Enki’s Arc Witch

By | April 5th, 2020 | Categories: Spellcaster Builds

If you’re looking for a good lightning-based build, Enki’s Arc Witch might be just what you’re looking for. Boasting decent damage, good AOE, and affordability to boot, it’s definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a new way to experience Path of Exile’s gameplay.

Passive Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/vqwoa3x

Gem Setup:

  • Core Skill: Arc with Spell Echo, Added Lightning Damage, Lightning Penetration, Increased Critical Strikes, and Controlled Destruction support gems
  • Secondary DPS: Orb of Storms with Added Lightning Damage, Lightning Penetration, Power Charge on Critical, and Elemental Focus support gems
  • Debuff: Wave of Conviction (keep at level 1)
  • Golems: Stone, Lightning, and Chaos Golems
  • Mobility: Flame Dash with Second Wind support gem
  • CWDT Setup: Cast When Damage Taken with Steelskin support gem


  • Weapon:
    • any Rare staff with bonuses to lightning damage, lightning penetration, global critical strike chance multiplier, spell damage, and triggers socketed spell when using a skill
    • Agnerod West (Unique) for increased lightning damage, lightning spell damage, +2 lightning spell levels, and increased strength requirement
  • Armor:
    • any Rare armor with bonuses to energy shield, life, elemental resistances, critical strike chance, and stun and block recovery
    • Ambu’s Charge (Unique) for bonus armor, energy shield, life, elemental resistances, gain endurance charge upon critical strike, regenerate 2% life per second after getting hit, and share endurance charges with party members
  • Helm:
    • The Devouring Diadem (Unique) for additional arc chain, reduced mana reservation, increased energy shield, chance for energy shield recharge upon skill use, eldritch battery, and lightning and chaos resistances.
    • any Rare helm with bonuses to life, energy shield, and resistances.
  • Gloves:
    • Hands of the High Templar (Unique) for increased life, armor, and energy shield, +1 level of socketed gems, maximum life, curse enemies with level 12 Enfeeble on hit, critical strike chance bonus on spells, and fire and lightning resistances
    • any Rare gloves with bonuses to spell damage, life, mana, energy shield, and resistances
  • Boots:
    • Doryani’s Delusion (Unique) for bonus lightning damage, life, energy shield, and movement speed; increased attack and cast speed upon killing an enemy
    • any Rare boots with bonuses to mana, life, elemental resistances, movement speed, bonus lightning damage, and Tailwind upon killing an enemy
  • Belt:
    • any Rare belt with bonuses to life, energy shield, and resistances
    • any Stygian Vise with bonuses to life, energy shield, resistances, increased flask duration, and level 20 Aspect of the Spider skill
  • Jewels:
    • any Rare jewels with bonuses to lightning damage, critical strike multiplier, critical strike chance to lightning skills, life, strength and dexterity
    • Watcher’s Eye (Unique) for increased energy shield, life, mana, increased critical strike chance while affected by Wrath, critical strike penetration of enemy resistances, as well as gain Arcane Surge for 4 seconds when creating Consecrated Ground while affected by Zealotry
  • Flasks:
    • Catalysed Eternal Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding removal/immunity
    • Experimenter’s Diamond Flask of Warding for lucky critical strike chance and curse removal/immunity
    • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for chaos resistance and extra elemental damage as chaos damage
    • Chemist’s Silver Flask of Warding for increased movement speed and curse removal/immunity
    • The Sorrow of the Divine (Unique) for increased damage and Consecrated Ground

Enki’s Arc Witch is, for a lack of a better word, of the chain. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out; you’re in for a shock!

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