The Division 2 Patch Notes: Changes for the Better

Division 2 Patch Notes
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One of the main advantages of having a “Live Service” video game is the constant updates or patches through its lifespan to keep it prosperous. This time around, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft with the main focus on keeping The Division 2 alive, they keep adding more exciting content and modifications as they thrive on finding the perfect balance in their beloved projects. First of all, we get some announcements through their “State of the Game” weekly specials; that solely focus on addressing current bugs and announcing new content. Furthermore, between streams, we get to listen to how different staff from the development team modify the game and what is their main focus in further updates.

Taking this into consideration, we recently got a “new” version of the game that changes a lot of critical aspects and at the same time, adds some new amazing content. Therefore, this article digs more in-depth through the different aspects of The Division 2 Patch Notes, as we try to clarify all the innovative material from this version of the game.

What’s the best part of this Patch?

Various vital elements from these notes are worth clarifying as they change different aspects of The Division 2; with the main focus on keeping us interested until another major update takes its place. As a result here’s a list of the improvements added to the game:

New Features

  • Operation Dark Hours: This is the first exciting Raid added to the game, which focuses on liberating the Washington Airport from the Black Tusk army. First of all, gather your friends and create a team of eight players, take your best gear, and hope for the best. Due to the magnitude of the required players, the difficulty is a bit more robust, and the bosses mechanics tend to be more tricky. As a result, the first completion of the Raid, took around eight hours (on PC) to be completed. Note: This time around, you cannot use “Matchmaking” to create a random group; instead, you need to use the Official Forums, Reddit, or Discord to find more players.
  • Classified Assignments (The Fall of DC): Players who bought the Year One Pass of The Division 2, will have a little notification about two new exclusive missions. Furthermore, while you’re exploring the unique contents of these quests, you’ll be able to discover new Audio Logs that enrich the game’s lore; plus, you’ll have the option to find more Backpack Trophies.
  • New Apparel Event: This second Apparel episode will give you more options to change the likeness of your character with new outfits, weapon skins, emotes, and masks.

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Loot Changes

  • Gear Modification: Bonus armor is now significantly increased through different equipment. Furthermore, we got some balance changes for specific (6 pieces, green) gear sets.
  • Daily Containers: Before, every time you got the chance to open any container in the game, a personal timer began to function and stopped after a whole day. Therefore, you’ll have the option to re-open a single “box” until the next day. After the patch, the server now holds the timer; which means that in a fixed time of the day, all the containers reset simultaneously.
  • Gear Score Changes: With this recent update, the level cap from all the Weapons and Gear is now 500. Therefore, if you had equipment beyond that number, it will be adequately changed. As a result, you cannot find anything that surpasses the cap anymore. Above all, due to the game’s consistency, it affects both the PVE (Player Versus Everything), and PVP (Player Versus Player).
  • Daily Projects Rewards: First of all, we now have better experience awarded with every Bounty completed. Furthermore, the Settlement Weekly Projects have now better “lot” with the different blueprints that we get as we finish these tasks. Last but not least, the quality of the gear got better from Weekly Rewards.

Build Changes

  • Skill Modifications: This time around, some “supportive” skills got degraded with this patch. For example, you cannot stack gas clouds from the Reinforcer Chem Launcher. Furthermore, Riot Foam Chem Launcher works better if used against NPCs (Non-Player Characters), and the Scanner Pulse has less cooldown.
  • Equipment Talents: Through all the changes from these Talents, we can see one constant improvement and one decline. First of all, all the talents that increase or improve Armor are now a little bit better. Furthermore, the overall weapon damage from different bonuses has now decreased for a bit.
  • Weapon Talents: Different parts from this particular mechanic of The Division 2 had been altered to achieve more balance. 
  • Exotic Mods: The Development team chose to improve the effectiveness of all the Exotic weapons that are available in this group, with some damage increases, and modifications with better bonuses. As a result, the time that you took to “farm” any of these special weapons is now well rewarded.

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PvP Balancing

  • Conflict: With the new Gear level cap (500), everything is theoretically being balanced. As a result, when you queue in this PvP game mode, you now have a clear idea about the gear score from the rest of the players. Therefore, the stats and bonuses from all equipment are now “normalized,” and constant to all the players. As a result, it requires that you rely more on your skills instead of the gathered gear.
  • Dark Zone: Due to the increase of the “DZ Bag” size, almost everything on these parts of the game gives you more contaminated gear. As a result, every container, mob, and bosses will have items that require extraction before you’re able to use them.

A Little Taste for Things to Come

As you can tell with The Division 2 Patch Notes, there were lots of innovating changes that overall want to achieve some balance. Above all, the main goal from Massive Entertainment is that all the player base feels entertained with fair gameplay.

Still, there are lots of room to improve even further. First of all, we need more diversity with all the completed gear sets. Furthermore, we still have some skills that are practically forgotten by the entire community. As a result, we hope that the development team take notes from different sources and make this video game more appealing to their audiences.

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