How to Rank Up in Warframe Methodically

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There’s no need to ask How to Rank Up in Warframe anymore because this guide is designed to help you push through hurdles. Arch wings, and even pets are all just waiting to be pushed to the maximum level. But for newer players, one important question remains: “How do i rank up?” If you’re one of the many wondering why your Mastery Rank just won’t budge, fear not: this article will break down everything you’ve ever wanted to know about How to Rank Up in Warframe.

How do I increase my Mastery Rank?

To increase your Mastery Rank, you’ll need to become a Tenno of many trades. That means you can’t just stick with your starting set of Warframe and weapons for your entire playtime and expect to rank up. Instead, you increase your mastery rank by reaching the maximum level (Rank 30) with as many different frames, weapons, arch wings, and companions as you can. In addition, you’ll also gain some Mastery from completing a mission node on a planet or a Junction for the first time. You can check your current Mastery Rank and how much Mastery you need to reach the next rank by viewing your player profile.

But that’s not the whole story. Eventually, you’ll accrue enough Mastery points to reach the next rank, at which point you’ll be required to take a Mastery test. A Mastery test often involves proving your prowess with your weapons, abilities, or movement skills, often under time pressure. You won’t be able to rank up until you successfully pass the Mastery test and what’s worse, you’re only allowed to attempt the test once every 24 hours. That means if you fail, you’ll have to wait an entire day to try again. So what’s a Tenno to do? Well, you can access unlimited practice versions of the tests in Cephalon Simaris’s room in most relays. Though these practice tests won’t increase your Mastery Rank if you succeed, they’ll still give you a chance to perfect your skills before attempting the real thing. Just enter Simaris’s headquarters and take a right until you find the booth corresponding to the level of your Mastery test and you can practice to your heart’s content.

Why is Mastery Rank important?

Given the effort it takes to increase your Mastery Rank, especially at higher levels, you may be wondering why you should care about your Rank at all. Turns out, it’s worth a lot more than just bragging rights. This is because Warframes, weapons, quests, and even entire relays can be Mastery-locked, meaning you can’t access them if you don’t have the minimum Mastery Rank required. In other words, if you want to do more things, you have to master more things. Not to mention, increasing your Mastery Rank will get you a number of perks for each Rank gained, including more daily trades, a higher starting base mod capacity for your equipment, and a higher maximum cap of Syndicate standing and Focus points you can earn each day. Take our word for it: ranking up is definitely worth it.

Is there a limit to how quickly I can rank up?

Though there’s no limit to how many Mastery points you can earn daily, you can only increase your Mastery Rank by one level per day. This limit is enforced by the previously mentioned Mastery tests; once you’ve successfully completed one test, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before attempting the next one. As a result, even if you manage to fill your Mastery Rank bar twice in one day, you’ll only be able to increase your Mastery Rank by one. Sorry, would-be speed runners.

What happens to the Mastery points I gain while waiting to take my next Mastery test?

Some players have the understandable worry that if they rank up items while waiting to take their next Mastery test, the Mastery points they have gained will be lost. But have no fear: the points you gain while you’ve already maxed out your current Mastery Rank will automatically be added to your progress for the next Rank once you’ve completed the next Mastery test. So level up with confidence! Those points will be waiting for you once you’re ready for them.

Can I use a Forma to gain more Mastery points after an item has reached Rank 30?

You only gain Mastery points the first time you rank up an item. This means that even if you reset an item’s rank with a Forma and reach Rank 30 with it again, you won’t gain any more Mastery points from it. Only the first time counts, so save your Forma for items you actually want to polarize!

Can I gain Mastery points from duplicate items?

If you end up with two copies of the same equipment, don’t bother ranking up both of them; ranking up a copy of equipment you’ve already mastered will not grant any additional Mastery points, even if you’ve sold the original item. That said, variant Warframe, weapon, and companion types count as distinct items and will each grant Mastery points the first time they’re ranked up. For example, if you have a Boltor, a Telos Boltor, and a Boltor Prime, each will grant Mastery points when leveled to Rank 30. For this reason, it’s a good idea to max-level a piece of equipment even if you already have a superior variant of it. Even if you never use it again, you’ll at least have gained its Mastery points. Plus, you can always sell the inferior version once it’s ranked up if you need to free up some weapon or Warframe slots.

Rising Through the Ranks

When you’re starting out in Warframe with just one frame and a handful of weapons, the prospect of ranking up may be an intimidating one. But fret not: DE knew what they were doing with this system. You’ll acquire new frames, weapons, and other equipment just by playing the game and thanks to the diverse playstyle each offers, you’ll really feel like you’re mastering new skills as you rank up each one. And you’re going to want to stick around for the late-game content unlocked by your rising Mastery Rank. If you’re a Rank 0 newbie just getting a handle on the star chart, trust us: you ain’t seen nothing yet. Thanks for checking out How to Rank Up in Warframe.

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