Honkai: Star Rail 1.1: Galactic Roaming Update

Honkai Star Rail 1.1
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With Jing Yuan’s banner in its last week, it’s time to look forward to the next update cycle in Honkai Star Rail. The English livestream might’ve had some technical difficulties and was late, but it was still welcome and an enjoyable watch. Here’s everything announced in the 1.1 Update Livestream, especially the Honkai: Star Rail Silver Wolf release date and more.

New Characters and Character Banners

Three new characters can join you in your adventure: Silver Wolf, Luocha, and Yukong.

Silver Wolf is a 5-star Quantum element Path of Nihility character. As such, she specializes in debilitating enemies and weakening them to the mercy of her teammates. Her skill can inflict an elemental weakness on the enemy. That element would be one her allies use. Then her Ultimate can reduce the DEF of a single enemy while dealing damage. Even her Basic Attacks can inflict a random ‘bug’ which reduces the target’s ATK, DEF, or SPD.

Luocha is also a 5-star, but his element and role differ. He’s an Imaginary element Path of Abundance character. His skill heals a significant amount of HP to an ally, which can trigger when their HP falls to less than 50%. His Ultimate deals damage and removes one buff from the enemy. Using either of his abilities stacks up Abyss Flowers. Once he has two, he consumes them to create a field. While that’s up, attacks on the enemy heal allies.

Yukong is Tingyun’s boss. She’s a 4-star Imaginary element Path of Harmony character. Her skill can increase the party’s attack. Her Ultimate increases the ATK boost of her talent and all allies’ Crit Rate and DMG. It also damages enemies.

Silver Wolf’s banner is first, greeting the new update on June 7, 2023. Luocha comes next, around 20 days after Silver Wolf’s banner. Yukong accompanies the ‘traveling merchant’ in his banner, but she’s also a free character reward in an event.

New Light Cones

Alongside the character banners, there are new Light Cones to collect. Silver Wolf’s is ‘Incessant Rain,’ and Luocha’s is ‘Echoes of the Coffin.’ Of course, these two will only take effect when equipped on characters on the same Paths, Nihility and Abundance, respectively. Also, Incessant Rain will be available during Silver Wolf’s banner and Echoes during Luocha’s.

There’s also the free Light Cone ‘Before the Tutorial Mission Starts,’ which can be obtained when participating in the event ‘Starhunt Game.’ Players have to achieve specific objectives before they can get it, though.

New Location

With the update, the Belobog History and Culture Museum will open. It’s the large building in the central plaza of the Administrative District, across from the Everwinter Monument and Qlipoth Fort. It holds three wings. The first wing is for general exhibits, the second for machinery and industry, and the third for history and culture.

However, it has a problem that ties into one of the events.

Incoming Events

Starhunt Game

June 7 – 19 (Shop is open until the 26th)

This event starts as soon as the update finishes downloading. Leonard, the station’s network security engineer, will ask for help. Silver Wolf has left behind some digital graffiti in Herta Space Station. There’s something about them that he needs help resolving, so the Trailblazer gets recruited to find them and uncover their secrets.

You can earn Tracks of Destiny, Stellar Jades, Credits, the 4-star Light Cone ‘Before the Tutorial Mission Starts,’ EXP materials, Ascension materials, and Trace materials.

Everwinter City Museum Leger of Curiosities

June 9 – 26

The problem with Belobog’s museum is this: somebody had stolen/is stealing their exhibits. Trailblazers will help Pela track them down and return them to the museum. They are then given the reins to manage it. Players can hire people, collect exhibits, and make it a good experience for visitors.

Much like managing a booth in Genshin’s Weinlesefest, you earn funds that you can use to upgrade wings and other things to improve the museum. Moreover, you can continue it after the event ends, but you’ll miss out on the time-limited rewards.

You can earn Stellar Jades, EXP materials, Tracks of Destiny, Self-Modeling Resin, and more during the event, so don’t miss it!

Lab Assistants in Position

June 19 – July 3

Wen Shiling is looking for an assistant as she tries compiling the quarterly research reports. She would’ve done it long ago if not for the Antimatter Legion invading the station, creating extra work for her. The assistant will have to collect materials to use for her research.

Like the other events, you can earn Tracks of Destiny, Stellar Jades, Trace Materials, and EXP Materials. However, this also rewards you with Relic Remains, which can be used to synthesize Relics.

Stellar Flare

June 28 – July 10

In this combat event, Trailblazers must take advantage of special stage effects to end battles in the least number of cycles. They can even try out some characters to help them do so. Think outside the box to get the rewards!

You’ll get a recipe, Stellar Jades, and more!

Planar Fissure

June 23 – 28

During this 6-day event, all Immersion Rewards from the Simulation Universe will be doubled. It’s the time to farm Planar Ornaments!

Garden of Plenty

July 10 – 17

In this week-long event, Golden and Crimson Calyxes rewards will be doubled. This is the perfect period to farm Trace or EXP materials!

Gift of Odyssey

June 7 – July 18

You can get ten free Star Rail Special Passes if you log in for seven days during the event. With it active that long, it shouldn’t be too hard to get all of it, even if you missed a few days.

New Gameplay Mechanics

Companion Quests

Four new Companion Missions will be available in 1.1. After completing these, Silver Wolf, Luocha, Yanqing, and Bailu can appear in the Parlor Car of the Astral Express. Without naming specifics, the site explains that Trailblazers can experience a getaway, a chase, or meet a mysterious visitor.

Friend Chat

Finally, after watching characters text each other, a chat will be implemented to talk to other Trailblazers.

Enemy Navigation

You can now set a target to hunt for the materials you need. This mechanic will let you teleport to the appropriate area and mark the enemies you need to defeat. If no more are in that location, it can tell you where to go next to continue farming.

Lost Trotter

Warp Trotters can now barge into ongoing fights. Defeating them will increase the resources you can get from the battle.

Looking Forward to the Update!

With this, Welt will no longer be the only Imaginary element character in the game. Yukong is definitely a must-get, with her unusual element and buffing abilities. The interesting events and new character stories make the game more exciting.

New adventures are waiting in this next update!


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