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Warframe Best Sentinel
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Be it on the surface of our own home planet, or on the furthest corners of the Solar System, it is always dangerous to go alone. Most multiplayer games have companions that will accompany you on your journey and Warframe has their own set of these.

Companions in Warframe are divided into three categories, and while their function is usually the same for all of them, each one has a very different set of abilities. In this article, we are going to be focusing on the Sentinels, which are the very much like personal drones that follow and help you on your missions

In contrast with the canine Kubrows, or the cat-like Kavats, which need to be taken care of, Sentinels are more like little robots, you just take them in your missions and that’s it. But which Warframe Best Sentinel you bring along, you ask? Well, here I’m going to give some brief feedback on the different Sentinels so you are always in good company.


This little guy may seem weak at first, as Sentinel weapons usually don’t have too much firepower. However, the Deth Machine Rifle, Dethcube’s default weapon, has the potential to deliver a barrage of bullets that will rapidly stack up the damage. If both are rightly modded, Dethcube can stunlock single targets and bring them to a quick death with the help of its master. You can also give him the ability to shoot a vaporizing laser that deals high damage to enemies. All in all, if you wish to have a little death raining machine, you can’t go wrong with the Dethcube.


If you want some Crowd Control, then Djinn may be your thing. The biggest perk of this guy is its fatal attraction ability, which does exactly that: Attract multiple enemies in a small radius to it, and if there are more than two, it explodes dealing damage to everything in said radius.


This one takes a more defensive approach. The Taxon sentinel has a laser weapon that deals continuous damage to a single target and its special ability is quite useful for surviving fights since it shoots a blast against a single enemy and regenerates shields equal to the damage dealt. If you combine it with others shield regenerating mods for the sentinel, you can become quite the sturdy warframe.


The Shade sentinel is the stealth specialist. It allows you to go into cloaking when near enemies as long as you’re not attacking with your weapon. This means you can use your warframe abilities and, more importantly, revive downed players while being safe of nearby enemies. Shade additionally has a Prisma version, which has a bit of increased stats and different mod slot polarities. It’s definitely the ultimate support companion


Wyrm is another of the Crowd Control companions. Its special ability, in particular, sends all enemies in a small radius flying a bit, basically knocking them down. The cooldown is rather long, but since you will probably use the time, the enemies are down to kill them all, it’ll probably be up for the next wave. Wyrm also has a Prime variant with better stats, but its availability is limited since the parts and blueprint are out of the drop tables for now.


Ever had problems with ammunition? Then Carrier is your best choice. This guy can increase the total ammo pool of all your weapons and transforms all the ammo drops into the type of ammo your equipped weapon needs. This goes especially well with high fire rate weapons so that you can empty those magazines on your enemies without worrying about running out of bullets. Same as the Wyrm, Carrier has a Prime version which is out of the drop tables, but if you are lucky to trade the parts with another player, then it can be an awesome addition.


While most companions focus on dealing damage or some form of crowd control, the Helios function is completely different. This guy scans your enemies, if you have the necessary item, and expose weak points in them. Hitting the weak points increase the damage you deal by a large amount, ideal for those enemies with large health pools and tons of armor. Helios has a prime variant too, but this one is actually attainable, so if you’re feeling lucky, get on farming.


The master of stuns and hating that one guy in particular. The Diriga focuses on Crowd Control, but unlike the Wyrm or the Djinn, it only affects one enemy. The good news is that what it lacks in the area of effect, it makes up with the ability to stunlock the enemy it targets. It also has another ability that allows it to hit more enemies, but the potency of the stun falls a lot. In the end, it depends on what kind of crowd control you’re looking for.


I hope these short descriptions of the sentinels have shed some light on which one you want to take on your adventures. As many other things in Warframe, there is nothing like a “Best” Sentinel or Companion, just one that fits your play style the most.

As players have different play styles, there is a companion for each and every player needs! So go ahead and experiment with them and tell us about your experience with the sentinel you prefer. This will be all for today, so, see you soon, Tenno.

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