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In character creation, two characteristics are almost always permanent and must be carefully decided. The first is its name, and the second is a character’s class. While most games nowadays might provide a renaming service, the latter is usually harder to change. Some will allow players to do that, but those are in the minority. This guide goes over the best Neverwinter Classes for each role.

Most games only allow one class per character. For players to switch, they must also change their avatar. These games would provide character slots for that purpose. Still, it means that a character’s class must be carefully considered.

That’s why we list the best classes for specific roles so you can choose wisely.

Best DPS in Neverwinter


Though they were hit by a nerf recently, Rogues still sit on top of the DPS food chain. Because of their ability to sneak and backstab, they can rack up damage before the enemy becomes aware of them. Alone, they rely on dodging to mitigate damage but go down in one or two hits.

However, if an excellent healer accompanies them, they can mow down entire armies. Rogues are popular for players as they have various abilities that let them disengage or deal insane amounts of damage.

Best Tank in Neverwinter


There are other options if you want to tank. However, the best of all of them is the Paladin. No matter which specialization (healer or tanker), they have the best ability to survive through all kinds of punishment.

While the tanking branch is more straightforward, the healing side allows the Paladin to recover from the hits they take. Their healing ability is not as strong as a Cleric’s, but it’s enough to keep them standing through many battles.

Best Healer in Neverwinter


They are suitable for one thing: healing. Clerics are the undisputed best healers of Neverwinter. They’re always required in any journey or dungeon raid, but players can feel stifled by the tediousness of healing. They might have a DPS specialization, but they can’t match the sheer output of Rogues.

This gives you some opportunities, such as raid groups or parties always needing a healer. However, the playstyle might not be for you.

Best Buffer in Neverwinter


The game might say that Bards are flexible and can fit any role, but they’re sub-par at anything but buffing a party. Their DPS is laughable, and their healing ability is the lowest among the classes. Still, you can enjoy playing as one, strengthening anyone you encounter.

You won’t go too far playing solo, but a Bard is an excellent choice if your friends are playing with you. Parties work better when they’re composed of classes with varying roles instead of overlapping ones.

Other Unmentioned Classes

Neverwinter gives players 9 class options, and only 4 were featured. The rest are Ranger, Fighter, Barbarian, Warlock, and Wizard. They’re arranged according to good alternative choices to the least practical classes.

Rangers are a ranged DPS class with abilities that are second to the Rogue. Fighters are shield users who can tank a little while dishing out damage with their weapons. Barbarians are similar to Fighters but with less tanking ability. Warlocks and Wizards are magic users, but the former is more strategic with damage-over-time spells. Wizards, in contrast, have attacks with direct damage, though players note its output doesn’t match up with some other classes.

Pick A Class You Like!

The ‘best’ has always been subjective and means different things to players. The best might be the gameplay they liked the most or a role they wanted in the party. Maybe they wanted the best class to go solo with. Whatever their criteria, it would be different from their friends’.

Your preferences will determine what the ‘best’ class for you is. The above are just suggestions and primary points of playing one. You can play as a Wizard if you want to and build it to be a DPS, despite what reviews are saying.

Enjoyment will rise if you pick a class that matches your taste in gameplay, no matter what other people think of your choice. Play the game and have fun with your character, whether a Bard, Wizard, Barbarian, Warlock, Cleric, Paladin, Fighter, Ranger, or Rogue.

As long as you like the class you picked, no matter how weak it supposedly is, you’ll make it work. Otherwise, it’s OK to let it go and try another class. You’re playing a game to have fun, so it’s OK to let it go and move on if it stops being enjoyable.

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