A Rocket League Trophy Guide to Get You on Pedestals

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Rocket League is a fantastic game. It’s fun, engaging, and has all the parts that make a game successful, such as customization and being able to play with your buddies. One important part, a part that I’m going to talk to you about today, is Trophies! So, for this Rocket League Trophy Guide, I’m going to (unsurprisingly) explain what Trophies are, the various kinds, and how to get them.

What are Trophies?

The obvious question of the hour is what the heck are trophies? Basically, they’re Playstation’s version of Xbox’s Achievements. They’re awards that ya get for doing various things in a game. Some of them are very easy that take virtually no time to unlock, but others can be a challenge and can take lots of devotion and grinding. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player, you will eventually run across Trophies the more you play. Although there are no clear categories, I like to split them up into a variety of groupings that I made. I’ll go ahead and walk ya through some of those groupings.

Grinding Trophies

These are the kind that you get from playing the game, period. They require mere time and effort, and you don’t have to pull off anything crazy to get ‘em done. Though they are periodically added from time to time, one of the easiest ones to unlock as of this time is Far, Far Away… That’s the achievement for driving a total of 50km, which might sound hard, but honestly, it’s not that much in the game. Another alternative is Turbocharger (Use your Rocket Boost for a total of five minutes) or Winner (Win a total of 5 games in any mode). This type, in my opinion, is the easiest to get because if you play long enough, you will eventually get them. When I first started playing Rocket League, I was terrible! I could barely hit the ball for approximately nine years before I practiced enough, but I still got a bunch of Trophies because all I had to do was drive around, or use a lot of boosts, or win every now and then. Pretty easy stuff, and it requires basically no talent or luck. It’s kinda like getting an award for breathing in your day to day life.

Not all Trophies are easy to get, even if they are just about grinding and playing frequently. Take, for example, the Trophy Stocked, which is collecting 150 items from various drops or trading or however ya end up trying to get items. That could take a while, a long while.

Effort Trophies

There’s another important category of Trophies, which is the kind that I like to call Effort Trophies (Bad name, I know). They can be very similar to Grinding Trophies, but they have a special aspect of them that require skill. It’s not just driving around for a certain period of time or something like that. To get an Effort Trophy, the player needs to do something noteworthy and impressive. Some of the Trophies require extreme skill, but most of them lie in the realm of Helen’s Pride, which is scoring six goals in a single game. Is that easy? No, it is not. But is it impossible? Also, no. Another obvious example is The Streak, which is winning 10 games in a row across any mode. See what I mean about them requiring talent, but it’s also factoring into plain old grinding?

Luck Trophies

I have bad news for you. Not all the Trophies can be unlocked on purpose. Some of them will be achieved only through luck. There’s one called Break Shot, which I attempted to get for what seemed like an eternity. It’s where ya score a goal by hitting your opponent into the ball. I can’t tell ya how many times that I tried to do this little number before I finally got it completely by accident. Take Minute to Win It, which is where ya have to win a game with 60 seconds remaining after you were tied or trailing. Obviously, this requires a lot of factors to come together at the same time. Not only do you have to win, ya gotta be behind or tied within the last 60 seconds. It’s kinda a perfect storm type thing. This type is especially hard to unlock, but they’re also more rewarding as a result!

Work Arounds

Though Trophies can be unlocked through hard work, grinding, or luck, there’s another option that one can use: pure, old-fashioned rigging-the-game. With almost every single one of the 82 available Trophies in Rocket League, with enough planning, you can easily rig it to where you are guaranteed to get them. Trying to get Far, Far Away? Stick a rubber band on your controller and play a local match with bots that’ll keep the score going so you won’t get lagged out for inactivity! Want Helen’s Pride, but don’t want to have to actually score six goals against your opponent? No problem. Fire up the Exhibition mode, but no bots on the other team, and score on an empty net six times.

Almost every Trophy can be achieved through the Exhibition against bots (or no bots, depending on the Trophy), but the others that remain can be gotten through a buddy’s help. Take the bane of my existence, Break Shot. I tried it the hard way, which is trying to get lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Alternatively, if ya wanted to skip all the annoyance, fire up a game with you on one team and your friend on the other. Line up your friend in front of the ball, and knock him or her into it! With proper planning, the ball will go right on in.


Trophies are fun! They make the game better and more exciting because you can actually see your progress the more you play. I’ve played for years, and although I have gotten most achievements, it still makes me excited to get another. It’s a nice validation, and whether you want to try to get them on your own or if you want to rig the system, sit back, relax, and enjoy it!

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