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Doc. Moo here, I am a 28 year old hailing from the great down under, Australia and I am an enthusiast about the culture, community, creativity and competitive scene surrounding video games. From a very young age I found myself awestruck and glued to my tiny television playing everything I could get my hands on from my older brother. I will never forget my first real gaming experience, you know the one that has molded you into the fps nut, the number crunching machine or the transmog addict you are today. My defining game was Secret of Mana on the SNES (Or Super Famicom) it has lead me through many addictions, my first was Diablo, then Diablo 2 and now Path of Exile. Though primarily playing ARPG's I have dabbled in everything from the more casual and well known World of Warcraft right down to the niche Armored Core and Disgaea.

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We’ve Got It: PoE 3.1 Patch Notes Overview

Greetings Exiles! Doc. Moo bringing you all of the juiciest content from the PoE 3.1 Patch Notes for “War for the Atlas!” I have not included ever change but rather dissected what I believe to be the most important and relevant information from the wall of text that [...]

by Doc.Moo|14 Dec 2017||Path of Exile

PoE New Gems for the Expansion: War for the Atlas

Greetings Exiles! Doc. Moo with you again, this time with something a little different. With the recent release of “War for the Atlas” (PoE 3.1), I have noticed there aren't a lot of resources outlining the PoE New Gems (active and support skill gems). This won't serve as [...]

by Doc.Moo|12 Dec 2017||Path of Exile

Makin’ the Moolah: Crafting in PoE for Money

Legend Greetings Exiles! Doc. Moo here with the second installment in three part series revolving around Crafting in PoE for Money. Our previous guide was hopefully able to introduce you to the more basic currencies and provide you with a base as to how orbs and items interact [...]

by Doc.Moo|12 Dec 2017||Path of Exile

Crafting in PoE: I Made a Thing

Greetings Exiles! Doc. Moo here again with another guide to aid you in your adventures through Wraeclast. This will be a 3 part series starting with the basics of crafting, moving through into making a profit and finishing off with Meta Crafting in PoE. DISCLAIMER – Unless you [...]

by Doc.Moo|30 Nov 2017||Path of Exile

PoE Atlas Guide: Going In-Depth to End Game Mapping

Greetings Exile's, this time around we are going to be looking into the Atlas, our end game mapping tool implemented in the last substantial end game expansion. Under the microscope will be the how and why regarding the many method's used to min max its effectiveness in earning [...]

by Doc.Moo|21 Nov 2017||Path of Exile

PoE Strongboxes Guide: Ambushing Your Gambling Addiction

Greetings Exiles! Today we will be taking a closer look into the risk and reward surrounding PoE Strongboxes and how to get the most out of these (at times) dangerous little gifts from the 1.1.0 Ambush League. Strongboxes probably never get much attention from the majority of the [...]

by Doc.Moo|21 Nov 2017||Path of Exile

PoE Trading: A Beautiful Mess

Over the last 5 years Path of Exile (POE) has undergone some incredible changes, from improving the games stability and performance to fundamentally changing the way we play and progress our characters. Despite their best efforts game developers will never be able to please their entire player base, [...]

by Doc.Moo|13 Nov 2017||Path of Exile