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  • What is Last Man Standing in OSRS?
  • What Modes are Available?
  • What Rewards Will I Receive?

The seemingly evergreen world of RuneScape continues to grow after all these years, attracting new players as well as bringing veterans back to the popular MMORPG. There is so much for you to do within the game, one feature of which is Last Man Standing. This short guide will give you a bit of background on Last Man Standing OSRS, as well as where to find it and how to play it.

What is Last Man Standing in OSRS?

Last Man Standing OSRS is a minigame that consists of a PvP battle royale mode. There is a minimum of four players within the minigame, with a maximum of 24. Players are then transported to an island in which they must battle to become the last one left alive. You will need to loot, fight, and survive in order to win the game.

What Modes are Available in LMS?

There are three different modes available in LMS:

  • Casual
  • Competitive
  • High Stakes

Casual mode allows players to take part without there being any reward for doing so. Any four players can play this mode, without their high scores being affected. Competitive does have further requirements however, with a total level of 150 needed to start the game. The only exception to this is if the game is taking place on a members world, or for those who are playing as a member on an F2P world. Competitive also requires 24 players to begin with, after which players ratings are updated.

Meanwhile, High Stakes works similarly to competitive mode, though players are required to pay 500,000 coins. It cannot be played by Ironman accounts either, and is only available when the Old School Team chooses to do so.

Where Can I find The Minigame?

If this interests you so far, then you will want to head over to the Clan Wars area. From here, head west to speak to Lisa to kick things off. It’s worth keeping in mind before you do start that you cannot bring any of your items into the mode, and they will be taken off you at the start. Don’t worry, you will get your items back when you leave the game. If you prefer to deposit your items yourself, then you can find a bank box nearby to put your stuff in.

What Worlds can I Play Last Man Standing in?

Given that this is a minigame, this may be a confusing question for some. Most minigames can be played in all worlds, though LMS is an exception to this rule. In fact, there are only three worlds in which you can play, being 326 (UK, F2P), 492 (US east, Members only) and 425 (Australia, F2P). It is a unique experience for free-to-play players, since there is no difference in the gameplay for F2P players and Members-only. In fact, LMS is the only minigame in which those with a free membership can use special attacks, so it’s worth checking out if you fall into that category.

How Do You Play Last Man Standing?

 Once you have reached the island, your stats will be boosted to 99, except for Defence which maxes out at 75. Infinite run energy and Prayer will be made available, with all Prayers except for Redemption and Preserve being at your disposal.

Once you have killed an enemy player, supplies will be reimbursed, as well as stats, special attack and run energy. After doing so, you will gain a bloody key to open a chest. Within the chest are powerful tools for you to use in battle, though players in this period with be invulnerable for a period of 20 seconds, so it gives you some time to loot any items that you may need.

Once a minute has passed, a fog will descend upon the area. If you are familiar with other battle royale titles, then this can be likened to the storm. The fog will cause damage to you, and you will be required to head to the safe zone to avoid any further damage. If you end up outside of the safe zone after the 9 minute 10 second mark, then you will begin to take further and faster damage.

What Rewards are Available?

There are a number of rewards available to players by taking part in LMS. This doesn’t apply to those who play casual games, as there are no rewards given in casual mode. However, by playing High Stakes, you can earn virtual points. For finishing in first place, you will receive five points. Finishing second will offer four points, and three points are given to those who finish in third and fourth. Places five through to nine earns you two points, and ten through to nineteen will grant you one point. You can also earn a point from killing three players in a game.

By winning a High Stakes game, you will be rewarded with 7,500,000 coins, whilst placing second earns 2,500,000 coins. You can collect your winnings from the chest near Justine at any time you choose to do so. There is no coin reward for finishing third to fifth, though you will be able to play your next High Stakes game for free.


What Last Man Standing ultimately puts to the player is a battle royale style of experience that seems to be an extremely popular way of gaming in today’s industry. Many, many players flock to titles such as Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends and Call of Duty to get their fix of this particular mode. LMS gives OSRS players the chance to get a feel of why the format is just so popular.

What’s more, it offers up plenty of rewards if you choose from Competitive or High Stakes. Though the odds may be against you, there is plenty for you to gain by taking part. Hopefully this guide has given you an insight into the mode before you head to the island. Of course, it might be worth checking out the Casual mode to get into the swing of things, before chasing the gold offered from the other mode.

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