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I'm a rancher, a writer, and a gamer! I dabble in anything that intrigues me. If it catches me eye, I'll try to get into it. Currently, I'm working from home while going to college. I'm big on camping and adventuring, so I'm working on renovating a 2002 Casita to take grand road trips all across America. I like bulldogges, disco music, and puns. I yearn to be out in the pasture somewhere, sitting under an oak tree with my laptop. What a perfect day that would be to me. Also, important thing about me-- I don't call snakes "snakes." I call them "danger noodles."

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A Fortnite Loot Map with Secret Locations

Howdy, everyone! I’m back to tell you about one of the greatest games available at this time—Fortnite Battle Royale. I’ve given you the rundown on a whole variety of things, but today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and give you a leg up on the [...]

by Pierre Wells|24 Apr 2018|  0 |Others

It’s Rocket League Rumble Time

Howdy! Hello! Welcome back! This is your best buddy blogger here, giving you another fascinating article about gaming. Today, we’ll be talking about Rocket League. What specific part, you ask, quivering with anticipation? Cue the drumroll! Today, I’ll be giving you a guide about the craziest, zaniest, most [...]

by Pierre Wells|12 Apr 2018|  0 |Rocket League

Covering Ground on the Best Places to Land in Fortnite

“Where we droppin’ boys?” Okay, you’ve heard it. If you haven’t heard it, congrats. I just shared it with you. It’s the classic trope of the popular TPS and survival game Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s the point where you leap out of an airplane, pop a parachute, and land [...]

Steering in the Right Direction with Rocket League Car Differences

Welcome back to my blog, loyal reader! If this is your first time, nice to meet you. Feel free to sit back, relax, and take a look around. I’ll be here waiting for you because, you know, this is prewritten. Today, I’m going to go over a very special [...]

by Pierre Wells|28 Mar 2018|  0 |Rocket League

Zoom In with the Best Rocket League Camera Settings

Good morning everyone! Maybe good afternoon, or good evening, or good 4 a.m. Regardless, in this type of article, I generally tell you about how to make your car in Rocket League look cool, or I give ya some insight into the often confusing ranking system or that kind [...]

by Pierre Wells|20 Mar 2018|  0 |Rocket League

Inventory and How to Drop Items in Fortnite Guide

Howdy gang! Once more, it’s your ole’ pal Asa, and once more, I’m about to blow your mind while blogging about video games! Well, probably not, but we can hope, right? Today is a very special topic for us. It’s about one of my all time favorite games—Fortnite Battle [...]

How Do You Get Crates in Rocket League?

Crates. Throughout history, crates have always held mystery. What’s in them? You might never know. In the case of the East India Tea Company during the Boston Tea Party, they contained tea, but you’re not here for a history lesson. You’re here to talk about Rocket League. Although Rocket [...]

by Pierre Wells|08 Mar 2018|  0 |Rocket League

Stay Slick with Free and Premium Fortnite Battle Royale Skins

Weeeelcome back everyone! Today I’ve got a special treat for you. Instead of talking about Rocket League, I’m instead going to take you down a different route with another fantastic video game—Fortnite Battle Royale. In case you’ve never heard of it and you’re here because a friend of yours [...]