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Escape from Tarkov Tips to Press Through

Escape from Tarkov Tips
By | June 26th, 2018 | Categories: Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most demanding survival shooters, as well as one of the least forgiving ones. This game will not hold your hands on every step and shower you with achievements for merely taking a step in the right direction. If you want to successfully escape from Tarkov (no – well, maybe a small pun intended) you need to follow these Escape from Tarkov Tips.

Play Smart

Unlike many other shooters that will require only fast reflexes and a minimal amount of cognitive exertion, Escape from Tarkov is a game that will not forgive any blunders you make. Lack of shooting skills will get you killed, have no doubt about that, however, ignorance towards other features of the game will do that even faster. You, especially as a new player, need to study the maps, the weapons, and their attachments, the behavior of NPC’s. You must study the tactics that other, successful players are following, and stay on the top of the metagame entire time.


Every player should familiarize himself with the controls and get the sense of the movements during the engagements. Unlike many other shooters, there is preciously little of any HUD feedback that player gets during Escape from Tarkov progress across the maps. There are also some abilities that other games do not have, for example, the ability to “raise” oneself when kneeling. Where other games have standing, kneeling and lying down, Escape from Tarkov adds a very interesting feature to the mix. You are in fact able to determine the amount of how low you want to go (no pun intended…ok, maybe a little) by hitting “C” and scrolling up or down in order to adjust the best possible height to shoot over a cover or completely duck behind it.

Right Equipment for Your Avatar

Once again, the right equipment is a crucial ingredient, but you can never forget that you lose the gear you have to yourself in case you die. If you want to see gear surviving your little excursion into the maps of Tarkov, you need to store it in a secure container. When starting a new raid, it may be beneficial to go out with less gear rather than more, at least until you know what you are doing. There was an old saying in EVE Online that warned players to “never go out flying anything they can’t afford to lose”, and it definitely applies right here, in the world of Escape from Tarkov as well. Some people would go to a raid armed with a pistol and some ammo only; others, yet again, armed only with a knife. It is true that they are a fairly easy kill, but on the other hand, they do not have much to worry about losing, anyway.

Behind Door #3

Escape from Tarkov has doors; lots and lots of them. Some of them are easily opened, but others require keys. These keys are scattered all over the Tarkov world, spawning on dead scavs (NPC’s), office desks and many other random places. Some keys are obviously used for a different building, others need to be examined and used later on in progress. The positive thing is that all of them are pretty much spawning on fixed places so that a key looting guide such as the one we have can help players very much when it comes to not skipping any important items on their way of progress through the maps.

Life Insurance is Worth it

Escape from Tarkov actually gives you the ability to ensure your stuff. When you hire a trader to ensure your weapons, then this fella will go out with dogs after you died in a raid and attempt to retrieve your lost stuff. The success is not always guaranteed, like in case another player took your stuff and left off with it, but it is likely to succeed in many situations. If an NPC shot you dead, the chances are pretty high you will get the stuff back. If another player shot you, looted you and then got killed by another NPC, chances are also high that your stuff will be retrieved. One of the useful tips is to, when you receive the good weapon in the game, you can actually drop your insured weapon in a secluded area where there is little to no chance anyone will run into it. That way you ensure (oh, the puns!) to at least have that weapon retrieved by NPC’s should you die on that map.

Be Zen About Dying and Losing “Stuff”

Since Escape from Tarkov actually punishes players for dying on the battlefield, there is always a possibility that people will cramp up and start hoarding good weapons and attachments, up to the point that they will be afraid to risk anything in the game. Don’t allow this type of mentality to settle in you. Remember that this is just a game and play to have fun. After having played some initial 20+ game hours, you should be able to make good assessments about your skills and start risking more and more. Go out there, play, take a risk, die and lose it all. Such moments make for more memorable experiences than the games you spent the entirety of time lying in the grass and clutching a knife.

Learn from the Best

There are several great streamers with good Escape from Tarkov streams, showcasing proper skills and teaching new players how to behave and what is necessary to achieve the victory in this unforgiving game. Do not mind us if we do not outright recommend anyone – streamers are usually controversial personalities and not many of them manage to be liked by a majority of the viewing population. Simply visit the Twitch Escape from Tarkov subsection and watch those that seem to fit your personality and type of humor.

Final Thoughts

I clearly recall a colleague streamer who complained about the end of maps in Escape of Tarkov. Basically, he said, the game is all about you spending 20-30 minutes fighting and looting just to arrive at some of the escapes where you get shot and stripped off any valuables by the camping players. Well, it is true, this can happen to anyone, and that makes this a nerve-wracking game to the very end. At the great finale, it is important to keep your wits, be stealthy and play smart as you look for the proper exit. Some exits are always open; some require special keys you obtain during the map run-through. Finally, the feeling of slipping through the danger zone and exit safety is another reason why people love Escape from Tarkov – it is thrilling and exciting to the very last moment.

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