8 Simple and Great FIFA 19 Skill Moves

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If you want to keep your opponent wondering when you are going to attack, be unpredictable by mastering the different FIFA 19 skill moves.

These skill moves will make you the best FIFA 19 player and separate you from average players. You definitely need a trick when playing against the best players online.

Many of these FIFA 19 Skill Moves are the best for showing off, but also come in handy when you are getting counter-attacked by the best player.

This article will explain to you a few simple and great skill moves to give you the win that you deserve.

What skill moves should I consider?

1. Fake Shot

For one of the most original skills—on the pitch and on the video game, this move has been extremely useful a time or two (in real life and in FIFA 19 and older editions).

Now, it has a speed boost, which makes it almost impossible to catch.

On FIFA 19, the makers have incorporated multiple ways to perform this move: the regular fake shot, the cut-in and the Cruyff Turn.

  • To do it: Hold LB/L1, hold and let go of B/Circle, then quickly tap A/X and choose your preferred exit with LS
  • Skill rating: 1-star
  • When to use it: For the basic fake shot, swing your left analog stick to an angle of 45-degrees opposite to your player’s dominant foot.
    • For a Cruyff Turn, press the normal fake shot controls and then swing your left stick to a direction opposite of your player’s facing position.
    • And finally, to achieve the cut-in move, move the stick in the direction of the dominant foot of your player.

2. Stepover

If you want to get really advanced, combine this move with other moves like the helicopter or the Cruyff.

  • To do it: Without holding the analog stick down, push it right to the direction that you are facing, then in quick succession, move into the left direction and then right.
  • Skill rating: 2-star
  • When to use it: This move allows you to switch your direction faster so you can add it to your collection, and is surely satisfying watching it when you do it well.

3. Turn and Scoop

If you’ve been launching shots all game, this is a great move to fake everyone out—especially the keeper.

  • To do it: First you need to do the fake shot, then swing the left stick in a diagonal direction.
  • Skill rating: 4-star
  • When to use it:The best time to use this skill move is when you are faced by an opponent. It enables you to move to whatever side of the defender you want then get a pass or shot off before he or she can react.

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4. La Croqueta

In real life, this move is used by Angel Di Maria and Andres Iniesta. Though new, it is the most overpowered FIFA 19 skill move. This move enables you to change you lane and find an exit when faced directly with another player.

  • To do it: Hold down L1/LB, then push your right analog stick to either side—whichever direction you want to move.
  • Skill rating: 4-star
  • When to use it: The animation of this move is slow, therefore you need to do it the right time. You could lose the ball if you perform it when you are about to be tackled.

5. The Heel Chop

This is the most underused skill move in FIFA. You can use it to leave the defender behind by increasing that space from you to the opponent to help escape a tackle.

  • To do it: After releasing sprint, pretend your shooting while moving your left stick to a direction of your choice—depending on where you want to exit.
  • Skill rating: 4-star
  • When to use it: This move enables you to create enough space to pass the ball to another player or take a shot, by slowing you down, a feature the fake shot doesn’t have.

6. The Berba Spin

Effectively made famous by Dimitar Berbatov, the Manchester United superstar, to help blow by opposing defenders.

  • To do it: Swing the analog stick to the direction towards the defender and then immediately swing it to your exit direction—you choose which side.
  • Star rating: 4-star
  • When to use it: This move enables you to change direction while running at the same time, making it easier for you to move forward, without being attacked, with ease.

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7. The Giovinco Tornado

This is a trademark move by Sebastian, a star from Juventus. This skill move enables you to change direction instantly by turning on one foot creating space to run towards a goal or make a shot.

  • To do it: Swing the right analog stick in the opposite of the direction you’re running, then flick it side to side.
  • Star rating: 4-star
  • When to use it: In this move, it is very situational, so make sure you practice it before running it in real-time.

8. Neymar Rainbow Flick

Made by famous by the Brazilian superstar, not only is this move effective when you are faced one on one with a defender but also helpful when you are faced by a multitude defenders (like Neymar often is).

  • To do it: Move the right analog stick down and then flick it up two times
  • Star rating: 5-star
  • When to use it: The skill move is also when you want to set up a volley and beat a player on the edge of the box.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you head onto the pitch against your online competitors, it’s extremely helpful if you practice these FIFA 19 Skill Moves with practice sessions or on your own versus the computer.

That way, you have the opportunity to truly stun and bash your opponents online with some real-life, real effective moves on the field! We hope these moves can help you be a better player and dazzle your teammates and opponents, alike.

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