The Division 2 Hidden Side Missions: Solving the Mysteries

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Besides the option to find lots of “Easter Eggs” that take place around the vast open world that this game has to offer, there are more things for you to discover. First, you have random graffiti that lay around different buildings across the United States Capitol. Furthermore, you have the option to find SHD Tech Caches that must power of helping you in unlocking all the in-game skills; which in return, will help you in opening more build paths for your character. Additionally, there’s always the chance in finding random “mini-bosses” that tend to be a little challenging, but in return, they’ll drop one specific card that can form an entire 52-item deck.

In other words, this game always has the chance of rewarding you with different “power-ups” or equipment just by walking randomly across the streets of Washington, D.C. As a result, you can get more bonuses to this repertoire by completing The Division 2 Hidden Side Missions; from which have different objectives and lore for you to discover in your gaming sessions. Above all, in this article, we’ll give you a guide to explore each of the five missions and what items you’ll be able to unlock after completing their objectives.

Why are the Missions so important in The Division 2?

Due to the gaming mechanics, this video game has to offer, by doing specific tasks and objectives, you’ll have the chance of getting great rewards that aim at improving your characters. Furthermore, each mission tends to explain the current Lore of the story so far, and at the same time, you’ll be able to explore different key buildings that recede in Washington, D.C.

Furthermore, if you’re experiencing The Division 2 for the first time; you’ll get tons of experience points after finishing all the objectives of a particular mission. Therefore, if one of your aims is to reach the top level (30) of the game, completing these tasks will get you there sooner than later.

Additionally, when you complete a specific mission, you’ll unlock harder difficulties later on. As a result, you’ll have the option of redoing the same objectives with changeling enemies; which have higher armor and use more strategic measures. Most noteworthy, if you’re able to complete them with higher difficulties, you’ll have better items from random drops or by achieving the main objective.

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Where can I find these Hidden Missions?

The player base found out that there were some “red house” icons across the Collector’s Edition’s real map. Furthermore, these specific items had no relation with the Main Objectives of the game and tended towards being in random places across the map. As a result, it only took a little while for The Division 2 players to go and explore these locations and report their findings to the rest of the community.

First of all, they found out that these were locations for hidden Safe Houses from which each has one particular NPC (Non-playable Character) that gave you one additional objective. Above all, the areas of these places are around these sections of the map:

  1. Garage Stash: Fast Travel to the Attic Safe House, head North on 25th Street then take a right at K ST NW and take an immediate right down an alley and head into a building on the left.
    Reward: Force Feed .45 ACP Mag Blueprint.
  2. Missing Scavengers: Fast Travel to the Archive Safe House, head North there on 20th St NW, head east on E St NW, and retake North on 19th St NW. Subsequently, watch on your left for an alley into the buildings and that will lead you straight there.
    Reward: C79 Scope (3.4x) Blueprint.
  3. Missing Wire Scavengers: Walk near the Dark Zone East (or fast travel to Charlie Control Point), head North along the Dark Zone. Follow H ST NW until you come to a large building on the right between 4th St NW and 5 St NW. Head into the “American Food Store” back room where a zip line is available. Climb ladder from there, Jump through a window, and you’ll find the NPC.
    Reward: Osprey 9 Suppressor Blueprint.
  4. Missing Curators: Fast travel to the Castle Settlement. Explore around the SW of the Castle; there’s a road (Independence Ave SW) that leads under the Castle. You’ll be able to find the NPCs hidden there.
    Reward: Calibrated Link Blueprint.
  5. Navy Hill Transmission: Fast Travel to the Truman Safe House and head West (to Foggy Bottom). Afterward, you’ll find a hill behind an abandoned blue truck, go straight ahead and take the first right. Sooner than later, you’ll find a large gate and an open door next to it. Inside, you’ll find a bunch of lockers and a ladder that leads down a sewer entrance. Climb down, go through a hole in the wall, and you’ll be able to find the NPC hidden there.
    Reward: Nimble Link Belt Blueprint and Retro Field Uniform.

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Adding More Items to Your Collection

After you’ve all The Division 2 Hidden Side Missions done, you’ll have more options to improve your current weapons and have an “overall” outfit to brag around. Furthermore, at the same time, you’ll get additional experience points that’ll help you boost your goal of reaching the “end-game” of this game. Finally, you’ll be close to complete the “Side Mission” progression from this game.

Afterward is up to you, after experiencing this part of the game, you’ll soon find out that just by exploring around, you’ll have the chance of getting more rewards. Therefore, if you want a little break between missions, go ahead and walk around through the streets of Washington, D.C. As a result, you’ll probably find something peculiar around that is worth sharing to the rest of the community.

Last but not least, remember that this “open world” video game is a “live service” kind of thing. In other words, maybe in a near update, more stuff has the chance to “pop-up” around the map with more secret missions for us to complete.

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