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As any veteran Pokemon trainer would know, battling gym leaders and collecting badges is the way to enter the Pokemon League. Consequently, it’s the only way to beat the Elite Four and enter the Hall of Fame. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no different, though the most significant deviation from previous games is that there is no set order to do the gym battles.

In Paldea, you can do the gym challenges, whether as you encounter each one or return only when you have a perfect counter Pokemon. Don’t let them sit, though, because as your Pokemon grow, they might disobey you without the proper credentials (your gym badges).

Another deviation is the lack of gym trainer fights. Before you could fight the leader in previous games, you must go through a gauntlet of weaker trainer battles (sometimes while solving puzzles). Scarlet and Violet do away with that, leaving only the puzzle/challenge for the challenger to complete, though some also involve battles. After completing that, they can fight the leader directly.

All Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Cortondo Bug Gym Leader: Katy

This gym’s challenge is the Olive Roll. You must push an olive through a maze as it bounces off walls and ramps. Afterward, you can fight Katy, who specializes in Bug Pokemon. She will Terastalize her Teddiursa.


  • Lvl. 14 Nymble
  • Lvl. 14 Tarontula
  • Lvl. 15 Teddiursa (Bug-type Terastalization)


Bug Pokemon are weak to Fire, Flying, and Rock-type attacks. Since the ones above don’t have any dual typings, those are the most effective attacks you could use against them. Be wary about the Teddiursa’s Fury Cutter, though. With the Bug Terastalization, it has bonus damage, and its power increases the more it hits. Avoid using Grass, Psychic, and Dark Pokemon.

Artazon Grass Gym Leader: Brassius

Before you battle the Verdant Virtuoso, you must first find and collect 10 Sunflora hiding around the town. Some will start to follow you when interacted with, while others will want a fight. Be sure to check every nook and cranny! Brassius will use Grass-type Pokemon and Terastalize his Sudowoodo.


  • Lvl. 16 Petilil
  • Lvl. 16 Smoliv
  • Lvl. 17 Sudowoodo (Grass-type Terastalization)


The weaknesses of Grass-types are Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, and Bug. Smoliv is also a Normal-type, giving it a weakness to Fighting. You should bring some Awakenings or other status-recovering items because his Petilil has Sleep Powder. Lastly, avoid using a Flying-type against his Sudowoodo because it has Rock Throw. You can’t one-shot it because it also has Sturdy as an ability.

Levincia Electric Gym Leader: Iono

Iono will ask you to participate in her stream as the gym challenge. She’ll ask you to find Director Clavell as he hides in the crowds of the town. Find him and battle trainers three times to earn the right to fight the leader. Iono uses Electric Pokemon and will Terastalize her Mismagius.


  • Lvl. 23 Wattrel
  • Lvl. 23 Bellibolt
  • Lvl. 23 Luxio
  • Lvl. 24 Mismagius (Electric Terastalization)


Electric Pokemon are weak to only one type: Ground. However, that’s only effective for half of Iono’s party, Bellibolt and Luxio. Wattrel is also a Flying-type, and Mismagius has Levitate, which means the most obvious ways to deal with them are out.

Fortunately, Wattrel’s Flying type adds more weaknesses like Ice and Rock. As for her Mismagius, you can only use non-supereffective attacks on it. Otherwise, if you have a Pokemon with Mold Breaker or the move Gravity, you can hit it with Ground attacks. Be careful of its Confusion-inducing attacks!

Don’t use Steel, Flying, and Water (and Flying/Water) type Pokemon. Ground types are best as they are immune to Electric attacks. However, watch out for the Bellibolt because it can use Water Gun.

Cascarrafa Water Gym Leader: Kofu

As you approach the gym, Kofu will rush out, and his attendant will give you the former’s wallet. He’ll ask you to give it to him in Porto Marinada. When you arrive, Kofu will request that you join the auction. If you win, you can battle him. Kofu uses Water-type Pokemon and will Terastalize his Crabominable.


  • Lvl. 29 Veluza
  • Lvl. 29 Wugtrio
  • Lvl. 30 Crabominable (Water Terastalization)


Water types are weak to Grass and Electric attacks. Veluza is also a Psychic-type, making it vulnerable to Bug, Dark, and Ghost attacks. Though Dark-types are immune to Psychic attacks, it doesn’t matter as his Veluza doesn’t have moves of that type. Pokemon types to avoid using in this gym battle include Rock, Ground, and Fire. Ice attacks aren’t too effective, either.

