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A Guide for Warframe Credit Farming

Warframe Credit Farming
By | February 12th, 2018 | Categories: Warframe

In Warframe, there are many currencies and each and every one of them has a specific use. The most common of them all is the “credit” and it’s, therefore, the easier to get. In every mission completed by the player, he will be awarded credits among other things. Farming credits in Warframe are simple because it’s constantly given to players and the reward varies with each enemy killed, the type of enemy and the difficulty of said mission or quest.

Warframe Credit Farming is used to trade in the dojo. Depending on the dojo, commissions are required to trade between players as a tax. When it comes to the Primed Mods, they require a million of credits as a minimum to successfully complete a trade with another player because that’s exactly the tax for it.

Other than that, the credits are vital to upgrade mods given that every upgrade level requires a credit payment and “endo material;” these would be the most important and the most common ways of expending and using credits. Also, it’s worth noting that the syndicates will need you to pay or send more materials in order to advance to the next rank when you have sufficient reputation with them.

What are the methods for farming credits?

There are many methods for farming credits in Warframe but some of them shine more than others. This is why I’m going to name the most used and most efficient, so you’ll save time and gain credits at a great pace. In addition, you can combine these methods with boosters (Credit Boosters), helping you a lot. They’re not really necessary but if you can use them, go for it!

1. Hieracon (Pluto)

This one’s an excavation mission. Its pretty simple, at the beginning you just have to protect the diggers from the enemies until the excavation time ends and the machines explode dropping the loot: a series of resources that could go from endo to credits! My recommendation to do this as quickly as possible is to take a warframe with crowd control skills such as Rhino, Limbo, Nova, Frost, and Nyx.

With just one digger successfully defended, you can obtain up to 25,000 credits as a minimum, which is not bad at all and the longer you’re in the mission and the better you defend the machines, the better the loot will be. If you’re not in for a hardcore mode, you can do this with a single machine and repeat the process as many times as you want.

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2. Sechura (Pluto)

This is another mission in Pluto with a similar mechanic. However, Sechura is a defense mission. Basically, you end up doing the same as in Hieracon but defending the capsule for five rounds and then leaving the mission. This mission for five rounds can give you up to 30,000 credits and it’s relatively quick. It’s recommended to take with you warframes that have a strong area of effect abilities to rapidly destroy the enemies, warframes such as Mesa, Frost, Rhino, Ember, Saryn, and Banshee.

3. The Index (Neptuno)

This is a special game mode in Neptuno that you unlock after completing the quest “Glass Gambit.” Once you’ve done this, you’ll have this game mode forever. It has three difficulties to play, and it basically consists in doing bets. The bet depends on the chosen difficulty and the price.

This is one of the best ways of farming credits in Warframe if you’re consistent because the lowest difficulty (Low-Risk Investment) can reward you up to 750,000 credits per hour. Not bad, to be honest. Of course, it depends on your performance in the game. The Index is about defeating enemies and collecting points to deposit where it’s indicated, if you do it right you’ll get said reward every hour.

The other two difficulties are “Medium-Risk Investment” and “High-Risk Investment” and they require tank warframes that are able to withstand heavy loads of damage for the difficulty will be really higher and as you invest more, you gain more.

If you do these right you can get up to 2,000,000 credits without boosters, although they are really hard to achieve, it’s better if you bring friends along!

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How about Raids?

This game mode is for more organized players. Raids have a “stage” dynamic and high difficulty enemies. It’s an end-game mode and the value of credits rewarded in raids is determined by the warframes, the players’ equipment and the general well performance of the party in the raid.

This one’s a great way to farm lots of credits and you’ll also get the precious Arcanes. The Arcanes can be sold for brutal amounts of Platinum once you have a complete set! The sets are completed when you have 10 of the same arcane. The price goes up to 3,000 Platinum for an entire set (depending on the arcane, of course).

If you have the chance and enough knowledge to go on a raid, don’t hesitate because with this method you will not only acquire many credits but also pieces of Platinum, the most valued currency of the game.

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What’s going on with Chroma and the Secure Lecta?

Chroma is one of the best warframes of the game. It’s used for the end game and it’s amazingly versatile. It also has a passive ability that makes it really good for farming credits in Warframe. Its fourth ability, Effigy, has a high probability of giving you more credits for each enemy eliminated by it.

The credit amount is not affected by the power of the ability (ability strength), however, if you take with you a particular weapon, the SecuraLecta –acquired by buying it in the trade chat with a price of 30 Platinum or via the syndicate Perrin Sequence for a price of 125,000 reputation points– it will be even better!

This weapon (SecuraLecta) has a passive ability that gives you more credits for each enemy you kill with it, so it’s highly recommended to properly build it and give it more reach and damage so you can kill more enemies at the same time. If you have the Maiming Strike mod, it gives the weapon a 90% critical chance when you slide and attack (Spin Attack) making this a really effective weapon when it comes to killing lots of enemies with one strike.

So, the dynamic here is to equip Chroma with the SecuraLecta, wait for the enemies to come, activate Effigy and attack with the SecuraLecta. You’ll see that the credits dropped by enemies will be juicier than ever. If you get the chance to take friends with you that have Chroma and the SecuraLecta, the effect will definitely amplify because MORE enemies will come with MORE credits thanks to the double combination of weapon and warframe.

This last method is one of the most popular of the game and highly effective because, when combined with the above missions, Hieracon and Secura, it allows you to hit the jackpot. Let’s say it’s a combination of lots of mobs by the minute and a killer machine warframe with AoE and special abilities that precisely boost credit drops!

I can’t even tell you the number of credits you can get with this, it’s infinite as long as you’re consistent as it depends on how much time you keep on farming.

There are people who gather millions in just a few hours even after the passive ability of the SecuraLecta was nerfed (it obviously broke the game) and it still stands as the best way to farm credits in Warframe.

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The key to achieving a nice and smooth Warframe Credit Farming is to mix a bit of the following things:

  1. Warframes with AoE and Crowd Control
  2. Matching Chroma with the SecuraLecta
  3. Boosting the weapon’s abilities with mods
  4. Missions with lots of enemies such as Hieracon and Sechura in Pluto
  5. Combine the methods with Credit Boosters
  6. Rinse and repeat

I hope you liked this tiny bit of information about credit farming and if you feel like I’m missing something or you have a proved better way of farming credits on Warframe, please let me know in the comment box below. Have a good farming journey, Tenno!

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