Path of Exile Builds

Okay, you’ve been grinding it out for a while, or you’re a newbie eagerly wanting to get ahead of the pack, but things might be fuzzy regarding Path of Exile Builds. There’s a chunk from six categories (Culler(MF)/Support, Melee, Ranged, Spellcaster, Summoners, and Totem). Putting the new update (Patch 3.2) in the mix can make finding a match (or matches) unclear and tedious.

All builds have their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities; yet, which one is a good fit for your playstyle? Even though we don’t have the answer to that question (everyone is different with preferences), we created this page to give you some 411. The articles provide an overview of the builds, including gear and skill gems. You can also see what’s up with the passive skill tree.

We’ll continue adding more Path of Exile Builds in future, especially since 3.2 is rocking and rolling. In the meantime, explore what sparks an interest.