PUBG Gameplay Tips to Enhance Skills

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Want some tips on how to improve your own PUBG Gameplay? This guide has everything you need to know to improve your skill in PUBG.

Regardless of whether you’re a new player or an experienced veteran, there is bound to be something you can learn from this guide.

What PUBG Gameplay tips can I use improve?

  • Learn to control weapon recoil
  • Know when to shoot and when to back away
  • Pick the perfect landing spot
  • Choose performance over graphical quality

Above, we have listed all of the different gameplay tips we’ll be explaining in this guide. Once you’ve mastered these elements, your skill and overall tactical knowledge in PUBG will have improved significantly.

How do I control weapon recoil?

  • Learn what distance to switch fire modes
  • Understand how recoil works on each weapon
  • Test recoil with each weapon before using it

In PUBG, it’s important to know when to use full auto and when to use semi-fire. Most players do not use full auto as often as they should and this is usually because they struggle to control the recoil at further distances.

However, with some practice, you can use full auto on many weapons at up to 100 meters and still get kills faster than if you were to use semi-auto.

Here is a look at how we would consider when is best to switch fire mode based on different weapon types.

  • 56 firing ARs – Full auto up to 100 meters
  • 62 firing ARs – Full auto up to 50 meters
  • SMGs – Full auto up to 30 meters (Swap out for other weapons at further distances)

You can use the white square on the minimap to judge how far a player is away from you. Each white square is 100 meters.

Now comes the tricky part – learning the recoil pattern for each weapon. Whenever you find a weapon, pick it up and try firing it full auto at a wall. You’ll immediately be able to get a feel for how the weapon behaves.

A good tip for assault rifles is to pull your aim down immediately. As you continue to fire, you’ll need to increase the amount you pull down per bullet.

SMGs are a little more forgiving, but they should only be used up to 30 meters for maximum effectiveness. At longer distances, their damage is reduced.

Every weapon also has slightly different recoil patterns, with the 7.62 assault rifles being the most difficult to use. We’d suggest sticking with one weapon and learning that recoil. Picking up multiple weapons and switching between them may throw you off, to begin with.

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When should I engage in a firefight?

  • The longer a fight goes on, the more you should think about backing away
  • Try to take as many fights as possible, but retreat if the fight isn’t going anywhere
  • Near the end of the game, always wait before firing

Whilst it can be exciting to get involved in a firefight every time you hear bullets being fired, if you want to be more successful in PUBG, it’s important to know when to pick a fight and when to back out.

The way you engage in fights should be different depending on what stage of the game it is.

However, there’s one rule that applies to all fights across the entire game: If you are engaged in a firefight for too long, you should always back out.

The longer you are in a firefight, the more opportunities nearby players will have to catch you out from behind.

If you are trading bullets at a long distance whilst in group or duo mode, you should also consider backing out of the fight. Chances are, you won’t be able to win the fight unless you’re able to down all players in the group.

It’s good to take fights when you’re able to, but understand that you can always retreat and move away if needed. You can move from cover to cover or use a smoke grenade to retreat safely.

In the later stages of the game, for example, when the play area is very small and there are 10 to 20 players left, it’s much more important to stay hidden and stay silent.

You should never engage in a fight unless you are forced to or you are sure you’re able to wipe out the player or team you’ve spotted.

If you get engaged in a long-winded firefight at the end of a PUBG game, other teams will encircle around you and you’ll be in a very difficult situation to get out of.

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What are the best places to land?

  • Pick somewhere closer to the center of the map
  • Land near the popular areas, but not in them

There are two popular strategies we’d like to suggest you use when choosing a good landing spot in PUBG.

Strategy 1

The first strategy is to pick somewhere closer to the center of the map. This is beneficial because it gives you a good chance to be inside the first circle.

If you choose a place in the corner of the map, especially on Erangel or Miramar, you may have to drive a long distance to be inside the next play area.

Strategy 2

Secondly, you should try to land near the popular areas, but not actually inside them. If you land inside a popular area, you’ll be forced to race for weapon drops. It comes down to luck and very little else.

If you land near a popular area, you’ll have more opportunity to loot safely. Once you have gear, you can choose to go clean up the remaining players in the popular area or just back out and move somewhere else.

How about the best graphics settings?

  • Choose performance over graphical quality
  • Turn off motion blur and V-Sync

PUBG is a very graphically demanding game, so getting a good frame rate can be difficult at times. If you’d like to be better at PUBG, it’s very important that you limit the strain on your hardware as much as possible.

To do this, you should turn down your graphics settings to the lowest possible. You should also turn off motion blur and v-sync.

Motion blur will make it harder to spot enemies when you move your mouse because all of the pixels will blur together. V-sync can give you a consistent frame rate but it can impact input delay, so it should be switched off.

Screen scale should be at least 100, or if your PC can handle it, 120. With higher screen scale, everything will look crisp, which is important for long distance shooting.

Finally, render distance should be set to your own personal preference. If you have your render distance at high, you’ll see objects and buildings from further away, but you will not see players from further away.

This means that high render distance can be a good option for spotting a good landing place or spotting stationary vehicles, but it will not help you spot players.

Finally, if your hardware can support it, consider turning anti-aliasing up – increasing this will remove jagged edges on buildings, vehicles, and players.

Turning up anti-aliasing can be another option for improving your vision at longer distances. Keep in mind that it can have quite an impact on performance.


That wraps up our look at the top PUBG Gameplay tips for improving your own skill. In this article, we covered some basic gameplay strategies and some graphical settings you can use to improve your performance.

Let us know if these tips prove to be useful.

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