Medali Normal Gym Leader: Larry

This gym’s challenge tasks you to find and order a secret menu item. You must figure it out by battling the students with the clues and piece those together. Once you request the meal, you can fight Larry. He’ll use Normal-types and will Terastalize his Staraptor.


  • Lvl. 35 Komala
  • Lvl. 35 Dudunsparce
  • Lvl. 36 Staraptor (Normal Terastalization)


Like Electric Pokemon, Normal-types only have one weakness: Fighting. Interestingly, Staraptor has an advantage with its Flying type, which it loses after Terastalization. It loses Fighting resistance, but you shouldn’t forget that it still has a Flying attack.

No type is weak to Normal, but avoid using Ghost attacks. You can use Pokemon of that type, just not moves that match them, as the opponents are immune to those. Also, watch out for Komala’s Sucker Punch, a Dark attack.

Montenevera Ghost Gym Leader: Ryme

Ryme, the gym leader, is also a rapper. Her challenge is to have a series of Double Battles. Her audience participates in the fights, as depending on your success or actions, they might cheer you on (provide stat boosts). Afterward, you can battle her in the same format, a Double Battle with audience participation. She uses Ghost Pokemon and will Terastalize her Toxtricity.


  • Lvl. 41 Banette
  • Lvl. 41 Mimikyu
  • Lvl. 41 Houndstone
  • Lvl. 42 Toxtricity (Ghost Terastalization)


Ghost types are a double-edged sword, as they are weak to their own type, along with Dark attacks. You can use a Pokemon of the latter type for most of the battle, except with the Mimikyu. Dark Pokemon are weak to Fairy, so switch it out for a Poison or Steel one or one with attacks of those kinds.

You can use Normal Pokemon as long as you don’t use attacks of their type. Still, they do have other attacks than a Ghost one, so it depends on what moves your Pokemon have. Avoid using Psychic Pokemon.

This is a Double Battle, so watch out for moves that can damage your other Pokemon. It takes a bit of getting used to, but you should’ve learned the basics through the challenge.

Alfornada Psychic Gym Leader: Tulip

Tulip is also a model and influencer, so her challenge has you match emotions. Getting them right will let you battle a trainer. Do it twice, and you can fight the leader. She uses Psychic-types and will Terastalize her Florges.


  • Lvl. 44 Farigiraf
  • Lvl. 44 Gardevoir
  • Lvl. 44 Espathra
  • Lvl. 45 Florges (Psychic Terastalization)


Psychic types are weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost attacks. However, all her Pokemon have either Ghost, Dark (counters Ghost), and Fairy (against Dark) attacks. Fortunately, she doesn’t precisely have counters for Bug Pokemon other than Gardevoir’s Fairy typing. You can use Steel or Poison against that one.

Farigiraf’s Normal typing doesn’t help with weaknesses, as Psychic’s Fighting resistance cancels it out. Additionally, it is immune to Ghost attacks. Switch your Pokemon as needed, and don’t use Dark (or Dragon) types against the Gardevoir and Florges.

Glaseado Ice Gym Leader: Grusha

Hidden away in the Glaseado Mountain, this gym is filled with Ice-types. Grusha, the leader, will ask you to do the Snow Slide Drop in 1 and a half minutes. Do so, and you can battle her for the badge. As mentioned, she’ll use Ice Pokemon and will Terastalize her Altaria.


  • Lvl. 47 Frosmoth
  • Lvl. 47 Beartic
  • Lvl. 47 Cetitan
  • Lvl. 48 Altaria (Ice Terastalization)


Fun fact, Ice Pokemon has the most weaknesses compared to their resistances. They’re weak to Fire, Steel, Fighting, and Rock. They only resist Ice, which leaves everything else to typical unboosted damage. Frosmoth gets twice the super effectiveness when hit with Fire attacks. Pick a weakness for the rest of Grusha’s Pokemon.

Don’t use Ground, Flying, or Dragon types. The Altaria also knows Moonblast, so avoid using Dark Pokemon against it.

Good Luck on Your Path to the Victory Road!

With that, you should have all 8 gym badges. You could defeat Grusha with level 35+ Pokemon with proper strategies, so the order is up to you. Ensure you have enough badges for your Pokemon’s strength, and enjoy the road to the Elite Four!

Have fun playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

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