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Whether you’re an old school, traditional FIFA player looking for a little more managerial control or you just need a revamp on your entire FIFA career, FIFA 20 Career Mode contains the critical updates and full-out jurisdiction you’ve been looking for.

Although most players prefer Ultimate Team to Career Mode, FIFA 20 has stepped up some games. This take will have you navigating through with your favorite club on the game and going on a journey with them all the way to the finals of the Champions League.

Although there is a major wish list for most of the features on Career Mode to be upgraded, there are a few things that will definitely be hitting the screen. To help you get prepared and stoked for what’s coming—rather than what might be coming, we have a list of everything you need to know about this update’s career mode.

With a new update coming up, here is everything you need to know about FIFA 20: Career Mode.

What’s the new Transfer system?

Although you may turn your head about learning a whole new transfer system, you’ll definitely want to take the time to invest in the learning curve of this program. For the ultimate kind of control, there were so many previous glitches that users complained about previously that are worked on in this edition of FIFA 20.

With all the various upgrades going on, FIFA 20 Career Mode has really honed in on the user experience and will be giving users a few added features:

New Features

The Transfer Deals on the new edition are more real-life than ever before—with deals being agreed to outside of transfer windows and players joining their new clubs when the next transfer window opens. 

The new system allows players to use transfer budget and prize money that normally would be untouched after the season ends. This helps give users and players an opportunity to use all that money that normally would just go to waste. Trust us—you’ve complained and they’ve listened!

With over thirty new formations to choose from, you’ll need all the help you can get with the option to choose from new teams and players. The new transfer system in career mode taps into the various 30 formations to help you really get the ultimate team out there (no pun intended to the other program on FIFA 20). As a manager, you’re really able to put your best foot on the field with transfer options and choose who you really want to play.

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What’s the Adjusting Ticket Prices feature all about?

Just like how real life plays out, the opportunity to adjust ticket prices as your team becomes more and more successful is reflected in this new edition of FIFA 20.

Let’s say you’re not that great on the field yet—or playing FIFA 20. Well, the opportunity to truly work your team or club as a business is back on the program, with the options to adjust ticket prices.

Just like in real life, a team or a manager will adjust ticket prices to particular games to help out the team financially and strategically. With the new Career Mode on this edition, you’re able to take on the managerial role to full extent, with the opportunity to raise or lower the prices as you please—strategically speaking, of course. Be smart!

Raise Prices

With a big match coming up, you have the opportunity as a manager to raise the prices of tickets—especially if you know the game will sell out anyways. Knowing ahead of time that you’ll be playing a competitive team and adjusting the ticket prices for that particular match can help you earn money back, ROI, regardless if the results go in your favor—at least you’ll be making some money!

Lower Prices

On the other hand, you can also lower the prices if you aren’t doing so well and still want to fill out the stadium seats. Is it your first time playing FIFA? Perhaps you’ve drawn the short end of the stick and your team isn’t doing everything your players promised you—no problem. You can still cut your losses and still get some extra cash by strategically setting those prices down low and crowding your stadium.

Overall, this new updated feature gives a much more managerial feel to the game—with the end results helping you meet your goals, on the field and in the financial books.

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What’s the Player Manager mode?

As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, FIFA 20 really steps up its game in regards to upping the managerial mode to full access.

No matter if you’re a long time player looking to take on the managerial role or if you’re new to the game and like the business side of things, FIFA 20 truly gives you those controlling options you’ve been looking for to help strategize your way to a win—on the field and off.

New Features

With the player/manager feature, you are able to both manage the team and play on the field for some fun.

Generally speaking, you have all sorts of control over your wins and losses—not only on the field as a player but also being able to strategize and control various aspects of the game and club as a manager.

Although this isn’t very common in real life, it does open the doors to this combination of playing on the field and landing kick-butt strategical decisions.

Final Thoughts

Sorting out fan fiction from facts will be the most looked-to source of information needed for those looking into FIFA 20 Career Mode updates.

We hope that this list has given you adequate information (and hope) for a better FIFA update. Although it’ll take quite a lot for your most favorite game to be updated from its current edition, it definitely does an adequate job in this next edition to help tap into its players’ Wish Lists and try and implement the features listed above.

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