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The Division 2 Tips: Becoming the Best Agent in D.C.

Division 2 Tips
By | May 29th, 2019 | Categories: Others

We all know that playing these types of video games (Role-Playing Games to be exact) can be overwhelming and confuse you with their extended contents.  Furthermore, being an “Open World” game and also a “Live Service” at the same time, The Division 2 has too many activities to count that can guide you in the wrong direction. First, you have the Main Quests Missions that try to explain how the “Dollar Flu” affected the capital of the United States, and what measures you need to make to retain control of the situation. Additionally, when you explore the Map even further, you get to see different Icons that represent extra activities like Side Quests, Control Points, random events in every corner, Bounties, SHD Tech, etc.

As a result, when you try to explore every single element of this game, you may get lost in the middle and probably find it hard to progress with a good pace. Fear not though, in this article; we’ll discuss some The Division 2 Tips that can keep you on the right track and improve your performance. Above all, it is always crucial that you keep your own pace and explore the game as you like; after all, you’re the one experiencing this astonishing game for the first time.

How can I Level Up fast?

Just like any other game that contains “player levels” on it, you probably want to reach the highest number in this particular matter and later on, focus on different elements of the video game. As a result, here are some tips that can help you reach level 30 in no time:

  • Focus on the main and side quests: Besides giving you a chance to understand what is happening in the middle of the chaos that affected Washington D.C.; when you finish any of these quests, you also gain some rewards. Most noteworthy, between those bonuses, you get tons of experience points.
  • Unlock all the XP perks: Depending on your performance in any random encounter, with these Perks, you get the chance to gain additional experience that can boost your leveling process. For example, if you were able to kill two or more enemies at the same time, you’ll get the “Multi-Kill” XP bonus after finishing the fight.
  • Donate resources on any control point: Depending on the quantity that you gave to any place that is controlled by friendly NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), you’ll get some experience in return.
  • Upgrade all the settlements: After completing some Side Quests, and other special activities (like Projects, for example); you’ll also improve the quality of any Settlement. Most noteworthy, with every upgrade, you’ll get additional experience and recruit exceptional Staff that can help you in enhancing your main character.

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What Gear do I need to keep?

In the middle of the leveling process, you surely will come across multiple types of equipment that have the potential of increasing your performance. Similarly, to any video game of the same genre, there are different opportunities where the game rewards you with a new piece of gear that you can store in your inventory. As a result, the next couple of tips can give you some ways to improve your Stash.

  • Try all the weapons: One of the ways that you can discover the “ideal” gameplay that suits your needs is by experiencing every single firearm in the game. Therefore, you’ll have a better idea of the gaming mechanics that come between any particular weapon as soon as you press the trigger button. Above all, in the early stages of the game, don’t get too attached in a singular gun; you’ll soon find another one with higher capabilities.
  • Learn the gear potentials: You’ll probably notice that every piece of gear (a Vest for example) comes with different Icons that represent a “Brand” for that particular piece. Furthermore, each of these “sub-groups” come with different bonuses if you get the chance to equip three different gear pieces with the same icon. Above all, depending on the Brand, you’ll get specific improvements that stick to your gameplay.
  • Experience all the skills: Besides getting the best “Weapon Sub-group” and “Gear Brand”; you also need to know what combination of skills that has the potential to increase your potential survival. Consequently, try different matches that can either give you more damage, control, or healing.

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What else can I do afterward?

Completing the task of getting the maximum level and clearing all the Main Quests is probably easy to achieve. Still, though, The Division 2 has a lot more to offer. In this section of this article, we’ll discuss additional tasks that can keep you busy for quite a while:

  • Unlock everything from the Quartermaster: Try to acquire every single SHD Tech from Quests and exploring the map. Afterward, gather as much as possible from this particular NPC. As a result, you’ll have the chance to equip every single Skill and gain every bonus from the different Perks available in the game.
  • Choose the best specialization according to your gameplay: Each of the three (currently available) specializations in the game come with their powerful weapon and set of skills. Most noteworthy, don’t over think this too much. After you have made your choice; you still have the opportunity to change for the other options at any time and without spending resources.
  • Exotic/Mask hunting: Without a doubt, unlocking everything from these elements may take you some time and dedication. Most noteworthy, every Mask and Exotic Weapon in this video game has a different way to obtain it; in other words, you’ll need to gather a lot of research and get some patience to have it all.
  • Complete the best build for you: Discover the best combination available in the game that can give you the potential of dealing as much damage as possible and improve your gameplay. Furthermore, you need to have a clear idea about the different Talents, Attributes, and Mods; for a better understanding of what you need the most.
  • Craft/improve your equipment: Besides hunting the virtual world for the perfect gear, you still have other tools that can give you a hand in completing your build. If you can’t find equipment with a particular Brand, no worries, make it yourself with the “Crafting Station.” Furthermore, if one specific gear has the Talent or Attribute you need; destroy it and pass it to a better one with the “Recalibration Station.”

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Keeping Things Up to Date

Remember that this video game is a “Live Service” type for its mechanics. In other words, with its constant support from the development team of Massive Entertainment; a possible patch in the future has the potential of changing everything. As a result, we never know if the next couple of months, talents may get “Buffed” (Improved) or “Nerfed” (Demoted), and chance an entire build. Therefore, it is advisable that you always keep an eye for the upcoming patches and prepare for the changes.

We hope that you learned a thing or two about The Division 2 Tips gathered in this article. Most noteworthy, remember that everything in this game has the option of completing it with a team of four. As a result, you could gather some friends or share some time with your “Guild” companions and have some fun.

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