Berserker Perforate

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One of the new skills in Path of Exile: Legion is the Berserker Perforate. It’s usable on early levels, making it a popular leveling skill, and is a simple point-and-click skill. Just like all skills, a build has already been made with this as the core skill. It’s easy to put together; just follow this guide!

Being an attack based AOE skill, this is more suited to melee classes, with the best one being Berserker, thanks to the class’s damage boost. Nevertheless, other classes such as Chieftain, Gladiator, and Slayer also work quite well for this build.

The advantages of this build include leech sustain; high DPS, mobility, and attack speed; and league starter viability. However, it can’t do some certain map mods and can be one-shot in higher-level PVE, so take note.

Table of Contents

Skill Gems

  • Core Skill: Perforate with Brutality, Close Combat, Multistrike, Fortify, and Impale support gems
  • Aura: it’s Blood and Sand, Herald of Purity, Flesh and Stone, and Maim.
  • Mobility: you’ll need Leap Slam with Faster Attacks, Endurance Charge on Melee, Stun, and Blood Magic support gems.
  • Utility: it’s Blood Rage, Vaal Ancestral Warchief, Berserk, Dread Banner.
  • Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT): have it with Steelskin and Cold Snap.


  • Weapons: any Rare Weapon with the following bonuses should suffice:
    • % Increased Phys damage
    • Adds # to # Physical damage
    • Increased Attack Speed
    • Increased Critical Strike Chance
    • Crit multi or chance to impale enemies on attack
  • Helm: you can make use of any Rare Helmet with at least 95 life and 40% bonus to resistances, preferably with a “nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage” mod.
  • Gloves: make it a point to look for the following:
  • Tombfist (Unique): curse enemies with level 11 Elemental Weakness on hit, increased attack speed and life.
  • Haemophilia (Unique): increased damage over time, strength bonus, grants attacks 25% chance to bleeding and increased damage to bleeding enemies, and bleeding enemies you kill explode.
  • Gloves: with 80+ life, 40% bonus to resistances, and attack speed bonus.
  • Boots: only made for walking, so look to wear any Rare Boots with 95 life, 50%+ bonus to resistances, and 20% movement speed.
  • Body ArmorDaresso’s Defiance (Unique): for increased armor, evasion, life, and 6% chance to dodge attacks.
    • Any Rare armor with 5-6 linked sockets and 110+ life and elemental resistances.
  • Accessories:
    • Any Rare rings and one Rare amulet with the following bonuses: 80+ life, 50%+ elemental resistances, physical damage, and accuracy
    • Any Rare belt with 130+ life, 70%+ resistances, increased flask recovery, and increased physical damage.
  • Flasks:
    • Life Flask of Staunching – For healing and bleeding immunity/removal
    • Diamond Flask – For increased critical strike chances
    • Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline – For increased movement speed
    • Lion’s Roar – For increased melee damage; grants knockback to attacks
    • Basalt Flask (preferably warding) – For damage reduction and reflection

Final Thoughts

Simple, effective, and fresh–the Berserker Perforate is a must-try if you want something completely new build the latest POE league. We swear you won’t regret it!

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