Increasing GTA Online Strength with the Best Activities

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If you want to be a top heister in GTA Online, you’re going to need more than just a pile of guns and a fleet of cars. You also need good stats. While all stats in GTA Online are important, Strength can be critical in ensuring your success in heists, combat, and sports. How can you get a high Strength level? Much like real life, getting stronger isn’t an overnight thing, and will require the dedicated practice of certain physical activities. You’re probably wondering which GTA  Online activities are best for training your Strength. While you can’t go to Muscle Sands Gym in Vespucci Beach, there are plenty of other ways to become the strongest person in Los Santos. Read on to learn about GTA Online Strength.

Why is strength important?

Before we get into the details of how to train your Strength stat, it’s important to drive home the point of why this stat is so important. Strength provides some obvious benefits, as well as others you may not expect. The first and most obvious benefit of Strength is stronger melee damage. While it’s true that you’ll usually have an arsenal of powerful firearms at your disposal, it’ll be nice to pack a punch in situations where you don’t, or can’t, have a gun.

A more subtle, but possibly more important, perk of high Strength is the ability to climb ladders more quickly. Whether you’re trying to escape to higher ground from a pursuer or get a better vantage from which to fire down upon your enemies, Strength will give you the edge to do it faster.

If you’ve got a competitive streak, you may be interested to hear that a high Strength stat will actually make your character more competitive during in-game sporting events. Dominate the golf course, tennis court, or dart board by maxing out your Strength.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that Strength passively reduces damage taken from all sources. That’s right – having a hardy constitution will allow you to absorb more punches, survive more severe car crashes, and even soak up an extra bullet or two before being wasted. This can give you a very real competitive edge against your scrawnier adversaries, and may also save you from your own bad driving.

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How do I make my character naturally strong?

The first opportunity you have to make your character stronger GTA Online is during character creation. GTA Online takes a pretty interesting approach to customization, including synthesizing your character’s appearance from the traits of your chosen grandparents. As for your character’s initial stats, these are determined by your character’s lifestyle.

Your character’s lifestyle is determined by how many hours in a 24 hour period they devote to certain activities. There is 12 activities total, but you must devote a minimum of 4 hours to the sleep activity. Each activity provides an increase in certain activities while decreasing others. Therefore, selecting activities that raise Strength, and avoiding activities that decrease it, can give you a stronger character. Balance is key, though – even when you’re trying to focus on strength, be sure to devote at least some time to activities that give you a decent level in other stats, too. That way, your character will still have some adaptability in all situations. All the strength in the world is no help if your character can’t drive or shoot straight.

What are the 5 best activities for building strength?

  1. Sleeping
  2. Spending time with family and friends
  3. Playing sports and working out
  4. Doing legal work
  5. Doing illegal work

1. Sleeping

  • Also raises Stamina, Stealth, and Lung Capacity
  • Decreases no stats
  • Max hours allowed per day: 12

2. Spending Time with Friends and Family

  • Also raises Stamina
  • Decreases Shooting
  • Max hours allowed per day: 4

3. Playing Sports and Working Out

  • Also raises Stamina and Lung Capacity
  • Decreases Shooting and Driving
  • Max hours allowed per day: 8

Although the following activities do not raise Strength, they may be worth picking up because they do not decrease strength at all, and provide your character with stats they wouldn’t otherwise have if they spent all their time on the above activities:

4. Doing Legal Work

  • Raises Stamina, Stealth, and Flying
  • Decreases Driving
  • Max hours allowed per day: 10

5. Doing Illegal Work

  • Raises Driving and Shooting
  • Decreases Lung Capacity
  • Max hours allowed per day: 10

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How about strength training methods once I’m in-game?

  1. Punch Everything
  2. Make a deathmatch
  3. Play sports

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to give your character a natural predisposition to Strength during character creation, you are going to want to get even stronger once you’re dropped into the wide world of GTA Online. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to do this, which are all highlighted below.

1. Punch Everything

The first, and most straightforward, way to train strength is to just walk around Los Santos punching everyone you see in the face. Our lawyers just told us to remind you that we do not endorse this method of Strength training in real life. Joking aside, the Strength skill increases by 1% for every 20 punches you land on an NPC or another player, so running around with fists flying is genuinely a great way to train Strength.

This method comes with some inherent difficulties, though, chief among which is the fact that neither the people you’re punching nor the cops, are likely to appreciate your behavior. There are some ways to mitigate this problem, though. First, unless you have friends to spar with, it is recommended that you find an area crowded with NPCs and practice your fisticuffs on them. Other players will probably gun you down long before you can get anywhere near them, whereas NPCs are prime targets since they’re dumber and less heavily armed.

Another good tip is to start the mission “Pier Pressure,” which you get from Gerald. While this mission is in progress, the cops will not react to your crimes. This means that you can go around knocking everyone’s blocks off without getting a wanted level, which would not normally be possible. When you have trained your Strength as high as you want it, simply complete the mission and claim a nice reward!

2. Make a Deathmatch

Using the in-game creator, you can set a 50 kill deathmatch and swarms yourself with punchable NPCs. This method has the benefit of bringing the NPCs to you, rather than having to seek out highly populate areas, since you can set the spawn points very close together and maintain a constant fray. When you finish a deathmatch, just set up another one and go again until your Strength is maxed!

3. Play Sports

Athletes are always very strong, and this is true in GTA Online, as well. Playing in-game sports like tennis, golf, and even darts will increase your Strength. What’s great about this method is that the stronger your character becomes, the better they’ll get at sports. This means that you get better at this training method the more you use it. In addition, a few rounds of golf can be a far less stressful way to get your Strength up than trying to go Jet Li on everyone in downtown Los Santos without getting yourself shot.


By now, hopefully, you have a pretty good sense of the importance of GTA Online Strength and how you can increase it. If you use the above techniques, you’ll be sure to see some serious gains to your character’s Strength in no time!

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