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I enjoy doing some writing, listening to nice tunes, reading amazing books (especially suspense and horror), and playing video games. I became a computer geek since I was a little boy, playing Doom after the homework was done. My favorite video games are Borderlands 2, Dota 2, Titan Quest and almost all the fighting games.

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    WoW Horde vs Alliance Differences

    World of Warcraft Horde vs Alliance – Do the Differences Really Matter?

    Even though World of Warcraft comes with amazing Role-Playing Game (RPG) mechanics and great lore, other elements make it unique. In WoW, when you create your first character, there’s […]

    pvp vendor locations

    Where are the PVP Vendors for Alliance and Horde?

    How do I collect all the items from the Legion PvP Vendor? We all know that in the world of Azeroth, you may sometimes get to a point where […]