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should mods be monetized

War Thunder Players Formed a Union, Decided on a Boycott – On The Day of, the Organizers were Spotted Playing the Game

A few weeks ago, Gaijin, the developers of War Thunder, announced plans to implement some (and this is putting it lightly) unfavorably taken economic rebalancing to the game. They […]

byKarl Zimmerman|05 Jun 2023|Featured

should mods be monetized

Gaming PC vs Space Heater Efficiency

As winter approaches, many are concerned about the rising power bills, especially if you’re an avid gamer with a high-end PC. But here’s a surprising fact: your gaming PC, […]

byKarl Zimmerman|01 Apr 2023|Others

How to Check Mouse DPI

Elden Ring Ray-Tracing: Mediocre Implementation, PC Gaming Still an Afterthought to FromSoftware

Over a year after its release, Elden Ring finally received the long-promised patch that brings ray tracing to the game with version 1.09. While the update introduces some subtle […]

byKarl Zimmerman|23 Mar 2023|Elden Ring


Axie Infinity, Play-to-Earn’s Poster Boy, is Nearing Collapse

Axie Infinity, which rode the NFT bubble to soaring heights in 2021 is nearing collapse. AXS, the game’s cryptocurrency token, has fallen from an all-time high of $160.36 down […]

byKarl Zimmerman|14 May 2022|Featured

Square Enix NFT

Despite NFT Crash, Square Enix Continues to Offload Legacy Franchises to Focus on Blockchain Gaming

The NFT market is experiencing a crash driven mostly by a loss of value in the NFT art and collectible sectors. A cryptocurrency price index showed a drop in […]

byKarl Zimmerman|10 May 2022|Featured

Elden Ring

From Software’s Cryptic Game Design isn’t a Beautiful Mystery. It’s Just Frustrating.

Spoiler Warning: contains character-quest spoilers Intentionally Cryptic Elden Ring is a phenomenal game. That almost goes without saying at this point. The scale that From Software has achieved, while […]

byKarl Zimmerman|20 Mar 2022|Featured

eft rouble

The Economy in Escape from Tarkov is Crashing due to Sanctions on Russia

The Escape From Tarkov Rouble NATO and its allies have placed withering sanctions on the Russian economy after the developments in Ukraine. The Russian economy was disconnected from SWIFT, […]

byKarl Zimmerman|02 Mar 2022|Featured

Valorant Tips

The Growing Integration of the Games Industry, or, Why the Free Hand of the Market isn’t Working

An Underregulated Industry As the entertainment industry grows and the amount of capital available multiplies, by an order of magnitude, year-on-year, the risk of consolidation and toxic business practices […]

byKarl Zimmerman|18 Jan 2022|Featured

star citizen launch

Star Citizen Developers Predict Launch is a Maximum of Five Years Away

Star Citizen has had a troubled development cycle. The game has now been in development for nearly a decade. To give some perspective: a close friend of mine who […]

byKarl Zimmerman|17 Jan 2022|Featured

Chinese Father Employs Virtual “Assassins” to Curb Son’s Gaming Habit

In an unconventional approach to parenting, a Chinese man, identified as Mr. Feng, has reportedly hired virtual “assassins” to target and eliminate his son’s avatar in World of Warcraft. […]