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Inazuma’s Yashiro Commission has prepared a Test of Courage for any brave person willing to wander the dark and misty Chinju Forest. Of course, since it’s a planned event, there’s undoubtedly nothing more sinister going on, right? Though a game of Akitsu Yuugei appeared on the beach seemingly without any human input, perhaps that’s what the commission wants ordinary people to think. They were the ones to set it up, and it fits the atmosphere of the Test of Courage.

Still, there must be an explanation of how you can play the game just by ‘talking’ to the sign or how one participant got trapped for hours after playing the game.

Here’s a guide to the event and how to get all the rewards.

The Quest (Spoilers for the event!)

To join the event, you must be at least Adventure Rank 30 and finish up to the “Ritou Escape Plan” part of the Archon Quests. An additional requirement is Itto’s Story Quest Act I, which can be skipped with the Quick Start feature of the event. It would be best if you do it first.

The Traveler and Paimon participate in the Test of Courage with the encouragement of Ayato. They must find three treasures hidden in the forest with a partner. Though they are two individuals, someone registered them as one, requiring a third party.

Along the way, Itto ropes them into helping him practice how to scare people. By his logic, this would make the Test of Courage more exciting for his gang, so they’d participate in it. They spot Ei after finding the first hidden item, and the Archon mentions the Akitsu Yuugei game along the beach.

After a terrifying encounter with a lady who has flowers growing out of one eye, Traveler and Paimon meet Heizou. The detective is investigating the mysterious game that appeared on the beach but only told the two to keep an eye out. Whoever is behind the games might be more suspicious if they move together as a group, so Heizou asks you and Paimon to continue with the Test of Courage.

At this point, you can go to the nearby beach to play Akitsu Yuugei and win prizes.

Akitsu Yuugei

The game is simple: use a ball to destroy all the blocks on the field. Keep the ball from falling out of bounds by catching it with a bar.

However, it wouldn’t be a Genshin event without some twist. The ball and the bar will take on your chosen character’s element (save for Anemo, Geo, or Dendro). Similarly, the bricks can also take on an element or have their own. Using reactions will make clearing the bricks faster, so choose your characters wisely!

Here are the known brick types:

  • Basic Brick (Yellow) – Does not have an element. It will take on the ball’s aspect if it gets hit without being destroyed.
  • Hydrobrick (Dark Blue) – A brick infused with Hydro. It takes more hits from a Hydro-infused ball before it breaks. Use it to react with Pyro, Cryo, or Electro.
  • Pyrobrick (Red) – Pyro-infused bricks. It will react with Hydro, Cryo, or Electro balls but takes more hits from Pyro ones.
  • Electrobrick (Purple) – As the name implies, a brick suffused with Electro energy. Use it to create Electro-related reactions.
  • Cryobrick (Light Blue/Cyan) – Icy bricks that radiate Cryo. Getting hit by a ball with a different element creates reactions.
  • Nullbrick (Gray) – Does not have an element and will not take one when hit. It can only be destroyed once the bricks around it are as well.

Destroying bricks and racking up combos (not letting the ball fall) will give you points. Finishing the game with enough time remaining will add some bonuses. The higher your combo and score, the better the rewards you get!

When choosing characters to use in the game, you can also select Modifiers. These powerups can help you in your task of destroying all the bricks!


  • Replicating Collider: Every 30 combo, a new ball will spawn for the next successful bounce. The maximum amount is 3 (solo) or 4 (in co-op). Co-op mode also increases the required combo to 50.
  • Reflector Ward: Every 30 combo, a shield will prevent balls from falling out of the playing field for 6s. Co-op increases the requirement to 60.
  • Shatter-prise!: Upon adding 30 to the combo, the next hit will spawn a Merit-ball that adds 100 or 125 points when you catch it.
  • Relative Expansion: Switching characters will expand the bar for 10s.
  • Switch-celeration: +20% Movement Speed
  • Impact Accelerator: For every +30 in the combo count, +80/100 points and +20% to the ball’s flight speed. The buff can stack 3 times.
  • Concomitant Impact: If less than 10 bricks are on the field and the ball lands a hit, the bar will fire 8 or 10 enhanced fireworks. These fireworks will deal more damage than usual. Effects can be triggered every 4s.

Elemental Reactions:

Ball reacting with the bar:

  • Overload (Pyro+Electro): Creates a Detonate effect. When hitting a brick, it will explode, dealing damage to other bricks within an AoE.
  • Electro-Charged (Hydro+Electro): Produces the Surge effect. When the ball hits a brick, lightning strikes other nearby bricks.
  • Freeze (Cryo+Hydro): The ball gets stuck on the bar, which will be released after a few seconds. Otherwise, you can click the mouse button to launch it pre-emptively.

Ball reacting with bricks:

  • Detonate and Surge have similar effects.
  • Freeze creates a Coagulating effect. All connected bricks of the same type will be frozen. When hit again, all frozen bricks will be destroyed. The state lasts for a few seconds before reverting.
  • Superconduct (Cyro+Electro) will grant the Pierce effect. The ball will not lose momentum and bounce when hitting a brick. It will continue instead, destroying bricks along its path. The buff ends when the ball hits a boundary wall.

Modes and Difficulty

Akitsu Yuugei has 2 modes: Leisurely Pastime and Shatterdark. Every level of the former has two types: Playful Leisure and Unending Refinement. Completing the Playful Leisure modes will unlock Shatterdark levels. It is also the easiest, with your objective being to shatter all bricks within the time limit.

Unending Refinement pits you against replenishing sets of bricks. It ends when time runs out, or you use up all your Reserve Balls. Collect as many points as you can!

Shatterdark levels pit you against ‘boss bricks,’ which you must destroy to end the game. Each has its gimmick, so find a way to get around those.

All Leisurely Pastime levels can be done in co-op if you need help racking up points. Shatterdark levels are strictly solo.

Tips and Tricks

It’s easy to think you can only move toward the left and right in this game. This is not true. You can also move up and down to adjust for the ball’s trajectory.

Switch characters often. Whether to trigger Relative Expansion or to create reactions, keep the ball from stagnating with one element.

You can change the ball’s trajectory by moving as it bounces on the bar. It’s challenging to get used to, but it’s the way to prevent the ball from moving straight from the bar to the upper boundary.

Bringing along Geo, Dendro, or Anemo characters will leave the bar with no element. You can use this to create reactions you might not be able to otherwise. It is also possible to only bring two or three (minimum 1). If you are on co-op and don’t choose your characters, the game will randomly select for you.

As much as possible, focus on the boss brick in Shatterdark levels. Use the Freeze reaction to aim the ball where you want.

When cleaning up those few bricks the ball can’t hit, the fireworks are your best friend.


Participating in the event will give you the Toukabou Shigure, a 4-star sword shaped like a closed parasol. Its one eye and lolling tongue bring to mind the yokai ‘kasa-obake,’ fitting for a Test of Courage event. The event shop offers a Crown of Insight, Parasol Talcum (event weapon refinement material), and various enhancement materials.

Complete all the challenges, and get enough tickets to buy out all the stock in the event shop!

Enjoy the Mystery and the Test of Courage!

New levels will be unlocked on the 3rd and 5th days of the event. There will also be new parts to the quest, so play it to find the resolution to the mysteries surrounding the Test of Courage. Have fun and enjoy something other than the TCG for a change.

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