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FIFA 19 The Journey on the latest installment is the culmination of a three-year series focusing on the story of Alex Hunter. This year’s feature maintains many positive additions in FIFA 18 including assisting Kim (Alex’s half-sister) and Danny (a long-term friend) to glory in the game. This brief article provides all you need to know about The Journey feature on FIFA 19.

FIFA 19’s installment of The Journey is separated into four distinct chapters including a Prologue. The four chapters are:

  • Chapter One – Rising Stars and prologue
  • Chapter Two – Pressure’s Favor
  • Chapter Three – Collision Course
  • Chapter Four – Eclipse

What is The Journey?

It allows you to play three characters Alex Hunter, Kim Hunter, and Danny Williams in the final part of a three-part series. The feature requires you to play games, unlock challenges, choose dialogue during scenes as well as trying to complete objectives set for you.

Can I import data from previous FIFA versions of The Journey?

Yes, you absolutely can. Even better than that is the fact that the game will read the data of your customized version of Alex Hunter from FIFA 17 and 18 into the new FIFA 19 game setup. Therefore, your Alex, Kim, and Danny will have the same stats as for how you left them in your previous version of the game. If you are new to The Journey and have not played it on previous versions, this installment will make historic decisions for you by making many references to past events as you progress through the game.

Is there a noticeable improvement in the Heroes during the game?

Yes, the OVR (overall attributes) increase for each individual the more you drills that you complete and the more matches that you play. Furthermore, as you improve as a player and consequently meet an increased number of objectives, your Heroes will also improve. Another way to improve your Heroes is through Unlocking Skills Traits, which enables you to develop certain aspects each Hero individually.

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Which clubs can you play with your Heroes?

With Kim, you are able to play at the Women’s World Cup. For Danny, you are able to access any Premier League club, as well as the club you had him assigned to in a previous version of the game. This also applies to Alex, however, if you are new for the FIFA 19 version, you will have the choice of Bayern Munich, PSG or Atletico Madrid. The development of the game will also see Alex move on to another huge European club!

To what extent does key decisions and dialogue affect The Journey?

The choices of dialogue are not that significant. They are most influential in affecting the perception of your Hero as either amenable or arrogant, but these outcomes do not affect the chances of your Hero actually making it as a professional footballer. However, Key Decisions do have a larger impact of how your journey story flows throughout the game duration. Whilst Key Decisions are important, the most crucial aspect is your Manager Rating and Followers count. The Manager Rating is the aspect that affects your ability to make the Starting XI and the Followers count assists you in unlocking new items to customize your Hero.

Do all the objectives to finish the story?

No, the game simulation allows you to miss out on some objectives and still come to the end of The Journey: Champions. The objectives serve as an opportunity to extend the gameplay experience and develop your Hero to the maximum, for example getting your Hero to a really high OVR. An added bonus of completing objectives is the ability to unlock extra attributes such as Skill Moves as well as boosting numbers in the Follower Count. Therefore, whilst they are not essential to game completion, it is recommended that you complete all the objectives.

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What is the best advice to know before playing?

Detailed below are some extra tips you should take note of to successfully navigate The Journey: Champions feature on FIFA 19.

  • Whenever possible, you should choose to play as your Hero during the match as opposed to the whole team. Although it is probably easier to play as a team, you have to remember that your primary concern is improving your Manager Rating. Therefore, do persevere with as the benefits for your Hero are potentially huge.
  • Despite controlling only your Hero when playing in match mode, you can provide additional instructions to the AI-controlled players such as a through-ball or cross-field pass to help boost the stats for your Hero.
  • Remember to always keep an eye out for your stamina levels during a match. Your stamina level will regenerate during a match but of the over course of the simulated 90 minutes, the stamina bar will decrease. Therefore, don’t over-commit your Hero in the early stages of the game as they will suffer later on and will not put in an effective performance which is poor for the OVR development of your Hero.
  • In order to get better bonuses and rewards, your results on the pitch must match expectations. For example, if your Hero is required to play on the right-wing, make sure they hold their offensive and defensive position during the game. Lack of strong positioning can really decrease overall performance levels and player development outcomes.
  • It always important to strike the right balance between pleasing your Followers and satisfying the demands of your manager. For example, if you were to give a brutal and honest TV interview it may gain you an increased fanbase whilst simultaneously decrease your relationship with your Manager and you may find yourself as a substitute the following week. Keeping the boss happy will boost your ratings.

Final Remarks

FIFA 19 The Journey really develops on its predecessors to provide an inclusive and challenging gaming experience that will certainly cater to a wide audience interested in the FIFA franchise.

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