OSRS Zulrah Guide: The Full Walkthrough

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In our Zulrah Guide, we’ll be offering you tips on how to defeat Zulrah quickly, information on what rewards you can get, and advice for those fighting Zulrah for the first time.

Zulrah was originally introduced to OSRS in 2015, so whilst it isn’t the newest boss in the game, it’s still a new content drop for Old School RuneScape. For this reason, the boss is considered to be more challenging than many of the older bosses.

Zulrah is particularly difficult because you can only fight it on your own. This presents challenges that other high-level bosses don’t.

What does this Zulrah Guide include?

  • Overview on which stats you need
  • Full strategy guide for killing Zulrah quickly and efficiently
  • Information on what rewards you get and how profitable Zulrah is

We will be covering a few different areas in this guide. To begin with, we’ll be taking a look at the entry level stats and requirements for fighting the boss.

After that, we’ll give you the rundown on the most efficient loadout for fighting Zulrah and some tips on how to kill Zulrah as efficiently as possible.

To end this article, we’ll go over the potential rewards from Zulrah and the expected profit from a typical Zulrah session.

What gear, level, and requirements are needed For Zulrah?

  • Level 70 defense
  • Level 80 in Ranged, Magic, and Constitution
  • Level 45 in Prayer
  • Suitable magic and ranged armor
  • Semi-completion of Regicide quest

Before you can fight Zulrah, you must partially make your way through the Regicide quest. You’ll need to at least get to Port Tyras in the Regicide quest before Zulrah can be fought.

This is because Zulrah is located in Zul-Andra, which can be reached via an underground route only accessible after starting Regicide.

If you complete Regicide, you can teleport directly to Zul-Andra, saving plenty of time.

For skills, you are going to need at least 80 in Ranged or Magic, but preferably both. 80 in Constitution is also recommended. A level 70 Defense or higher is crucial, and 45 Prayer or more is also very important.

Keep in mind that Zulrah is immune to melee attacks so you must use Ranged or Magic.

The gear that you use depends on whether you choose Ranged or Magic, or both. It is highly recommended you take the gear for both Magic and Ranged and switch between them for a more effective strategy. Below is our recommended Ranged setup.

Ranged Setup

  • Armadyl, Black Dragonhide or Void knight with ranger helm
  • Toxic blowpipe or Karil’s Crossbow
  • Suitable ammo
  • 1 Ranging potion


If you want to use Magic to fight Zulrah, here is our suggested loadout.

  • Mystic or Ahrim’s or Void knight with mage helm
  • Trident of the Swamp
  • Cheaper option is Trident of the Seas
  • Suitable runes
  • 1 Magic potion

The best option would be to take Void knight gear and have both the mage helm and ranger helm in your inventory.


After preparing gear based on the above loadouts, you’ll also want to fill your inventory with the following items:

  • 1 anti-venom+
  • 1 prayer potion
  • teleport option
  • Runes for Vengeance (10 Earth, 2 Death, 4 Astral per cast)
  • 2 Ring of recoil if you can’t use Vengeance
  • Food – We suggest Karambwan and monkfish

That wraps up our overview of what’s recommended for fighting Zulrah. Next, we will share our best strategy for fighting the boss.

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What is the most effective strategy for killing Zulrah?

  • Each fight will have one of two patterns
  • You must quickly determine which pattern is happening
  • Learn to use the right protect spells depending on the information provided below

Zulrah is a boss that switches to different forms. When it switches forms, you must change your protect Prayer.

Protect Spell Rule

  • When Zulrah is green use Protect from Ranged
  • When Zulrah is blue use Protect from Magic
  • When Zulrah is red don’t use Protect Prayers

With that out of the way, the next step is to learn about each form.


During green form, Zulrah can only use ranged attacks. During this phase, Zulrah will always be weak to Magic attacks.

In the blue form, Zulrah will use either Magic or Ranged. There seems to be no particular pattern, but Zulrah will use Magic attacks more often. This is why Protect from Magic is a better choice here. At this point, Zulrah is weakest to Ranged attacks.

In the red form, Zulrah will wait a short period and then whip its tail with a melee attack in the position that the player is standing. You should learn to move out of the way of the targeted areas and you won’t take damage. In this form, Zulrah takes less damage but he is weakest to Magic attacks.

Now that the forms have been described, it’s time to learn Zulrah’s patterns. There are two patterns that Zulrah will follow.

Zulrah’s 2 Patterns

Firstly, Zulrah always starts in the green form. However, the form that Zulrah changes to next will determine the pattern.

If Zulrah changes to blue first, he will spawn dangerous clouds after changing form and then attack after. You will need to prepare yourself to dodge these smoke clouds before fighting.

If Zulrah stays green after appearing for the second time, you’ll see clouds appearing at the east side of the map each time he goes into red form. You should run to the west to dodge the smoke, then run to the east when Zulrah tries to attack. You’ll need to keep running back and forth.

Zulrah will spawn small snakes throughout the fight. You should always kill these as soon as possible to minimize the amount of damage you take.

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How much money can you make by killing Zulrah?

  • The most valuable drops are Fangs, Serpentine visage, and Uncut onyx
  • You also get Zulrah scales every kill
  • With practice, you can earn more than 2.5 million per hour

Zulrah is amongst the top five most effective money making methods, but it takes time to master.

To be able to get more money per hour from Zulrah, you need to get more kills.

To do this, you need to make sure you are able to switch between Ranged and Magic gear so that you can maximize damage whilst fighting the different forms.

On top of trying to maximize damage, you should be minimizing your risk of dying. Whilst you can reclaim your gear by speaking to Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig, it takes time to do so.

You should always use anti-venom+ to minimize damage and using at least Void knight or Armadyl/Mystic armor sets will help you to take far less damage as well.

If you use Zul-andra teleports and consume potions, ring of recoils, food, darts, and runes, you’ll be spending roughly 30,000 per kill.

However, on average you will be earning roughly 150,000 per kill. This makes on average a profit of 120,000 per kill.

To break this down, you’ll earn between 100-300 Zulrah scales per kill, which sell for 250 each. (That’s 25,000-75,000 guaranteed.) You’ll also have a small chance to get rare drops that sell for around 3-5 million each. This includes an Uncut onyx, the Serpentine visage, the Magic fang, and the Tanzanite fang.

To make killing Zulrah effective, you need to kill him as many times as possible to even out the odds. Just going for one or two kills may mean you hardly break even because your chance to get a high priced item is too low.

Over time, for example, 3-5 hours, you are very likely to get at least some high-value drops.

With all of these stats accounted for, very high level and experienced players can kill Zulrah 30 times per hour, which would equal 3.6 million in profit. However, if you are just starting out, you are more likely to reach 15-20 kills per hour, which would equal 1.8 million to 2.4 million per hour.


This brings Zulrah Guide on how to kill Zulrah to an end. We hope that the information we have provided in this guide has proven to be useful.

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