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I'm a rancher, a writer, and a gamer! I dabble in anything that intrigues me. If it catches me eye, I'll try to get into it. Currently, I'm working from home while going to college. I'm big on camping and adventuring, so I'm working on renovating a 2002 Casita to take grand road trips all across America. I like bulldogges, disco music, and puns. I yearn to be out in the pasture somewhere, sitting under an oak tree with my laptop. What a perfect day that would be to me. Also, important thing about me-- I don't call snakes "snakes." I call them "danger noodles."

Written by Pierre Wells

A Rocket League Trophy Guide to Get You on Pedestals

Rocket League is a fantastic game. It’s fun, engaging, and has all the parts that make a game successful, such as customization and being able to play with your buddies. One important part, a part that I’m going to talk to you about today, is Trophies! So, for this [...]

by Pierre Wells|07 Feb 2018|  0 |Rocket League

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips to Get You Going

Fortnite Battle Royale: with a name like that, you can guess that it’s going to be an awesome game. It’d practically be a crime for it to be dull after getting everyone excited about such a bold name. You would have guessed right if you thought it was fantastic. [...]

by Pierre Wells|30 Jan 2018|  0 |Others

Put the Pedal to the Metal with this Rocket League Guide

Maybe you know a lot about it and everything I’m going to tell you is review, but then again, maybe you have no idea about any of it. Alas, never to fear, newcomer! I’m here to help. I’ll give you a basic rundown of everything in the game that [...]

by Pierre Wells|18 Jan 2018|  0 |Rocket League