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I'm a rancher, a writer, and a gamer! I dabble in anything that intrigues me. If it catches me eye, I'll try to get into it. Currently, I'm working from home while going to college. I'm big on camping and adventuring, so I'm working on renovating a 2002 Casita to take grand road trips all across America. I like bulldogges, disco music, and puns. I yearn to be out in the pasture somewhere, sitting under an oak tree with my laptop. What a perfect day that would be to me. Also, important thing about me-- I don't call snakes "snakes." I call them "danger noodles."

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    GTA Online Special Cargo Guide

    GTA Online Special Cargo Buying and Selling Guide

    GTA Online has one of the most comprehensive experiences that any video game can offer. In GTA Online, the only real limit is your imagination. The first time you […]

    byPierre Wells|31 Jul 2022|GTA V

    Best Rocket League Car

    The best Rocket League Cars in 2022, ranked from 1-5

    Top 5 Best Rocket League Cars Well, gang. It’s here. 2022. New year, all that stuff. With all the changes, you need to be updated on your gaming stuff, […]

    Best Rocket League Car

    The Best Rocket League Car in 2022 – Ranked 1-5

    Well, gang. It’s here. 2021. New year, all that stuff. With all the changes, you need to be updated on your gaming stuff, including the best Rocket League car […]

    Is Fortnite Mobile Dead? What does Fortnite vs. Apple Mean for its Future?

    Is Fortnite Mobile Dead? What Does Fortnite vs Apple Mean for its Future?

    Fortnite Mobile is gone. Well, that might be a bit dramatic, but due to some recent conflict between Fortnite Mobile and Apple, it’s gotten booted off the App Store. […]

    byPierre Wells|24 Aug 2020|Fortnite, News

    Modern Warfare 725 Shotgun Setup

    Best COD: Modern Warfare 725 Shotgun Builds and Loadouts

    BOOM! Today we have a special treat for you Call of Duty fans (well, Modern Warfare fans, to be more precise): we are going to be going over some […]

    Best GTA V Planes and Helicopters

    The Best, Fastest, and Most Powerful GTA V Planes and Helicopters

    There’s no denying the fact that one of the most appealing factors of GTA V is flying around in planes and helicopter and doing dumb, dangerous stuff. First off, […]

    byPierre Wells|16 Jul 2020|GTA V

    EFT Cheats Guide

    How Prevalent are Escape from Tarkov Hacks?

    Don’t you love it when you kick back and relax with a good video game and get absolutely stomped by some idiot using cheats? Yeah, me neither. That sucks! […]

    best free games to play online with friends

    Best Free to Play Games on PS4

    Now, I’m going to ask you a question. Let’s assume you have a PS4, right? And therefore, you probably like playing games? Good! Well, what’s the one thing that’s […]

    Valorant Points and Radianite Points

    What’s the Deal with Valorant Currency? – Valorant Points and Radianite Points

    Valorant. It’s becoming remarkably famous in a very short period of time. Like many games with a very large pool of interest, many people are desperately trying to become […]

    byPierre Wells|09 Apr 2020|Valorant

    EFT interchange map - Blog

    Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Guide

    So, you’ve picked up Escape From Tarkov and you have absolutely no idea what the Interchange Map is, or you’ve been playing for a while and you need to […]

    Fortnite Tips

    Fortnite Tips: Best Ways to Frustrate Enemies

    You’ve heard it—Fortnite’s toxic! I remember a time when Fortnite was not toxic and it was relatively hard to really get your enemies to hate you. Some of you […]

    byPierre Wells|09 Aug 2019|Fortnite

    Rocket League Aerial Tips

    Rocket League Aerial Tips

    Rocket League is a fun-filled game where you drive around in little cars and play soccer with an oversized ball, right? At least, that’s what I was told when […]

    Fortnite Building Tips to Become a Better Builder

    Chances are, if you’re anything like most people who play Fortnite for the first time, you’re probably utterly bewildered by the building aspect. Sometimes, people come in from other […]

    byPierre Wells|21 May 2019|Fortnite


    Is Fortnite Dying?

    You’ve heard it – Fortnite is dead! It had a nice little run, but now, playtime’s over and reality has kicked in, and it’s going down the drain. It’s […]

    byPierre Wells|06 May 2019|Fortnite

    How to Get Keys in Rocket League: The Do’s and Don’ts

    Crates are a huge part of Rocket League because they offer all kinds of fun stuff, from painted gear to the ever-envied BMDs and BMGEs (Black Market Decals and […]