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About Jose Garcia

I enjoy doing some writing, listening to nice tunes, reading amazing books (especially suspense and horror), and playing video games. I became a computer geek since I was a little boy, playing Doom after the homework was done. My favorite video games are Borderlands 2, Dota 2, Titan Quest and almost all the fighting games.

    Written by Jose Garcia

    Dwarf Heritage Armor

    A Complete Guide to WoW Dwarf Heritage Armor

    Before we dig deep in the guide about Dwarf Heritage Armor, let us first focus on this race’s origins through our history. It all started with some beliefs from […]

    WOW Nyalotha Raid

    WoW Nyalotha Raid

    Nyalotha raid: Prepare to lose your mind Being one of the more exciting “Game Modes” that World of Warcraft has to offer their player base, we, in this WoW: […]

    WOW Classic Cooking Guide Blog

    Delicious! WOW Classic Cooking Guide 1-300

    Become the Next Top-Chef Cooking is the fine art of managing food and preparing it for consumption. Everybody appreciates it, but sadly, only a few know the legitimate ways […]

    WOW Classic Fishing Guide Blog

    WOW Classic Fishing Guide

    Learning the Importance of the Secondary Professions World of Warcraft is not a simple Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) that you can just breeze through. Besides the importance of Leveling […]

    pvp vendor locations

    Where are the PVP Vendors for Alliance and Horde?

    How do I collect all the items from the Legion PvP Vendor? We all know that in the world of Azeroth, you may sometimes get to a point where […]

    WOW Classic Trainer Location

    WoW Classic Trainer Locations

    Learning the higher ranks of World of Warcraft Every Role-Playing Game (RPG) has its own set of mechanics to make each “Class” or “Job” unique between the different archetypes. […]

    WOW Classic Character Builder

    WOW Classic Character Builder

    Molding your new avatar In every RPG (Role-Playing Game) in the gaming market, players often find themselves forced to make rather challenging split-second decisions. One such harsh instance is […]

    WOW Classic Professions

    Best WOW Classic Professions

    When a Real Work Isn’t Enough                                                   Welcome to another great gaming mechanic that we currently have in this game, which is commonly known as WoW Classic Professions. First of […]

    King Mechagon Lore

    WoW: King Mechagon Lore

    Keeping the “Curse of the Flesh” Alive Ever since the release of World of Warcraft (2004) we got a vast fantasy universe to explore with our avatars. First of […]

    The Eternal Palace Raid

    World of Warcraft: The Eternal Palace Raid

    Leading Your Army to Conquer Nazjatar One of the best gaming mechanics that World of Warcraft has been offering us through the years is, without a doubt, the Raids. […]

    The Division 2 - Leveling Guide

    The Division 2: Leveling Guide

    Reach Your Maximum Potential One of the main goals of any “Looter-shooter” and “Live-Service” Game is reaching the highest character level as soon as possible. That’s why, in this […]

    byJose Garcia|12 Jul 2019|Others

    Division 2 Skills

    The Division 2 Skills: Revealing the Agent’s True Potential

    This time around, we’ll discuss some of the best well-known gaming mechanics from this game. Therefore, in this article, the focus is The Division 2 Skills that are currently […]

    byJose Garcia|24 Jun 2019|Others

    Division 2 Hidden Side Missions

    The Division 2 Hidden Side Missions: Solving the Mysteries

    Besides the option to find lots of “Easter Eggs” that take place around the vast open world that this game has to offer, there are more things for you […]

    byJose Garcia|19 Jun 2019|Others

    Apex Legends Beginners Guide

    Apex Legends Beginners Guide to Get Those Victories

    Welcome to the Apex Legends Beginners Guide, where you’ll find the different game mechanics that make this game amazing and unique. Above all, through this game’s life span, we […]

    byJose Garcia|16 Jun 2019|Others

    Division 2 Chatterbox Guide

    The Division 2 Chatterbox Guide: The Never-Ending Bullet Rain

    Currently, there are some of the best weapons in this game that gives you a lot of advantages. First, they are available inside a group with the code name […]

    byJose Garcia|13 Jun 2019|Others