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Grand Theft Auto has always been a series that invites players to play it their way. Cheat codes have been a part of these games going all the way back to the first installment, and as soon as the franchise made its way to PC modding became a mainstay, as well. GTA V is no exception, and the most technically and graphically impressive installment in the series to date has an impressive roster of mods available for the PC version. These are the Top GTA 5 Mods.

1: Script Hook V

This isn’t necessarily the most entertaining mod on the list, but it deserves the number 1 spot since it’s the mod that makes all the other mods work. Essentially, Script Hook V makes GTA V’s game scripts available for use by other mods. If you’ve modded any of your PC games in the past, this type of mod will be fairly familiar to you (think Skyrim Script Extender). On top of the essential modding functionality it provides, Script Hook V also contains a trainer that features things like god-mode, super jump, max stats, and added cash – basically all the old cheat codes you remember entering for past GTA games back in the day.

2: World Improvement (Map Editor)

This massive, quality-of-life improving mod is a must-have for players who want to be truly immersed in the world of GTA V. This mod makes numerous, subtle changes to the game that you might not even notice individually, but which come together to create a Los Santos that really breathes. Some of the added features include more trees in Rockford Hills to make it more closely resemble its real-life counterpart, police searches through Paleto Forest, car accidents and breakdowns around the map, and dozens of other new AI routines and random events. The mod’s creator, autofan999, is constantly adding new content, so if you make sure to constantly update to the newest version, this mod will keep your GTA V experience fresh forever.


The joy of modding is the ability to take the assets from a familiar and oft-played game, and use them to craft an entirely new experience with brand new gameplay. With GTA RPG, you can experience GTA V reimagined as an RPG. That’s right, this mod lets you see what it’d be like if Rockstar had teamed up with Bethesda to make Fallout: Los Santos. Players are able to choose between one of three character classes, complete original quests, and upgrade their characters using skill trees and different levels of gear. There is even an early version of dynamic RPG-style dialogue with NPCs, and the map is populated with randomly generated loot and other items. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience.

4: The Superhero Suite

Number 4 isn’t actually just one single mod, but actually, a few different ones which add superheroes (and a supervillain!) to the world of GTA V. I figured they were all too much fun to leave any of them out.

First up, Iron Man. If you’re a fan of Tony Stark’s super-powered exoskeletons, then the Ironman Script Mod Version 2.0 is a must-have. This mod adds new animations, effects, sounds and – most importantly – a few different versions of the Iron Man suit to GTA V, and lets you say with confidence: “I am Iron Man.”

Once you’ve gotten your fill of playing as a billionaire-playboy-philanthropist with a super suit, why not see what it’s like to be the original caped crusader? That’s right, with the GTA V Superman Script Mod, you can bring Kryptonian strength to Los Santos as Superman. The mod allows you to fly at normal and supersonic speeds, gives you super-strength melee attacks, even gives you laser vision. This one is a must-have for superhero fans.

Next up is a superhero mod for those of you who have the need for speed, but who just aren’t satisfied with high-performance sports cars or racing bikes. No, you need superhuman, sound-barrier-breaking speed. You need to become the Flash. The Flash Script Mod Version 2 adds an impressive array of attacks and abilities to the game, chief among them being the ability to run really, really fast.

Are the NPCs in Los Santos making you angry? They wouldn’t like you when you’re angry if you’ve downloaded the Hulk Script Mod. This mod allows players to become the hulk, complete with superhuman strength and jumping abilities familiar to fans of the big green guy. Grab this mod to go green and smash your way around Los Santos.

Do you think you’d enjoy riding around on a motorcycle, leaving a trail of fire in your wake, and incinerating your enemies with an arsenal of fire-based attacks? If so, then you should install the Ghost Rider Mod. The only thing this otherwise perfect and entertaining mod is missing is Nic Cage.

Rounding out the list is a special treat for those of you who are sick of being the good guy. That’s right, it’s time to play as a supervillain for once with the Green Goblin Mod. This villain from the Spiderman universe is known for his stylish green suit and his heavily-armed hover glider, and you get access to both in this mod. Get ready to fly around break-neck speeds and unleash a torrent of rockets and machine-gun fire on the unsuspecting citizens of Los Santos. It feels good to be bad!

5: Open All Interiors

Over the years, the GTA series has gradually amped up its attention to detail, and this has included allowing players increasing opportunities to access interior spaces. However, there still remain a large number of tantalizing buildings that don’t welcome exploration. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of GTA V is that it allows players to explore some really interesting spaces during isolated story missions, and then never again. The Open All Interiors Script makes all of these areas available at any time during the day for your exploring pleasure, and also unlocks a few areas that were cut from the final game – meaning you can visit interiors that were never meant to see the light of day!


This is by no means an all-inclusive list, and barely scratches the surface of GTA V’s exceedingly rich modding community. These are simply the five mods that, in the author’s humble opinion, represent some of the most essential mods in GTA V which have added incalculable replay value to an already eminently replayable game. Check below for links to all the mods mentioned in this article, and be sure to browse the list of other available mods so you can build your own perfect GTA V experience!

Mods List

Script Hook V + Native Trainer

World Improvement [Map Editor]


GTA V Ironman Version 2.0

GTA V Superman Script Mod

GTA V The Flash Script Mod Version 2

GTA V Hulk Script Mod

GTA V Ghost Rider Mod

GTA V Green Goblin Mod

Open All Interiors

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    Do you think you’d enjoy riding around on a motorcycle, leaving a trail of fire in your wake, and incinerating your enemies with an arsenal of fire-based attacks? If so, then you should install the Ghost Rider Mod. The only thing this otherwise perfect and entertaining mod is missing is Nic Cage.

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