose Access to WoW

It’s a sad day for players residing in China, as Blizzard Entertainment’s servers went offline after two decades. Millions are mourning for the end of an area after losing […]


How to Upgrade the Jinni in Genshin Impact

The Jinni are followers of the Goddess of Flowers. As such, they can create fertile patches of land in the desert. Their power let the ancient city of Gurabad […]

byGallinule|29 Jan 2023|Genshin Impact

Mika Guide and Backstory

Alhaitham Build and Lore

Name: Alhaitham Vision: Dendro Birthday: 11 February Constellation: Vultur Volans Titles: Admonishing Instruction, Sumeru Akademiya Scribe, Acting Grand Sage of the Akademiya Alhaitham may present himself as an ordinary […]

byGallinule|29 Jan 2023|Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact Sumeru: The Six Darshans

Recently, a web event for Alhaitham’s release made players match books from his reading list to its related ‘Darshan.’ The Darshans are the schools of the Genshin Impact Sumeru […]

byGallinule|15 Jan 2023|Genshin Impact


Choosing Your Liyue 4-Star During the Lantern Rite

Every Lantern Rite Festival in Genshin Impact, the game lets you invite a 4-star character from Liyue, guaranteed. Sure, you must collect some currency and participate in the festival, […]

byGallinule|12 Jan 2023|Genshin Impact

New World

New World: Is It Worth Playing?

New World, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Amazon Game Studios, had a rocky release in 2021. Critics and players alike cited repetitive gameplay, unfulfilling grinds, and […]

byGallinule|10 Jan 2023|New World

Genshin 3.4

What to Expect in Genshin Impact 3.4

With 3.3 winding down, it’s time to look forward to a new version of Genshin Impact. Of course, since it’s the new year, we can expect the annual Lantern […]

byGallinule|08 Jan 2023|Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact Across the Wilderness Guide

Across the Wilderness is a new event first appearing in Genshin Impact’s version 3.3. It’s an activity that mixes parkour/pathfinding and collecting balloons across several environments throughout Teyvat. It’ll […]

byGallinule|04 Jan 2023|Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact Windtrace Event Guide

Everybody’s favorite hide-and-seek game is back in Genshin Impact version 3.3! While most of its rules are the same, there are new locations, forms, and abilities to explore. Let’s […]

byGallinule|03 Jan 2023|Genshin Impact

EFT Jaeger Quests

Escape From Tarkov Jaeger Quests

Players gain items and loot from raiding, but Traders in EFT shouldn’t be discounted. They sell weapons, armor, or other supplies depending on their specialties. Otherwise, you can barter […]

Fortnite Creative

What is Fortnite Creative?

Fortnite Creative is an alternate game mode. If you ever want a break from battle royale, this is where you can go. You can do all sorts of activities […]

byGallinule|25 Dec 2022|Fortnite

Casual MMOs to Play

General Performance Optimization Guide

All gamers hate lag. It leaves them vulnerable to death, and nobody wants that (unless it’s a mechanic to take advantage of). It’s incredibly annoying in competitive games because […]

byGallinule|21 Dec 2022|Others

Best Jets GTA V

The Best GTA V Jets

Everybody wants to travel in style. Otherwise, people would love to be at their destination in the fastest time possible. Whatever your reasons for looking for the best GTA […]

byGallinule|20 Dec 2022|GTA V

Is Diablo Pay to Win

Why TCG Are so Addicting

This genre of tabletop gaming has been around for a long time. Among those existing in real life, the Pokemon TCG and Magic: The Gathering are the longest lived-ones. […]

byGallinule|16 Dec 2022|Others