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Best Jets GTA V
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Everybody wants to travel in style. Otherwise, people would love to be at their destination in the fastest time possible. Whatever your reasons for looking for the best GTA jets, you want a plane that best fits your needs. Whether that’s going fast, strong in combat, or the most stylish one, you should be able to find what you’re looking for here.

The Budget Choice: Western Company Besra

The two cheapest planes in the game are the Buckingham Vestra and the Western Company Besra. While the former is the most affordable, it’s got poor stats and isn’t precisely for combat. The Besra, in contrast, has way better stats. However, upgrading it to become combat-ready can take a more significant part of your cash stash. Still, if you need a plane ASAP and want a cheap option, the Besra is the best one to get.

The Besra is the third-fastest plane with the highest acceleration. As a military trainer jet, it is also excellent in aerial encounters and even better with specific upgrades. Its light frame gives it enough maneuverability in the air. However, its heavy nose isn’t great for gliding during engine failures.

It’s an excellent cheap plane, though others are easier to fly.

The Fastest Plane: Buckingham Pyro

The Pyro is one of the fastest planes in the game, and it helps that it is also combat-ready. Even running at its top speed, it can be maneuverable. That makes it perfect for aerial fights, but it doesn’t have the sheer firepower of other planes.

It’s also defensive enough to withstand 2 hits of a Homing Launcher and get destroyed by a third. Be careful you don’t get caught in the blast of explosives, as that can shear off parts of your plane. That leaves it harder to control. The Pyro can also take 18 rounds from a Heavy Sniper, though the Mk III version’s explosive rounds cut that to three.

Still, if you’re itching to go from one end of Los Santos to the other, this plane can do that instantly. It also has excellent acceleration, though it can’t precisely match the Besra’s ability to take off from or land on short runways.

The Best Fighting Jet: P-996 LAZER

This plane is one of the fastest in the game, with the third-highest acceleration. It’s also one of the most maneuverable in flight. Its excellent acceleration also means it has a short take-off and landing distance. Combine that with its speed, and you can get to your destination lickety-split.

The best part of it is its combat capability. While its defensive measures are just about level with other planes, it’s packing one of the most potent weapons in a dogfight. The Lazer has dual explosive cannons, effective on nearly everything though limited by its 600-foot range. The vehicle’s alternative weapons are missiles with a good 10-second lifespan. However, it has sub-par tracking and is restricted by a 4-second load time.

The Jack-of-All-Trades: Mammoth Hydra

It’s fast, maneuverable, and has a ton of nifty tricks up its (metaphorical) sleeve. Most notably, it can VTOL (vertical take-off and land)  hover. The Hydra’s top speed is on par with the Pyro and is easier to fly.

It’s no slouch in battle either, with advanced weaponry. It has rockets, heat-seeking missiles, and flares to counter an enemy’s attack. The rockets last quite long if they miss. They’re unguided, but when aimed correctly, they can one-hit most vehicles and targets, save for the Rhino. The heat-seeking ones are an alternate firing mode, where the Hydra can lock on and shoot up to five of them. They’d individually deal less damage than the unguided version. However, they’re more accurate.

For many players, this is their go-to vehicle when they need to get somewhere or fight in the air. It’s limited by its one seat, so you can’t take your friends on a ride. It’s also somewhat troublesome to jump from this plane. It launches the pilot clear off the plane and doesn’t include the seat. Make sure you have a parachute or other method to land if you do.

Best Ride-Sharing Plane: Mammoth Avenger

The real problem with the planes listed above is that they’re all mostly solo rides. So here’s the best ride-sharing flying vehicle in GTA. The Pyro is a two-seater, but it’s already been featured in the ‘fastest’ category. The Avenger is a better example, as it can hold up to ten passengers, including the pilot.

Though it is classified as a plane, it’s like a helicopter in some aspects. Because of its increased passenger capacity, it suffers in some mobility. It runs sluggishly in the air, which is understandable. It also is exclusively VTOL and doesn’t take off or land like other planes. Avoid landing it on uneven ground, as it could tip over and become unusable afterward.

It also has an autopilot feature that you can use to fight when solo. It’s not as bad with friends along for the ride. Take note that you must return the craft to the facility to use it again after putting it on autopilot.

It’s relatively durable for a plane, though it isn’t as durable as some other aircraft. It has various weaponry upgrades you can add, but mostly you’ll want it to transport your friends.

Planes for All Purposes

That’s all the best aircraft you can get in the game. It depends on what you want to do and what your purposes are. Keep enjoying GTA V Online, and have fun piloting these planes!

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