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Sean is a life-long gamer, getting his start on the SNES and Sega Genesis when he was five years old. Since then, he’s owned every major console over the years and has an impressive library of classic games. Recently, he made the leap to PC gaming and is enjoying all that Steam has to offer. Sean’s favorite genres are RPGs, FPSs, and Strategy Games. You can usually find him on Steam playing some multiplayer with his friends.

Written by Sean O'Toole

PoE Supporter Packs

PoE Supporter Packs for Bestiary League & War for the Atlas

Supporter packs are a unique way for PoE players to support PoE and its developer, Grinding Gear Games, while obtaining cool perks for themselves. Supporter packs consist of tiered [...]

by Sean O'Toole|26 Apr 2018||Path of Exile

OSRS Quest Rewards

Top 8 OSRS Quest Rewards to Power Things Up

Like any good RPG, RuneScape has a host of quests for players to complete. Also, in good RPG fashion, RuneScape quests have outstanding rewards, including the ability to wield [...]

by Sean O'Toole|23 Apr 2018||RuneScape

ESO Dungeon Guide

Going Deep: ESO Dungeon Guide

Any good MMORPG features a host of dungeons for its players to traverse and conquer. The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), being a good MMORPG, is no exception. There are [...]

by Sean O'Toole|17 Apr 2018||Others

Best Properties to Buy in GTA V Online

The Best Properties to Buy in GTA V Online

When you first start out in GTA V, only one of your characters has a particularly impressive house: Michael. Trevor, on the other hand, lives in a dirty trailer [...]

by Sean O'Toole|16 Apr 2018||Others

PoE DPS Calculator

A PoE DPS Calculator for Weapons to Increase Damage

As with most RPGs, your success in Path of Exile hinges on more than just your weapon’s base damage. There’s a less important performance metric that is far more [...]

by Sean O'Toole|09 Apr 2018||Path of Exile

PoE Increased Critical Strikes

Bash ‘Em with PoE Increased Critical Strikes

High damage is great and all, but in most RPGs it’s not enough on its own to carry the day. You need that extra oomph to put your enemies in [...]

by Sean O'Toole|03 Apr 2018||Path of Exile

GTA V Easter Eggs

Grab Your Basket for GTA V Easter Eggs

It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s searching high and low, hoping to find all the hidden Easter Eggs before anyone else. We’re not talking about any eggs left by [...]

by Sean O'Toole|03 Apr 2018||Others

GTA Online Strength

Increasing GTA Online Strength with the Best Activities

If you want to be a top heister in GTA Online, you’re going to need more than just a pile of guns and a fleet of cars. You also [...]

by Sean O'Toole|28 Mar 2018||Others

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