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Davor Gasparevic is a writing virtuoso with an extensive and colourful skill-set. With years of experience across a wide range of online industries, he's established himself as a crucial contributor and a consultant for dozens of online businesses, ventures and startups. During his free time, Davor enjoys watching wildlife documentaries, playing PC games, shooting airsoft BBs in your face or just chilling by the seaside.

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How to Play ARK Survival Evolved Today

You’ve just bought your game, spawned on the beach, wandered around a little bit and figured out you have no actual idea How to Play ARK Survival Evolved. This […]

byDGtal|21 Jan 2018|ARK Survival Evolved

Rocket League Arenas: Embrace the Rumble & Dunk Some Hoops

If you’ve been playing Rocket League for any amount of time, you’ve surely noticed there are a dozen or so distinct arenas randomly assigned by the game for each […]

byDGtal|15 Jan 2018|Rocket League

November Curse Trials PUBG Tournament Crowns the French Squad *aAa* Gaming

In the volatile and rapidly evolving ecosystem of PUBG Esports, ongoing community events and tournaments play a critical role in raising the bar of competition. The November Curse Trials […]

byDGtal|13 Nov 2017|E-Sports, PUBG

Is It Too Late? Official Release and ARK Survival Evolved Tek Tier

The wait is finally over! The release date for the PS4, Xbox One and PC is set for August 29, 2017. The initial August 8 launch date was delayed […]

byDGtal|23 Aug 2017|ARK Survival Evolved