CoC Discharge Assassin

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While there is much focus on melee classes in Legion, Elemental AOE spell-based ones are still as viable and powerful as ever. A good build to start with is CoC Discharge Assassin. Super-fast and has great AOE, it’s no surprise why it’s a solid build that many of the Path of Exile faithful are trying.

This build is all about triggering your Cast on Critical Strike, which in turn will cast Discharge. With Elemental Equilibrium, the initial attack will be cold damage that will flip enemy resistances, in turn allowing you to do much damage with Discharge. As an added bonus, you get and use up power charges. As you use them up, you gain endurance charges, allowing the build to have good survivability as well.

Passive Skill Tree

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Skill Gems

  • Core Skill (Cospri’s Malice): Discharge, Controlled Destruction, Increased Critical Strikes.
  • Core Skill: Discharge with Cast on Critical Strike, Increased Critical Strikes, Power Charge on Critical, and Concentrated Effect. Also, add Cyclone.
  • Mobility: Shield Charge with Increased Critical Strikes, Faster Attacks, Fortify.
  • Buffs: Vaal Righteous Fire and War Banner with Increased Duration.
  • Cast When Damage Taken Setup (CWDT): Immortal Call and Ice Golem.
  • Auras: Discipline, Blasphemy, Poacher’s Mark.
  • Extra Utility: Portal, Flame Dash.


  • Weapon: Cospri’s Malice (Unique) – core weapon; adds 25% to global critical strike multiplier, cold and cold spell damage, attack speed, 60% higher critical strike chance on chilled enemies, triggers cold spell that’s socketed when you do critical strike chance.
  • Chest: Voll’s Protector (Unique) – adds a power charge for every critical hit.
  • Boots: Inya’s Epiphany (Unique) for bonuses to life, movement speed, and intelligence; grants 5% increased damage, and 25% chance to be granted the maximum number of power charges.
  • Amulet: Voll’s Devotion (Unique) for bonuses to strength and intelligence, life, energy shield, and elemental resistance charge; reduces power and endurance charge duration by 30%, gain endurance charge when losing a power charge.
  • Rare Gear: make sure they have bonuses to energy shield and elemental resistances.The more specific bonuses for each type of rare gear are as follows:
    • Helm: accuracy and Intelligence.
    • Shield: spell damage, and Spell Critical Chance.
    • Gloves: attack speed and accuracy.
    • Rings: accuracy and attributes.
    • Belt: cooldown recovery speed.
  • Jewels: any Rare jewels with bonuses to the following bonuses: crit multi with fire/cold/lightning/elemental skills/spells, global crit multi, attack/cast speed with swords/while holding a shield, area damage/damage.
  • Abyssal Jewel: onslaught on kill, energy shield, attack speed after a recent critical damage; stats/energy shield is also good if you need them.
  • Flasks:
    • Chemist’s Basalt Flask of Heat – for damage reduction and chill/freeze immunity/removal.
    • Chemist’s Diamond Flask of Staunching – lucky critical strike chance and bleeding immunity/removal.
    • Avenger’s Stibnite Flask of Grounding – for 100% increased evasion and shock immunity/removal.
    • Alchemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline – for increased movement speed.
    • Vessel of Vinktar (Unique) – for bonus lightning damage to spells, as well as life and mana leech with lightning spells.


It’s the new league, so it’s a must that you test every build, and the CoC Discharge Assassin is no exception. Trust us, you’ll have a lot of fun with this!

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