FIFA 19 Squad Builder in the FUT Mode

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FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) is the most frequently used part of the FIFA game franchise. What brings the greatest challenge and intrigue for a FIFA fan is the FIFA 19 Squad Builder in the Ultimate Team mode of the game. This brief article will explain what users can expect in FIFA 19 with squad building.

What are the basics of the FIFA 19 Squad Builder in Ultimate Team?

When it comes to the basics, FIFA 19 follows previous versions of the game in how you start the process of building your squad in Ultimate Team. The beauty of this mode of the game is that it is completely tailored towards how you want to design your own team with seemingly endless amounts of options to build your squad.

When you first start on Ultimate Team, you will be provided with a starter containing players from the country that you chose. Having acquired your starter pack squad, you are then able to select one from five top-class players who will join your team on loan. Although they will only be able to play for a limited number of matches, having world-class player undoubtedly improves the prospects of your squad.

It is important to remember that everything in Ultimate Team is monetized, therefore you must always be aware of your budget and to not overspend on menial tasks. However, when you first set up your team you will be asked to create a team name, kit and club crest from the basic templates. When you have coins in the bank, you can customize the kits even further.

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What’s included in the player packs?

Player packs on FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team continue to be separated into gold, silver, and bronze. Gold items contain the most desirable players and rewards compared to the silver and bronze packs.

Each player item contains a number of features which relate to how that player would fit into your current squad. The stats and symbols on these items tend to refer to team chemistry, which is very important to monitor so that your team can be successful.

On the other side of the player items is a list of the different attributes with a rating out of 100. The attributes include the following: Physical, Passing, Shooting, Pace, Defense and Dribbling. The attributes differ for goalkeepers with Speed, Reflexes, Handling, Positioning, Kicking and Diving. It is important to take note of the attributes of your squad to ensure you decide which attributes of prospective players would most benefit your team.

How about some squad building challenges?

To keep the user always interested, Ultimate Team incorporates various challenges into the game with a variety of rewards on offer. Before you start playing matches there are a number of ‘Starter Objectives’ for you to complete.

These initial tasks are also useful for you to understand the basics of Ultimate Team if you have never played the format before. An example of a reward from the initial challenges is changing formations or naming your football club.

As the challenges progress, the rewards can also improve. Rewards for squad building challenges include coins or player packs with FUT items. If you win a player pack you don’t necessarily have to use it but can trade it for coins if you desire. A good tip is to try and complete as many challenges as possible first because the rewards you will receive are the means through which you can improve your team.

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What are Squad Battles?

A really fun feature of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is the squad battles feature which allows users to win rewards by battling it out against AI-controlled opponents which use real squads created by other FUT users.

Based on your team rating and chemistry value, you will be allocated to a group of four teams with at least one varying in the easy, medium and hard categories. By playing weekly matches in this format you will earn battle points and depending on your rank within 100 players, you will earn coins or unlock player packs to improve your squad.

How do live updates on squad-building work?

FIFA 19 is also very well-grounded in the football reality by integrating live updates into the FUT mode. Therefore, every month there are new challenges released and it is always worth keeping an eye on new challenges that arise.

Each challenge states the ‘rewards’ such as a Player Pick Pack, as well as the ‘expires’ section which states when the specific challenge will expire. Many never expire, but some lucrative challenges are only available for a short period, therefore make sure you are up to date.

An example of a challenge that would be time-limited is FUT Swap Deals. These are opportunities for you to swap players with another ultimate team. These challenges may be advertised a ‘Rare Mega Pack’, which if you complete the challenge, may give you access to some of the world’s best players for your squad.


This year’s version has certainly not disappointed with the FIFA 19 Squad Builder challenges on offer within the Ultimate Team mode. Developing on previous versions, FIFA 19 FUT continues to make the user experience very unique and personal.

There is ample opportunity for the player to shape their own team with their favorite players. If you are new to FUT, the early stages of squad-building will give you a straightforward guide to building a great team.

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