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Fortnite Mythic Weapons Guide

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Guide
By | December 21st, 2019 | Categories: Fortnite

Let’s be honest, all the hundreds of weapons we’ve grinded for and perked up to perfect rolls over two years are going to take a backseat with these incredibly powerful and fun-to-use Mythic weapons in our hands. But picking which weapon to wield, what perks to apply, and what hero loadout to run it with can be a daunting task. And with perk up not being too easy to grind, you might want the best rolls on your weapons. We’ll be covering all of those aspects in this Fortnite Mythic Weapons Guide.

How do I obtain Mythic weapons and what are their drop rates?

Mythic weapons are currently obtainable in Fortnite: Save the World only by defeating the Mythic Storm King, and you can only obtain them once a week. The drop rate is 100%, so a successful mission completion will always reward you a Mythic weapon as long as other conditions are satisfied as well. You need to complete the weekly Scions quest every time you attempt the mission for it to drop a cache. Opening the cache at the end of the mission rewards you a random Mythic weapon. Fortunately, Epic did not go the Anthem route and made it so that you cannot be rewarded the same weapon twice as long as you are missing another. This means that you will have completed the entire set of Mythic weapons before you find a duplicate to slot in your Collection Book.

What is the Storm King’s Wrath?

Storm King’s Wrath is the Mythic explosive weapon, and everyone’s talking about it because it makes your next Mythic Storm King battle so much easier. This weapon is capable of doing damage in eight-digit numbers, and at this rate, I feel like the game will be flashing my phone number in the form of a random damage number one day. It consumes energy ammo (and hopefully Epic fixed that economy) and its unique perk allows it to chain multiple targets on hitting. The launcher can be charged up as well. Doing this will generate more heat and consume more ammo. However, it will split up to a maximum of 3 splits. There really isn’t a best hero loadout for this weapon, but you could go with +Explosive Weapon Damage if you really want to min-max.

Best perks: Crit Rating/Crit Damage/Physical/Crit Damage/Damage

If you’re really trying to optimize your Storm King mission, you could use Damage to Mist Monsters and Bosses in the last slot.

What is the Storm King’s Fury?

Storm King’s Fury is a Mythic hardware weapon, built using the Storm King’s hands himself (and strangely reminiscent of a particularly iconic scene from Game of Thrones). The hammer’s signature perk allows you to gain stacks on every enemy you hit with it. Stacks are denoted by tiny purple orbs revolving around the weapon. Using a basic heavy attack will summon that many meteors from the sky that do up to 313% damage. Note that this heavy attack must be used when you’re on the ground. Using it when mid-air will cause you to jump farther and trigger a basic hammer heavy attack. This hammer is great to use with a basic melee build. You can go the ninja route with Assassin Sara or the constructor route with Tank Penny. Make sure you slot the new Arleen Izza in the Support Slot to retain health.

Best perks: Crit Rating/Crit Damage/Physical/Attack Speed/Crit Damage

Note that this is hands down the best melee weapon to use for the Storm King’s horns.

What is Storm King’s Onslaught?

Storm King’s Onslaught is the Mythic pistol with a partial aimbot. It has a static perk “Fires homing projectiles that seek out the target’s head.” To add to it, the range is crazy good because “Aiming down sights increases the lock-on range from 4 tiles to 12, but decreases fire rate by 50%”.

Best perks: Crit Damage/Crit Rating/Energy/Crit Damage/Fire Rate-or-Crit Damage

I’d go Fire Rate on the last slot if you’re already using a +Crit Damage support hero. Two Crit Damage rolls takes this weapon to 345% Crit Damage in this setup, which is already pretty darn good. A basic hero setup of Ranger Beetlejess will do pretty well, but the limelight here automatically goes to a Crackshot Mad Tidings build.

What is the Storm King’s Scourge?

Storm King’s Scourge is the Mythic Assault Rifle, and what really stands out is its near-perfect accuracy. The weapon isn’t too special in itself, to be honest, but only because its special perk is slightly underwhelming and less creative compared to other Mythic weapons.

“Hitting an enemy applies a charge. Building up to 5 charges or switching targets detonates the charges, dealing 100% of weapon damage to the target and nearby enemies. Each charge increases the radius up to a max of 0.75 tiles.”

This works pretty similar to the Explosive Rounds perk which we already have in the game, so while the Scourge is hands down the best Assault Rifle in the game, it remains the least interesting one in this set because of the above perk simply not being as “fun” as say, being able to summon meteors with the hammer. The best hero to go with this weapon, like all other assault rifles, remains Sledgehammer.

Best perks: Crit Damage/Crit Rating/Physical/Crit Damage/Damage

What is Storm King’s Ravager?

Storm King’s Ravager is the Mythic sword, which is basically a sword with the noble launcher as its heavy attack. It is extremely fun to use, and even its description says “shoot a piercing wave of energy”, so it seems to use pretty much the same mechanics as a noble launcher, minus the charging. However, you can gather stacks with this weapon as well (up to 7) that increases the width of the wave with each stack.

Best perks: Crit Rating/Crit Damage/Energy/Attack Speed/Crit Damage

Deadly Blade Crash is a great hero pick for this weapon, although you could take several routes with it considering it is pretty much a better Spectral Blade.

Is there anything else to take note of?

The Mythic Storm King’s Portal is a mighty challenge in itself, and it is only obvious that it offers the best rewards in the game. Note that after your first time ever beating the Mythic Storm King, you will get the Scions quest again, meaning you can get two Mythic weapons in the first week, and one in each subsequent week.

Hopefully, this Fortnite Mythic Weapons Guidehelps you with picking the perks for your weapons. Have fun, and good luck with your Storm King grind!

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