How to Get Ivara Warframe Properly

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Ivara is perhaps the stealthiest warframe of the game. Ivara is a warframe for the end-game because you have to be high level to collect the parts (unless you want to pay real money for her). Before we talk about getting Ivara Warframe, let me say a few more things.

What’s the 411 of Ivara Warframe?

She has many abilities like turning herself and her allies invisible (with an arrow), she can pickpocket enemies and steal their things whilst being invisible and she has a syndicate augmenting mod that allows her to walk over lasers like it’s nothing. With her bow, she can shoot lots of arrows over an area and she’s freaking useful as a spy.

Ivara can’t be detected at all, unlike warframe Loki, turning Ivara into the number one stealth frame ever. Ivara is arguably easy to get. The tricky part is that she’s all RNG. To build her, you need to collect a ton of parts. You get the parts by completing SPY MISSIONS.

This is highly important to be noted because you can’t get the parts from different missions. You can complete the missions without being stealthy, meaning that you will have to succeed at hacking the 3 terminals from the mission to have the attempt at getting the parts. Below are the missions – planet and specific point – that award the parts at the end (just like the mods).

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Which Missions award the parts at the end?

Easy (Level 1-15): Systems

  • Earth (Cambria)
  • Venus (Unda)
  • Mercury (Suisei)
  • Mars (Arval)
  • Phobos (Shklovsky)

Medium (Level 16-25): Chassis

  • Ceres (Bode)
  • Jupiter (Amalthea)
  • Eurpoa (Valac)
  • Saturn (Dione)
  • Lua (Pavlov)

Hard (Level 25+): Neuroptics (Helmet) and Blueprint

  • Uranus (Rosalind)
  • Neptune (Laomedeia)
  • Kuva (Fortress Pago)
  • Pluto (Oceanum)
  • Sedna (Kappa)

Any tips I should know about farming Ivara?

  • Be patient. The parts are items dropped when you complete the mission and that’s all about the RNG luck.
  • Ciphers. These are useful for spy missions, they help you quickly hack the panels, which is optional. If you like to solve puzzles, that’s fine, too!
  • Loki. If you already have him, it’s a great warframe to farm Ivara, since you can become invisible and make it easier to complete the missions. If you equip him with duration mods, the invisibility will last longer. However, be careful, he can be detected by lasers.
  • Shortcuts. All the rooms you are required to hack (A, B, and C) have secret shortcuts that will lead you to their interior in a more direct and easy way, so you don’t have to deal with enemies and you save time.
  • Bow. Carrying a bow is useful, you don’t need to draw attention to you, be stealthy! Kill your enemies without anyone noticing!

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How about buying Ivara with platinum?

Being a normal frame, Ivara parts can’t be traded between players. However, if you really have trouble farming the parts or you just don’t have the time, she can be bought whole for 325 Platinum in the market, like many other normal frames. By the way, if you need some Platinum, there’s some available on PlayerAuctions.

It’s a Wrap

Ivara Warframe is only available for the end-game. You cannot just buy her or get her at the start. The process of farming can be very tedious, even more for the higher level missions (the drop rates are really low) but she’s definitely worth it.

Some people complain that she’s hard to farm but some lucky guys differ. My advice to you is to be patient, farm it like you’re not paying attention to get all the parts. If you keep doing the spy missions regularly, it’s only a matter of time until you get her finally.

Tell me about your experience in the comment box below: was it hard? Was it easy? Thanks for reading and good luck farming Ivara!

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  1. Warframe guy May 17, 2019 at 5:31 pm - Reply

    Why does the chassis require so much nitain extract!!

  2. PinkNekogirl November 5, 2018 at 7:16 pm - Reply

    Neuroptics and blueprint do NOT drop from Kuva. No Ivara parts drop there, just Harrow neuroptics.

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