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Whether you’re an avid FIFA player or still trying to wrap your head around the entire game, the FIFA 19 Ratings can definitely tell you how you’re doing. If you’ve just invested in a young star and taken a chance on them, you’ll want to know how they’re measured up and projected to launch.

Ratings can help you not only plan your initial FUT dream team but also get pointed in the right direction of who to sign in Career Mode.

We’re going to take a look at how Career Mode is measured up, how the players are ranked, and how the entire FUT squad is rated.

How is Career Mode rated?

Perhaps one of your own players have made the cut or the majority of your team is up there! Any FIFA player (and soccer player, for that matter), knows that you are only as good as your time. So, let’s take a look at how some reviews have scouted the best players in FIFA 19’s Career Mode:

A player is rated by their stats, potential rating, and value. These numbers are then averaged and compared with other players in the game. To help you choose some of the best players out there, here is a quick look at the rated Team of the Year roster.

Best FIFA 19 Career Mode Players: Team of the Year

The Ultimate Team has been ranked from the best players of the 2017 game. Here is the list:

  1. GK: David De Gea (Manchester United)
  2. RB: Dani Alves (Paris St Germain)
  3. CB: Leonardo Bonucci (AC Milan)
  4. CB: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
  5. LB: Marcelo (Real Madrid)
  6. CM: Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City)
  7. CM: Luka Modric (Real Madrid)
  8. CM: N’Golo Kante (Chelsea)
  9. RW: Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
  10. LW: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
  11. ST: Harry Kane (Tottenham)

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How is the FUT Squad Rated?

Now that you know how and which individual players were rated at the top of their game to be Team of the Year, let’s learn a little bit about how your FUT squad is individually rated. You can use this rating to see how you measure up to other teams.

A team is rated and measured through the individual rating of each player (all eighteen of them), and then averaged.

A FIFA Squad measurement rating is then given from 0-99—with 0 being the worst and 99 being the best. You can find this rating right at the top of your console and screen.

Star Rating

The FIFA 19 Squad Rating not only gives a general rating for the entire team but also gives a Star Rating. This Star Rating is a little bit more mathematical than the general Squad Rating. This is how it is summed up:

  • First, you need to add up all 18 players. Then, divide that number by 18 and keep it as is.
  • Then, take add up each player’s “above average” points. For example, if Ronaldo is three points above average, add 3. If Neymar is two points above average, then add 2. You’ll have added five to the entire equation.
  • Take that value (the 5) and add it onto the “average” you got in the first step.
  • Take the final sum, round to the nearest whole number and then divide it by 18.
  • Round that answer down and you’ll have your FIFA 19 Star Rating, which takes those star players into account when evaluating your team.

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How are the FIFA 19 Ratings or Players?

Basically, if you had a great season last year—and you’re on the world stage when it comes to international soccer, you’ll have a pretty good chance of showing up on the FIFA 19 top squad for the next season and next edition.

Even though there are a lot of statistics and numbers and ways of coming up with the final equation that can dictate a player’s performance, one thing is certain—the real-life players take these things personal!

Top 10 Players

10. Toni Kroos

9. David de Gea

8. Luis Suarez

7. Sergio Ramos

6. Eden Hazard

5. Kevin de Bruyne

4. Luka Modrić

3. Neymar Jr.

2. Lionel Messi

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

If you’re looking for the best players, the golden cards, and the ones to snag when they’re available—these players are the highest-rated players in FIFA 19 and FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

However, even if you get the best players on your team, there is no guarantee that you’ll win all your match-ups! They might have the skill, experience, and amazing player rating—however, soccer (even on FIFA 19) is ultimately a team sport. That means you’re really only as good as your team.

Even more so, the player might be programmed with an insane amount of skill or speed. However, if you don’t know how to play or are not very good, all the best players in the world might not make a difference. Practice!

Final Thoughts

We know that finding our your FIFA 19 Ratings—whether it’s for your player or for your entire team—can be a pretty complicated process. However, finding out how to do it is relatively easy and just involves a bit of math. Of course, on most accounts, your game console will be doing it for you, so you don’t even have to get into the nitty-gritty of numbers.

We hope that this article has helped you make the best decision on which players to keep on your team, which players to trade, and which players to get to boost your overall team rating. This rating can definitely help you logistically see how you measure up against other teams. However, what you definitely need to take away from this is: Soccer is not a number and stats game.

Even if you have the best star rating squad there is, you might not beat the other team. Your bad day can be someone’s best day and numbers just don’t make sense in this game. Even though they do help with decisions—just know soccer is anybody’s game!

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