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Xiaomei is a freelance writer who enjoys stories, art, and of course, video games. She loves sci-fi, especially robots and aliens, so it should surprise no one that she adores Warframe. Her other gaming favorites include Bioshock, Borderlands 2, and The Fall. She mains Banshee, but her favorite Warframe is secretly Nezha. Please don’t tell Banshee.

Written by Yi Xiaomei

Best Warframe Builds

The Best Warframe Builds for Simple to Tough Missions

With dozens of Warframes and hundreds of mods to choose from, Warframe players have near-endless freedom when it comes to building their Warframes the way they want. In many [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|13 Feb 2019||Warframe

Warframe Leveling Guide

Shedding Some Light with a Warframe Leveling Guide

One thing that surprises many new players of Warframe is how many things have levels. Your Warframe has levels. That gun? Levels. Your space-dog? Levels. It’s no wonder there’s [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|07 Feb 2019||Warframe

Best Warframe Mods

Insights About the Best Warframe Mods

Anybody who’s been playing Warframe for more than a few hours can tell you that progression in this game is all about mods. There’s no level-up screen, no linear [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|21 Jan 2019||Warframe

How to Get Neurodes in Warframe

How to Get Neurodes in Warframe to Make Farming More Efficient

In Warframe, there are always some resources that seem to pop up everywhere: Rubedo, Salvage, Ferrite—these resources drop plentifully and it isn’t difficult to gather them in the tens [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|08 Jan 2019||Warframe

Best Warframe Weapons

Taking a Glance at the Best Warframe Weapons

There are hundreds of weapons in Warframe, some good, some bad, and some somewhere in the middle. It’s natural that players regularly ask: which weapons are best? But with [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|20 Dec 2018||Warframe

Warframe Fortuna

Breaking Down all There is to Warframe Fortuna

Ever since DE announced Warframe Fortuna last July, the Tennosphere has been buzzing with excitement for the new update. A second open-world expansion similar to the Plains of Eidolon, [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|09 Dec 2018||Warframe

Warframe on Nintendo Switch

Warframe on Nintendo Switch Has Hit the Masses

When Warframe was first announced for the Nintendo Switch, there was a healthy amount of skepticism surrounding the port. After all, Warframe is a pretty graphics intensive game, one [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|04 Dec 2018||Warframe

Warframe Zaw Guide

Warframe Zaw Guide: Customizing Melee Weapons to Another Degree

With hundreds of melee weapons to choose from, Warframe has quite a selection when it comes to how you want to slice, dice, and bash your enemies. But what [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|28 Nov 2018||Warframe

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