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FIFA 19 Gameplay: The Good to the Best

FIFA 19 Gameplay
By | October 7th, 2018 | Categories: FIFA

With its release this Friday, FIFA 19 has been surrounded by not only hype for the new edition but also a rave on all the new features, including the improved FIFA 19 Gameplay.

With all the updated and unique game modes, there will be no reason not to upgrade! Whether it is the game’s more lifelike actions from the players or if it’s the more involved control with shooting, dribbling, and tactics in this year’s video game, there’s an excuse for everyone to run to stores this Friday.

Although it seems fruitless to mention the addition of Champions League to FIFA 19, you cannot talk about the new edition without noting its appearance, as well. Following Alex Hunter, personalizing your managers, and going the distance with your team can make this year’s edition the best one, so far!

However, at the end of the day, the experience of the game is the most important—and chief game makers at FIFA have run away with it, improving on feature upon feature of gameplay developments to make it as lifelike as possible.

In this article, we’re going to through the various gameplay improvements—like dribbling, defending, timed volley shots, and shooting, in general. These new features will affect gameplay—for the better—and will have you asking yourself how you even played FIFA before this year’s edition.

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What new gameplay improvements are in FIFA 19?

This year’s edition has taken FIFA 19 Gameplay to a whole new level. We’ll be looking at these three features: Timed Finishing, Active Touch and Dynamic Tactics as they are the biggest gameplay improvements in FIFA 19.‘

Timed Finishing

In this year’s edition, the Timed Finishing feature highlights accuracy and mimics real-life movements, bringing them into the game. With shot-taking and better timing, the accuracy percentage has increased and overall—you can whip a volley in, easily!


When you’re shooting, press the shoot button one more time right after the initial shot. With that extra push, you can improve the power and accuracy of your shot. You can connect to Timed Finishing with headers, volleys, finesse, and all the various aspects of shooting.

Active Touch

With this new feature, you can improve your dribbling in the game. Throughout play, you can decide how you’ll trap the ball before it even gets to your player. You choose between the various methods of controlling the ball (like in real life soccer), between their head, chest, knees or feet. You can even choose to flick it past defenders or into open spaces.

What do the developers say about it?

“By unlocking so many innovative methods to interact with the ball and injecting a higher level of control into every movement, Active Touch makes FIFA 19 feel more realistic than any other moment in the series’ rich history.”

Dynamic Tactics

If you have a managerial sense of the game, you’ll love the new gameplay features of this year’s edition. FIFA 19 has had a total upgrade with an overflow of tactics coming in.

What does that mean?

While you play, you can easily pick from a set of specific approaches during the game or automatically set them before the match begins. A complete access to the D-Pad can help you make these noted changes while you’re in-play.

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How will the changes impact gameplay?

Even though we agree with you on the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, however, if you’ve seen this year’s changes, you’ll agree that they were a good idea!

If you’re asking how the new changes will affect your gameplay we advise you to:

  • Start playing competitive offline games. This way, you’ll be able to use the FIFA Trainer to guide you through the process and it won’t hurt your score or journey to the top. Long Range Shots is another addition to the gameplay features, which is the ability to take shots from way outside the box—or normal shooting range for that matter. Although it’s not yet available online, you can still wind up and have fun while training and playing offline.
  • Get into the new 50/50 Battles system: It’s best to just throw yourself in there and challenge your game-playing abilities. When you get your player into a 50/50 situation, the game actually decides who gets the ball based on your player’s in-game attributes and how you react to the situation with your controller—no more random 50/50 wins! This gives the game an ultra-realistic feel. If you’re a newbie, however, don’t think you haven’t got a chance because FIFA 19 “rewards” the skillful players—anything can happen in a head-to-head match, so all possibilities of the championship in your grasp won’t be completely lost!


Although you probably have thought that outdoing FIFA 18 would be hard to do — FIFA 19 Gameplay has definitely got last year’s edition outplayed and brings us the most realistic edition yet.

Opening day is right around the corner. Even if you aren’t into soccer, this amazing sports simulator and arena of fierce competition can turn any video game lover — on any console — into a crazy, passionate, soccer-obsessing player. September 28th is the day FIFA 19 gets released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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