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With the large selection of weapons and frames in Warframe, it can be hard to choose the best ones. It’s going to take some time experimenting with what’s good and what’s not. Here’s the good news: someone has determined the Warframe Best Primary weapons. Keep in mind, that this blog will have two additional sections because of the big spreadsheet: Warframe Tier List 2017  Since most of the reliable weapons or frames are a niche specialized in one role or another, the article will list the best for a particular role. Without further ado, here’s the top weaponry classified by type.

What’s the best Sniper Rifle?

The best sniper rifle is Lanka, hands down. With mechanics similar to a bow, a shot with this gun hits hard at max charge. Accurate and precise, it has high base damage without mods. To properly maximize the sniper’s combo mechanic, a Hark scope is beneficial. Shots have a high critical and status chance; zooming in adds critical chance (up to 50% when completely zoomed in). In its base form, it deals electric elemental damage, which could combine with other elemental damage, including fire, toxin, or cold. The weapon is customizable and useful for a variety of circumstances.

However, damage can’t increase by slash, puncture, or impact mods. The Sniper has slow projectile speed, making small enemies or those prone to erratic and sudden movements hard to hit. With little stability while aiming, being accurate could be challenging.

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How about the top Shotgun?

The Tigris Prime is elite, which deals extreme damage per bullet (1248 base slash damage, 156 impact, and puncture). Besides, it has great ammo efficiency. Reload speed is average, and players who use this gun would have to reload often. However, it has a unique trigger type that releases a barrage of lead when pressing the button. Other than the high damage, the firearm can achieve 100% status with some mods.

With every advantage, there’s a disadvantage. The gun has low impact and puncture damage, making it useless against armored enemies. What makes it useful against fleshy enemies also makes it a waste of time against armored ones. It’s hard to eliminate groups of enemies unless you’re using Punch Through mods. Similar to every other shotgun, the Tigris Prime is more advantageous at close to mid ranges compared to long distance.

Which Rifle should I go with?

For rifles, the Soma Prime is the one to have. It has a high critical chance that can maximize by combining it with headshots. The firing accuracy is top notch! On the other hand, investing in a Heavy Caliber mod is suggested for those who can’t maximize precision. The rifle has a larger than average ammo capacity and magazine, meaning, players can unload more bullets into enemies without having to reload often.

The downside to the Soma Prime is the relatively low base damage. Sure, with the high fire rate and large magazine, it’s not too bad. Also, there’s the recoil to consider; no matter how accurate a rifle is, it’s harder to get headshots the longer the button is pressed. The High Caliber mod could lessen the inaccuracy with increased damage but lower precision. Then there’s the long reloading time, though it could be trimmed by rolling or using a melee attack at three-fourths done. Lastly, crafting the Soma Prime isn’t feasible at this point, but it’s tradable.

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How about the top Bow?

Some research had to be done for this section since the reference link doesn’t have many notes on bows. It appears that players agree that the RaktaCernos is one of the best bows. A close second and third is Dread and Paris Prime. However, RaktaCernos has high max charge damage and the shortest charge time of all charged weapons. Its high impact damage staggers enemies, and charged shots have a punch allowing for hits through enemies in a line. The accuracy is on point when zoomed in with a natural effect.

On the flip side, the RaktaCernos has a low puncture and slash damage, making it ineffective against armor and enemies with high health. The reference spreadsheet author also notes that the bow is good only after adding mods to it. The blighting effect could hinder in stealth missions because while the explosion is silent, enemies that didn’t die from it would still be alerted. Besides, the effect could end the stealth multiplier.

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What’s up with the Launcher?

Okay, this is a little confusing, but the author of the reference link considers the Opticor as a launcher. Wiki describes the weapon like a laser “cannon,” which could categorize as a launcher. Also, Wiki lists it as an assault rifle.

The Opticor is the best launcher or rifle (with the Soma Prime in second place). It has high base damage that could take out most enemies who get hit with one shot. Its projectile deals puncture damage, primarily, which is ideal for armored opponents. There’s an area of effect bonus from the projectile that affects enemies nearby. Although it’s a charging-type weapon, it can function at about one-third charge for a less potent shot. The accuracy is great and having a High Caliber mod won’t hurt.

The weapon is somewhat difficult to operate since the projectile doesn’t follow the path of the laser correctly, but runs parallel to it. Charging it takes longer, and it could easily be interrupted. Also, the Opticor fires immediately upon max charge, making the careful timing of shots necessary. In fact, the blast won’t happen if the main projectile hits an enemy or corpse. It has small slash damage, making it inefficient for enemies with high health. Lastly, the weapon could jam when charging, prematurely releasing repeatedly.


Thanks for scoping Warframe Best Primary weapons. Now get out there and make something happen. More importantly, have a blast.

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  1. This thread July 10, 2018 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    I also disagree on the tigris prime. The tigris prime is easily one of the most powerful weapon in the game. With 100% status and multishot were looking at 8 pellets each proccing status effects. With corrosive and slash it can anihalate anything. Give it some reload speed and it is an absolutely op weapon. Check out Brozime on YouTube and his tigris prime tests. Also, Lanka is great but is not the de facto best sniper. Both the vectis and rubico are very good. The vectis prime in my opinion being the best. For bows there’s the lenz. Just feel like were missing a lot of info here.

  2. Kobe Bryant August 19, 2017 at 8:18 am - Reply

    Saying the Tigris prime is ineffective against armour is a complete lie. With 100% status and corrosive the armour of level 100+ can be stripped in 1 shot. Slash is always the best physical damage type to have especially on weapons with high status as it bypasses armour

  3. StrahLenforcer July 21, 2017 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    Rifle for me, take stuff casually and still slay

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