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By | August 8th, 2022 | Categories: Survival Shooter

I’m going to briefly talk about the sensitivity (mouse and controller), the reticle and how they can be used.

What’s the best DPI and Sensitivity setting?

The more sensitivity, the camera moves faster. However, pros like Ryujehong (Ana) and Roolf (Zenyatta) have shown us that low sensitivities are great for precision. They have trained their hand muscles to move along with their eyes, aiming almost perfectly to kill their targets.

The average sensitivity used by Overwatch’s PROs is 4000 as an effective DPI, which is the mouse’s dpi multiplied by the game’s sensitivity. For example, 800 dpi multiplied by 5 (game’s sensitivity) equals 4000 effective dpi.

How about the Reticle?


You can choose from default, circle, crosshairs, a circle with crosshairs and dot. The default reticle may change from hero to hero depending on the hero’s needs.


The reticles can show the range of accuracy. There are some heroes whose accuracy is changed by the more they shoot, like Soldier: 76, Sombra, and Tracer. The more the reticle moves away from the center, the more inaccurate it is. That’s the accuracy range.


I always prefer bright colors because that way I can always see it, the reticle is not going to blend with the background.

How do I find the best Sensitivity?

Start by optimizing your sensitivity. For this, you can set it low and then aim to the bots’ heads (an object, a specific place, a tiny object, etc.) while positioning yourself as far as 30 meters from the target inside the practice range.

Move horizontally (around the object or bot) trying to always keep the distance and the reticle in the target’s head without the reticle losing aim or control. If you can’t do this, change your sensitivity to a lower or higher number and try again.

If you can effectively walk around the point while aiming and not losing control, then you might have a match that has comfortable sensitivity.

How do I calculate my Effective DPI?

With more Mouse DPI, the less sensitivity you’ll need. The formula is this: DPI x Sensitivity = Effective DPI

Since the DPI inherent to the mouse and the sensitivity inherent to the game, the combination of these two is what gives us the effective DPI (or eDPI). The thing that matters is not sensitivity by itself or mouse DPI, but the result of the multiplication.

What do the PROs have for DPI?

  • Surefour (5,400 eDPI): a Canadian player from Cloud9 that got the best hero stats with Tracer in the last World Championship.
  • ShaDowBurn (e10,000 eDPI): from the cold lands of Russia and playing for Philadelphia Fusion, he mains Genji and is one of the best.
  • Ryujehong (1,856 eDPI): from Seoul Dynasty he’s one of the best Anas in the world.
  • Taimou (4,000 eDPI): from Finland and playing for Dallas Fuel, he usually plays DPS heroes like McCree and Widowmaker who are basically two hitscan.
  • Cocco (6,400 eDPI): also playing for Dallas Fuel, he’s a main tank.
  • Adam (4,800 eDPI): one of the best Lucios in North America, he also plays Mercy a lot.
  • Miro (10,400 eDPI): a Korean pro, he’s one of the tanks in his team Seoul Dynasty. He’s a great Reinhardt and Winston.


As we have seen, the eDPI goes from as low as 1,858 to as high as 10,000. I’m sure every one of them plays with what’s more comfortable to their likening. I would say tanks prefer higher ePHI and snipers a lower one. Tanks like Reinhardt and Winston choose higher sensitivities to swing quicker, taking advantage of the unnecessary aiming. The real trick is definitely to feel comfortable and of course, to practice a lot!

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