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    Escape from Tarkov Scav Guide

    A Handy Beginner’s Guide for Escape from Tarkov Scav Mode

    One of the biggest draws of Escape from Tarkov is the fact that every raid carries a pretty significant amount of risk. The moment you load up into a […]

    Is Escape From Tarkov worth it

    Escape from Tarkov: The Waiting Game

    Escape from Tarkov has been around for quite a while. The game has been in beta for nearly three years now. Around January 2020, the title got even more […]

    Tarkov Reserve

    Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map 0.12: A Guide to Extraction Points

    If you want to play a map with the right mix of buildings and mountainous terrain, the Reserve in Tarkov is definitely for you. It’s honestly a pretty fun […]