FIFA 19 Best Young Players for Different Positions

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In FIFA 19, signing a young player can turn your Career Mode team to genuine contenders from also-rans. With the right game time and tuition, the FIFA 19 Best Young Players from all over the world can become superstars under your careful watch and dedication (as a manager or a coach).

This article compiles the list of the top 10 highest valued wonder kids (aged 20 or below) for each position in FIFA 19.


  • PO – Positions
  • CR – Current Rating
  • PR – Potential Rating
  • VA – Value
  • CLUBS – these are the clubs the players are assigned to in the Career Mode of FIFA 19
  • AGES – the age at the start of Career Mode

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Who makes the list for the best young Goalkeepers?

G Donnarumma 19 AC Milan GK 82 93 £25.5m
A Lafont 19 Fiorentina GK 77 89 £10.6m
A Lunin 19 Real Madrid GK 76 88 £9.2m
C Fruchtl 18 Bayern Munich GK 65 86 £900k
M Svilar 18 Benfica GK 67 85 £1.1m
A Plizzari 18 AC Milan GK 66 84 £950k
W Farinez 20 Millonarios GK 73 83 £4.4m
J Biljow 20 Feyenoord GK 72 82 £3.4m
B Dragowski 20 Fiorentina GK 71 82 £2.8m
F Uzoho 19 Deportivo GK 68 82 £1.4m

Equip Your Team

Gianluigi Donnarumma, of AC Milan and Italy, is the best young goalkeeper in the game reflecting his huge prominence in the game over the last few years. He is the only young goalkeeper with a rating of over 90 and his price in FIFA 19 scares off most potential suitors.

There are a lot of talented goalkeepers at the start of the game with a rating under 70, making it hard for the two to join your team straight away. But as the trend of the modern game insists keepers are as good with their feet as they are with their hands, you may want to examine their full list of attributes.

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How about the best young Defenders?

M de Light 18 Ajax CB 80 91 £18m
T Alexander-Arnold 19 Liverpool RB 78 88 £12.3m
D Upamecano 19 RB Leipzig CB 76 88 £10.6m
Diogo Liete 19 Porto CB 74 87 £8.4m
B Kamara 18 Marseille CB, CDM 71 87 £3.9m
A Bastoni 19 Inter CB 67 87 £1.3m
Pablo Maffeo 20 Stuttgart RWB, RM 78 86 £11.4m
N Mukiele 20 RB Leipzig CB, RB, RWB 77 86 £10.6m
Eder Militao 20 Porto RB, CB 75 86 £8.8m
J Kounde 19 Bordeaux CB 73 86 £5.7m

Ajax defender Matthijs de Ligt is quite affordable, even as one of FIFA 19 Best Young Players, to those with a budget even though he is the most demanded defenders in the world football with a rating of 80.

The breakthrough of Trent Alexander-Arnold under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool has made him the best young full-back in FIFA 19. With an opening value of over 12 million pounds, his value will only increase as time progresses, therefore if you are building a team in Career Mode and want a full-back who is strong both in attack and defense, look no further than Trent Alexander-Arnold.

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Who are the best young Midfielders?

L Bailey 20 Bayer Leverkusen LM, RM 82 89 £27.7m
E Barco 19 Atlanta United LM, CAM, ST 74 89 £10.6m
C Pulisic 19 Borussia Dortmund RM, LM, RW, LW 79 88 £16.7m
H Aouar 20 Lyon CM, LW, CAM 78 88 £14.5m
K Havertz 19 Bayer Leverkusen CAM, RM, CF 79 88 £16.7m
P Foden 18 Man City CAM, CM 73 88 £7m
Riqui Puig 18 Barcelona CM 68 88 £1.6m
S Tonali 18 Brescia CDM, CM 66 88 £1.2m
A Diawara 20 Napoli CM, CDM 77 87 £12.3m
I Sarr 20 Rennes LM, RM, ST 76 87 £11.9m

Leon Bailey and Christian Pulisic are Bundesliga’s duo known around the world and their FIFA 19 values and their rankings as the FIFA 19 Best Young Players reflect this. They are ready at the start of the game as they are both first-team, as well as Bailey’s teammate Kai Havertz who can support the attack through the middle because he is a perfect young player.

Man City’s Phil Foden is also one to watch, with great technical ability and flexibility in terms of his position across the midfield.

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How about the best young Forwards?

K Mbappe 19 PSG RW, ST, RM 87 95 £63.4m
Vinicius Junior 17 Real Madrid LW, RW 77 92 £15.4m
M Rashford 20 Man Utd LW, ST, LM 81 89 £23.3m
P Cutrone 20 AC Milan ST 77 89 £14.1m
R Sessegnon 18 Fulham LW, LB 75 88 £10.6m
J Arp 18 Hamburg ST 69 88 £1.9m
C Under 20 Roma RW, LW 77 87 £12.8m
M Kean 18 Juventus ST 72 87 £5.7m
Joao Felix 18 Benfica LW, CAM 70 87 £3.2m
C Hudson-Odoi 17 Chelsea LW, CAM, RW 68 87 £1.6m

Kylian Mbappe is a teenager with the highest potential and is rated as one of the FIFA 19 Best Young Players. Already a World Cup winner, he starts off at a rating of 87 but he can reach as high as 95 which is better than both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s current rating. However, you will have to look elsewhere to find a front man like Mbappe, as it is impossible for most clubs to sign him due to his incredible value.


There are a number of exciting FIFA 19 Best Young Players in all positions. Therefore, when building your squad, consult these lists to snatch the potential youthful options to stack your team and prepare for the future.

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