10 FIFA 19 Tips to Help You Win

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A year is a long time in football. Over a year, you’ll see football clubs make incredible achievements. While others fail spectacularly to reach high expectations. For the newest edition of FIFA, these ever-changing rankings, moves, and features, make it onto the online game. Whether you’re updating your version or starting anew, these FIFA 19 Tips can help you conquer the game.

Some players reach new heights, while some flop to the dismay of fans. For starters, 2018 was a World Cup year! And it threw up surprises like Germany falling out of the group stage and Croatia reaching the final.

Talking about players, Mo Salah moved to Liverpool from Roma in a quiet transfer and had a groundbreaking season in 2018. And the biggest move of the 2018 summer transfer was Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus.

In short, FIFA 19 is here. And you can make all the crazy moves to match the past year’s highlights. Here are 10 tips that will help you get the best out of your FIFA 19 gameplay

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How can I use Timed Finishing?

Tip 1

There’s a technique you can use to do more of that in FIFA 19 and it’s called timed finishing. This helps to give your shot more power when shooting from a long distance to the goal post.

When your player is a long distance from the goalkeeper, press the shoot button. Just before your player hits the ball, press the shoot button again.

To get the best out of this technique, you should only use it when there’s enough space between the player and the ball. This will give you the opportunity to press the shoot button the second time before the player hits the ball.

It might be tempting to use timed finishing for every shot but this is not advisable. Don’t overdo it. The thing is that if you use it too close to the goal post or goalkeeper, you might actually mess up your shot and make embarrassing gaffes in front of goal.

You should tap your shot once when close to the goal post and your player will do the rest. It’s advisable to use timed finishing for shots outside the 18-yard box that are usually difficult to finish.

How can I use Ground Cross?

Tips 2

When your player is playing from the wing, one of the common expectations is to put in a cross to your teammate close to the goal. However, you can surprise your opponent when you put in a low cross into the box 18. Press the cross button twice to get your low cross across to a teammate.

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What are some other quick Tips?

Tip 3

Slow down. In FIFA 18, one of the common tricks was to beat defenders with speed when your attacking player has the ball. In FIFA 19, you should slow down If your player runs too often, they’ll grow tired before the end of the game. It’s advisable to watch out to make the right runs to keep your players energetic until the end of the game. You should also know that when you sprint too much, youll likely lose close control of the ball.

Tip 4

Driven shot. Taking your shot accurately when close to goal could be the difference between winning and losing. When you’re close to goal, you don’t need to press the shoot button 50 times to score a goal. Press the L1 + R1 + Shoot buttons to score when at close range or a one-on-one situation. You can also use it for volleys.

Tip 5

Use quick tactics. The reality of football games is that there’s usually a need to change tactics during the game itself. Are you dominating a game and you want to attack more to get more goals? Are you under pressure and you want every member of your team to defend? You can do this with quick tactics. You can set individual players to five mentalities ranging from ultra-defensive to ultra-attacking. To see the full options, go to Basic Controls > Tactics. You can make changes as you deem fit.

Tip 6

Show playersnames. Football players in FIFA are modeled on the real-life characteristics of each This means players have different capabilities. For instance, you’d want Ronaldo to play your long shot at goal rather than Chiellini. When you zoom out your camera, it might be difficult to identify players. You need to put their names on their heads. Go to Game Settings > Visuals and change the HUD options to “player name & indicator.”

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Tip 7

Win 50/50 battles. One of the most important actions in this game is winning the 50/50 battles. Many times, it could be the difference between winning a game and conceding many goals. You also have to be able to win your battles without conceding fouls.

When you have the ball, hold the L2 button to shield your player from the opposition player trying to take the ball.

Tip 8

Use two defenders for double marking: Some attackers are better snuffed out before they make a dangerous pass or move towards your goal. When you face a player like Messi, a defender might be insufficient. This is why you need two defenders for these instances.

When one of your players is defending, you’ll see a transparent icon on another player. Hold the R1 button to bring the second defender and block the opposition player’s move.

Tip 9

Switch players. Sometimes, you might feel a player is in a better position to take the ball rather than player currently having the cursor. You can switch players to prevent losing the ball.

You can do it in two ways. You can either use the L1 button to switch to the player nearest to the current player or the right stick to switch between players across the field.

Tip 10

Use jockey: When defending, you have to be in the right pose to have a chance of taking the ball off of an opposition player. How do you do this? Hold LT or L2 button when going close to an opposition player. This will help you to face the player to close them down.

Final Thoughts

No one plays to lose a game of football. Use these FIFA 19 Tips to give you an edge whether you’re playing against the computer or your friends.

You deserve to rock FIFA 19!

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