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How to Win in Fortnite with the Mandatory Steps

How to Win in Fortnite
By | February 11th, 2019 | Categories: Fortnite

Fortnite’s a delightful, fast-paced game that offers a variety of fun aspects to its players, from hectic gameplay to a bright, colorful world. The characters are zany, the weapons aplenty, and the cartoonish graphics are unique and fun. But there’s one big question that everyone is asking: how do I come home with the win? In this guide for How to Win in Fortnite, I’ll take you through every step you need to see your name up there as the last one standing!

What should I do first?

Step 1: Mode

First things first, you need to out what mode you want to be playing. I know, it might sound silly, but I’m going to go over it anyway because it simply needs to be clarified. You need to be playing the correct mode for your skill set. Let me explain: people have different strengths and weaknesses (no surprise there) but it translates directly to different game modes. You might be best suited to solos, or duos, or squads (or any other ones).

Here’s a prime example: a buddy of mine plays a lot of Fortnite, and I do mean a lot. He’s one of the best Solo que guys that I’ve met, hands down. Tragically for him, he’s an absolutely atrocious person to play Duos with. His skill set doesn’t translate well, and we rarely win in Duos, despite me specializing in that mode. Now, me? I can’t Solo. Well, I can, but I find them to be stressful and frustrating in comparison. The point is, my extremely talented cohort can run duos all day and not win a single one. You need to pick the game mode where your strengths are magnified the most.

Also, friendly tip: most of the time, running Squads with good teammates is one of the easiest ways to pick up wins in a hurry, simply because there are more opportunities to mess up and recover. In solos, you can only mess up once. In duos, generally only once. In squads? Your teammates have your back and a 3 v. 4 isn’t terrible.

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Can an Inventory make or break me?

Step 2: Inventory

In a word, yes. In more words, you need a great inventory so that you’re prepared for as many contingencies as possible. It’s a dark, dark world when you’re sprinting across a field with only a shotgun and there’s a sniper shooting at you from afar. But what constitutes a great inventory? There’s another piece on here about that exact question, but if you’re looking for a quick explanation, keep heals, shield, and a variety of weaponry at all times. Generally, you want to have a short-range gun, a medium range, and a long range one.

What about Displays?

Step 3: Displays

Whether you’re playing on a gaming monitor, a TV, a projector, or your phone, choosing your display is vital to your success. Why? Because of a nasty, three letter word that all gamers shudder hearing: lag. If you have lag, you’re probably raging. But this isn’t regular lag. This is input lag, where your difficulties have nothing to do with your internet speed or connectivity, but in fact, have everything to do with your display. It’s the split second between pressing a button and your character jumping on screen. It’s because of the time it takes the signal to travel from your gaming platform of choice to your display. There are a lot smarter people out there who can give you a lot better explanation, but for our purposes, here’s what you need to know: get the lowest input lag you can.

Generally, gaming monitors (especially those made for e-sports and FPS) are the best for it. They’re literally designed with that purpose in mind. Next probably comes a Television. Depending on the make, model, and year, you could be experiencing hilarious amounts of input lag or next to nothing. Some modern televisions even have a dedicated “game mode” that turns off a lot of processing features and gets you the lowest input lag possible. Finally, the absolute worst at this is… tragically… projectors. Despite how much fun playing on an enormous screen is, projectors are almost always very poor to game on competitively, especially for a game like Fortnite. There are, of course, exceptions—some projectors are made for it. But, if you’re in the market for a new display, make absolutely sure that you’re not selling yourself short.

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What else should I know?

Step 4: Play Style

Luckily, not everything in gaming successfully has to be locked around spending money. Sure, getting a state-of-the-art monitor would be awesome, but in the wrong hands or used improperly, it isn’t going to guarantee a win. Nothing will. You can have the best gear on the earth and still, it won’t necessarily mean a victory in Fortnite. There is no magic wand to wave (although I wish there was). No, most of what determines your odds of coming out on top boils down to one thing: how well you play.

Some of you will cheer at that statement. Others will groan and wish it was not so. The truth is that the hands-down best chance of walking away with a win comes from nothing other than the players themselves. You don’t necessarily need to be the greatest of all time. You just have to avoid setting yourself up for failure. Most of the time, when people ask me what they’re doing wrong, it’s the same thing: they are playing themselves. There are a couple of ways to play Fortnite: play to win or play for fun. Though some very skilled individuals go for both, the vast majority of players have to pick one.

As Fortnite gets increasingly competitive, it isn’t enough to be a fast builder or a quick shot. You need to outthink your enemy, to get into their head and counter them before they even know what happened. You need to be smart. There are situations where it would be great to go charging in, guns-a-blazing, but every time, try to think about your odds of survival are. If you’re looking at a person on the horizon by themselves, go for it. If you see eight people fighting each other with rocket launchers, hold back. Play smart.


In conclusion, there are many ways to catch a win in Fortnite. You might get it by outplaying the enemy, or by outshooting them, or by biding your time, or you might even be the lucky person to hide in a bush the whole game and get a win without getting a kill. You never know. Today in this guide for How to Win in Fortnite, I took you through the best ways to guarantee a win: play to your strengths, pick the right inventory, try to use a good display, and don’t sabotage yourself with a poor decision. The rest is practice, effort, and a dash of luck thrown in.

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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