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I'm a rancher, a writer, and a gamer! I dabble in anything that intrigues me. If it catches me eye, I'll try to get into it. Currently, I'm working from home while going to college. I'm big on camping and adventuring, so I'm working on renovating a 2002 Casita to take grand road trips all across America. I like bulldogges, disco music, and puns. I yearn to be out in the pasture somewhere, sitting under an oak tree with my laptop. What a perfect day that would be to me. Also, important thing about me-- I don't call snakes "snakes." I call them "danger noodles."

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How to Get Good at Rocket League

How to Get Good at Rocket League

Rocket League is a fantastic game. There’s a reason that it’s so remarkably untouched by time and why people still play it no matter what: because it’s fun! Rocket [...]

by Pierre Wells|21 Oct 2018||Rocket League

Fortnite Secret Battle Stars

Fortnite Secret Battle Stars in the Battle Pass

Hello there. Welcome back! Yes, I’m talking to you directly, mysterious reader. Hi! Today, I’ve got something special for you! I’m going to take you through the topic of [...]

by Pierre Wells|16 Oct 2018||Fortnite

Fortnite Beginners Guide

Fortnite Beginners Guide: 10 Tips I Should’ve Known Before Playing

So. You’re starting Fortnite Battle Royale and you haven’t the faintest idea where to start. Maybe you’ve consulted your friends and they all give you equally terrible advice. Maybe [...]

by Pierre Wells|01 Oct 2018||Fortnite

Cool Rocket League Cars

The 7 Rules for Cool Rocket League Cars

Cool Rocket League Cars. Hmm. Now, that’s a broad topic. What’s “cool”? Doesn’t that vary from person to person? Never to fear! In Rocket League, there very much are [...]

by Pierre Wells|26 Sep 2018||Rocket League

Fortnite LTM

Fortnite LTM III: The Final 7

Howdy and welcome back to this blog for Fortnite LTM III! I’m not going to waste a lot of time here because I have seven—yes, count ‘em—seven of Fortnite’s [...]

by Pierre Wells|16 Sep 2018||Fortnite

Fortnite LTM II

The Big Dogs: Fortnite LTM II

You know that feeling you get when you and about fifty of your friends wage literal war on 50 other strangers? When ya just grab a gun and get [...]

by Pierre Wells|04 Sep 2018||Fortnite

Fortnite LTM

Adding Fun with Fortnite LTM

Do me a favor. I want you to imagine something. Fortnite Battle Royale is real and you’re a participant. You’re stuck in the Battle Bus and you’re nervous because [...]

by Pierre Wells|28 Aug 2018||Fortnite

Rocket League News

Up to Speed with Rocket League News

Rocket League. You know it. You love it. Well, maybe. Maybe you haven’t heard of it, but for this article, we’re going to guess you’re like millions of people [...]

by Pierre Wells|21 Aug 2018||Rocket League

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